NordVPN vs NordPass Premium: Difference and Comparison

A VPN creates a safe tunnel between the Internet and the device. A VPN protects your traffic from monitoring, interference, and censorship. A VPN is the easiest and most effective way to protect your Internet traffic and hide your personal data while working online. When you connect to a secure VPN server, your Internet traffic is redirected through an encrypted tunnel that no one can see, not hackers, not government agencies, not even your Internet service provider.

Ordinary people use VPNs to keep their online activity secret from outsiders and ensure that they can access blocked sites and services. Almost every decent VPN nowadays offers all of the above on any device, from laptops to smartphones, TVs, and routers – is there anything special about NordVPN and Nordpass Premium?

Key Takeaways

  1. NordVPN is a virtual private network service that offers encrypted internet connections and IP address masking, while NordPass Premium is a password manager that stores and secures user passwords.
  2. NordVPN enhances online privacy and security, while NordPass Premium simplifies password management and improves login security.
  3. NordVPN and NordPass Premium are subscription-based services, but they serve different purposes and are available as separate products.
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NordVPN vs NordPass Premium

NordVPN protects a user’s network from cyber-attacks on the internet. It provides security and privacy to users’ data. NordVPN builds a secured connection between a user’s device and server to transfer data. NordPass is a password manager used to autofill passwords. NordPass also provides secure storage to store personal and confidential information.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNordvpn  Nordpass Premium
Featuresset up multiple routers to connect through NordVPNbuilt-in secure password generator
BenefitsNo logs are kept30-day money-back guarantee
Trial period7-day trial30-day trial
PC versionWindows 7, 8 и 10Windows, macOS, Linux
Mobile appAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS

What is NordVPN?

A virtual private network or VPN is a type of networking technology that helps protect a private network over the Internet. VPN performs a key role as it guarantees both security and privacy. The NordVPN solution creates a passageway between your PC and the server to send data safely and securely.

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This encrypted passageway or tunnel protects your information from intruders present on the network. It also saves you from phishing and visiting fake web pages created to access your information for malicious reasons.

A VPN can protect your network from malware and various surveillance. It also prevents Internet service providers from collecting your data to sell to advertisers.

NordVPN supports different platforms such as Linux, Windows, and also MacOS. NordVPN apps for iPhone and Android work perfectly. The mobile client on these phones allows anyone to purchase the entire subscription in their app stores. You can also set up multiple routers to connect through NordVPN to provide connectivity to all the necessary devices on your network.


What is NordPass Premium?

NordPass is a powerful password manager from the popular VPN provider NordVPN. It quickly remembers your passwords and automatically fills them in when you log in again. It also offers secure storage of your personal notes and credit card information.

NordPass uses a zero-disclosure architecture. This means that the password manager encrypts the information on your device before sending it to the company’s servers for backup and synchronization. Because the unencrypted data stays on your device, no one but you can ever access your personal data.

Other useful features include a built-in secure password generator and password strength checker to help you create the strongest passwords possible. If you’ve used another provider in the past, NordPass also allows you to import data from your old password manager.

The premium version also gives you the ability to securely share passwords, credit card information, and notes with trusted family members, friends, and colleagues. You can risk-free test premium plans thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee.

nordpass premium

Main Differences Between NordVPN and NordPass Premium


  1. Obfuscator servers now disguise VPN use by masking traffic as standard HTTPS and encrypting data. This is a great solution for those countries where VPN services are prohibited, such as China.
  2. Powerful encryption technology – in addition to almost standard for all top providers encryption AES-256, you can use Double VPN (the traffic goes through two servers and is encrypted on each) and Onion Over VPN (through the best anonymizer).
  3. CyberSec features (protection against intrusive ads, malware, and spam filter), KillSwitch (instant Internet connection disconnection when the VPN is disabled), and protection against DNS leaks.
  4. P2P friendliness, Smart Play technology for accessing streaming services worldwide, quality streaming traffic.
  5. Zero logs without committing even connection metadata (which is common even with top providers).
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  1. Storing any number of “login+password” pairs and their advanced management (editing, deletion, distribution by subject/category, etc.).
  2. Automatic password synchronization between different user devices.
  3. Fill in the fields on the sites automatically when logging in.
  4. Strong password generation.
  5. Keeping other sensitive information (banking card details, addresses, contacts, text records).

Last Updated : 13 February, 2024

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