YouTube Music vs YouTube Premium: Difference and Comparison

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium have both are risen high and become a huge part of everyone’s life. Although both are YouTube’s products.

They differ from each other. Today, we will talk about YouTube Music and YouTube Premium and how they are different from each other.

Moreover, we concentrate on their features.

Key Takeaways

  1. YouTube Music focuses on streaming music, while YouTube Premium includes ad-free video and original content.
  2. YouTube Premium includes YouTube Music, but YouTube Music does not grant access to Premium features.
  3. Both services provide offline access, but YouTube Premium offers more extensive offline capabilities.

YouTube Music vs YouTube Premium

The difference between YouTube Music and YouTube Premium is that YouTube Music provides high-quality music and YouTube Premium allows provides ad-free videos with other benefits like YouTube Kids. Also, YouTube Music allows the user to download ad-free videos offline. Moreover, YouTube Premium allows the user to watch any paid movie for free.

YouTube Music vs YouTube Premium

YouTube Music is a music streaming all that allows one to stream music videos, concerts, live music, cover songs all under one roof. It allows one to play music while using other apps simultaneously in the background.

Moreover, it allows the user to download ad-free songs in high quality.

YouTube Premium is a completely new and advanced version of YouTube. Just like YouTube Music Premium, an ad-free and more premium version of YouTube Music, YouTube Premium is the paid version of YouTube as we know it today.

It was launched in 2018. You can get a 1-month free trial.

Comparison Table

  Parameters of Comparison YouTube Music YouTube Premium 
AvailabilityAndroid, iOSAvailable across all devices
ContentOnly music videosAll categories of content
IncludesMusicYouTube Music, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Gaming
SubscriptionDownload music and ad-free listeningDownload videos and watch them offline

What is YouTube Music? 

YouTube music is originally launched by YouTube, a music streaming app which is available in more than 100 countries now. It is launched to replace google music.

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On this app, one can listen to music officially launched by artists, moreover, they can also listen to radios, remixes also can listen to various other artists here. The best part is they can also watch the official music videos here.

On this app, you can listen to music online. But if you want to listen to it offline as well, then you’ll require to subscribe to its premium version.

In the premium version, you can download and listen to offline music, plus it gets ads free. It is available across many platforms.

It is available on the Apple app store as well on the android play store. It’s easy to download and use.

Once you start listening to music here, it keeps on recommending you similar music that you listen to. You can also like and keep the music here.

YouTube Music also enables you to keep hearing the audio while you use additional apps or have your phone’s screen switched off, which isn’t feasible with the free YouTube app. By liking songs, the app automatically generates a playlist of your own, popularly known as “My mix”.

Not only that you can also listen to radio stations of particular artists or your favorite artists.

What is YouTube Premium? 

YouTube premium allows Its users to watch, stream live videos, content ad-free, and also lets them download their favorite videos and watch them offline. It is the same as YouTube’s free streaming app but the difference here is you can download and watch them offline.

The premium subscription is available monthly, quarterly and yearly at varying rates.

It offers YouTube music, YouTube kids, YouTube gaming all under one roof, under its premium subscription. Since google earns a lot of money from the advertisements on YouTube, it can’t earn if one removes the ads.

So, by subscribing to the premium, you’re paying for the ads on behalf of YouTube.

If one wants to have a trial of how this premium works, YouTube offers 1 month of free trial to its signed-in users. If they wish to use it longer then they’ll have to pay it from the second month.

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It also allows the user to play music and videos in the background.

Lastly, another plus point for the YouTube Premium subscription is new content. YouTube delivers deluxe videos for subscribers, which everyone else will not have access to.

These are described as “new, original shows and movies from some of YouTube’s biggest creators”.

Moreover, if you have your own YouTube channel and once your channel gets monetized. You get converted to YouTube Premium automatically.

This is one of the benefits of having a monetized YouTube channel. For most people, it is the best option to get all benefits in one subscription.

Main Differences Between YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

  1. YouTube Music is available in Android and iOS only, while YouTube Premium is available on all devices and stores. 
  2. YouTube provides ad-free music and YouTube Premium provides ad-free videos. 
  3. YouTube Music only provides music, while YouTube premium provides videos containing free content and other premium benefits.
  4. YouTube Music contains 1 million + songs and YouTube Premium contains many videos with YouTube gaming and YouTube kids. 
  5. The subscription of YouTube Music allows you to download offline music, while the subscription of YouTube Premium allows you to download unlimited offline video.
Difference Between YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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