YouTube Music vs Gaana: Difference and Comparison

Music is a part of our life. We listen to music, whatever the mood is. We use music as a key to show our happiness, sadness, love, etc.

There are thousands of applications available in the market for listening to music. YouTube Music and Gaana are two different music streaming platforms with million subscribers.

Key Takeaways

  1. YouTube Music is a global music streaming platform with a vast library, personalized recommendations, and integration with YouTube videos.
  2. Gaana is an Indian music streaming service focusing on regional content, including Bollywood and regional language songs.
  3. Both platforms cater to different user preferences, with YouTube Music offering a broader selection and Gaana emphasizing regional content.

YouTube Music vs Gaana

YouTube Music has a more extensive content library. It offers some additional features, while Gaana focuses primarily on Indian music and offers a range of subscription plans with exclusive content and features.YouTube Music is owned by Google, while Bharti Artiel owns the Indian-centric Gaana.

YouTube Music vs Gaana

YouTube Music is nothing but an application or website which streams the music. YouTube is the developer, where YouTube is the subsidiary of Google.

You can browse the songs and music videos based on genres. You can create your playlist.

It also recommends songs based on your interest and the history of songs you searched. YouTube Music proposes three different ranges of music streaming services.

By subscribing to the premium range, you can enjoy ad-free music. It also offers to download the songs offline.

Gaana is a music streaming application. It is India’s largest music streaming platform with 200 million subscribers.

The Gaana was launched in 2010. Times Internet is the developer of Gaana streaming.

It offers both Indian and International songs. Gaana offers music in 21 Indian languages.

Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Urdu, Odia, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Maithili, Malayalam, and other Indian regional languages are offered by Gaana.

Gaana has worldwide customers and subscribers.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonYouTube MusicGaana
SubscribersYouTube Music has 50 million usersGaana has 125 million users
Free featuresListening to all tracks with adsListening to tracks with ads, Lyrics
Offline download limit50,000Unlimited
Music library50 million songs45 million tracks
Maximum devicesYouTube Music allows ten devicesGaana allows five devices

What is YouTube Music?

YouTube Music is a music streaming application with millions of songs. You can enjoy the entertainment by clicking the song.

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It has high quality for the songs. But due to several reasons, YouTube Music is not much popular as other music streaming applications.

YouTube Music is introduced in 2015 November. YouTube Music is available on Android and IOS.

YouTube Music offers in hundred countries.

The subscription plans have separate offers. The premium subscribers have many advantages over the regular or free users.

The premium subscribers can enjoy ad-free music and high-quality music. The premium subscribers can download the song offline and enjoy it without the internet.

It also offers a music video feature. It can play the song in the background when the application is not used and switch to audio-only mode.

It is available only for premium subscribers.

In 2018, YouTube Music released a new version with updated options and features. The latest version has a web-based desktop player with dynamic recommendations.

YouTube Music uses Google Artificial Intelligence technology to provide a better experience. Using Google technology, you can search the songs based on various factors.

It provides a particular additional subscription plan by this technology. There are many options with millions of songs available.

YouTube Music provides excellent customer service. Initially, it will work with Google Play Music, but due to several reasons, YouTube music is shut down in December 2020.

What is Gaana?

Gaana is one of the famous music streaming applications. Gaana is a popular application for the various features available in the application.

Gaana is an easy-to-use application with millions of songs. You can build your playlist. Ganna itself create a playlist for you based on your interest and preferences.

The one popular advantage in Gaana is you can make your playlist public. The public playlist will be visible to others.

They can enjoy your playlist and make it a favorite. Gaana was launched as a mobile application that supports all the operating systems.

Gaana also offers three different ranges. The free version, premium inside India and premium outside India.

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The premium version provides ad-free songs and HD quality songs streaming without a break. It is the best option for a party.

You can choose the songs. And create a playlist and enjoy them without any interruption.

You can also download the songs for offline streaming. It is available only for premium subscribers. is the domain name of the Gaana website. In 2005, was first registered. By 2013, Gaana creates a partnership with South Indian Music companies.

In 2015, Micromax bought a stake from In 2018, Tencent company invested $115 in

Gaming innovation was introduced by Ganna in 2018. It is introduced in its mobile application.

In 2002, a voice recognizing or voice assistant is also introduced in the mobile application of Gaana. is the official website of Gaana.

It has almost 150 million members in its company. You can enjoy HD quality songs in Gaana.

Main Differences Between YouTube Music and Gaana

  1. The free trial period of YouTube Music is three months, whereas the free trial period of Ganna is thirty days.
  2. YouTube Music supports eighty languages, whereas Gaana supports twenty-one languages.
  3. When compared to YouTube Music, Gaana provides maximum features at a fewer cost.
  4. YouTube Music was first launched in 2015, whereas Gaana was first launched in 2010.
  5. YouTube Music was developed by YouTube, whereas Gaana was developed by Times Internet.

Last Updated : 15 July, 2023

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