SaferVPN vs HMA VPN: Difference and Comparison

In the present scenario, where info and tech are considered necessary for survival in the digital world, the usage of VPN has gained popularity. VPN provides privacy online, which has now made itself easier to use and accepted by all people.


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From being confined to techies to being used by students, VPNs is slowly becoming popular almost everywhere. There are two main kinds of VPN. These are, SaferVPN and HMA VPN, which vary in parameters of security provided and in a few other ways.

Key Takeaways

  1. SaferVPN has a smaller server network but provides faster connection speeds than HMA VPN.
  2. HMA VPN has a larger server network and offers more advanced security features than SaferVPN.
  3. SaferVPN is more suitable for personal use, while HMA VPN is better for business or enterprise use.


The difference between SaferVPN and HMA VPN mainly lies in the meters of security. There are also other differences relating to services provided, level of privacy maintained, etc. Also, other factors like protection, many servers being accessed, and torrenting are necessary to know the differences between these two kinds of VPNs.


SaferVPN, as the name says, would be ‘safe’ while using it. It secures and protects the information, thereby providing more safety and privacy to the one using it.

Safer VPN has a feature called the ‘kill switch, which protects sensitive information such as internet protocol if somehow the user loses connection to the server on which he is presently working.

It’s easy to use and can work on a variety of devices. HMA VPN had come much before SaferVPN and is also easily accessible and downloadable.

In matters of privacy, it may not stand out as Safer VPN. It lacks a ‘kill switch’ and some of the other safety measures.

However, it has its perks over Safer VPN as it gives access to more servers than the Safer VPN. Torrenting is easy in this kind of VPN. It is also affordable and available on various platforms.

Comparison Table

Parameters of differenceSaferVPNHMA VPN
PrivacyIt offers more privacy options and is needed when utmost privacy is concerned. HMA provides a little less privacy than SaferVPN.
Protection featuresIt comes with the ‘kill switch along no leak of data is possible.No such special security features are known.
Servers providedIt provides us with access to a few known servers.It will give us access to many more servers of various locations.
Torrenting servicesBecause of safety concerns, torrenting on a single server is possible.It provides us with torrenting of many servers because of its flexibility.
DevelopersIt was developed by Safer Social Limited. It is an offspring of Avast Software s.r.o.

What is SaferVPN?

SaferVPN, as its name says, is distinguished for its provisions in the field of secrecy and for providing good and high speed. It is among one of the most used VPNs in the current day world. It supports numerous systems. It is easy to be used by everyone and provides some very nice features.

A safer VPN hides the IP address of the user with much efficiency. It doesn’t even let browsing information and location reach anywhere. Not even an internet service provider can get their hands on any information. Its privacy policy further includes the presence of a ‘kill switch.’

This feature helps the users secure their data without losing the connection from the server they are using at that time. It will protect the user’s data from the government, cyber criminals, and hackers.

A safer VPN is the toughest when it comes to hacking. If something of that sort happens though the probability is low, the information will all be rubbish to the hackers. They will get a different location, IP address. It is to protect the online activities of the user.

Though it’s high on privacy, it has some demerits. It provides the only access to a single trustworthy server at a time. Torrenting is also limited.

Few common apps can run with it. It works with Android, IOS, Windows, MAC, Google Chrome, Firefox, Windows Phone, and Linux. It also provides many languages that the users can use.

What is HMA VPN?

HMA VPN is yet another VPN service that is available. It came in 2005, which was much before the safer VPN. An offspring of Avast, it was the brainchild of Jack Cator. It got official much later.

This VPN also provides users with a good amount of security online. Its safety is not as much as provided by a Safer VPN. It operates on many operating systems and can be said to have a good connection speed.

Though people sometimes worry about whether HMA provides a good amount of security or not, it does protect the user’s identity online. It can open software that’s blocked which are blocked in a certain country.

But, it doesn’t come with the ‘kill switch’ and the number of other privacy techniques that are offered by SaferVPN. The chances of getting data laid hands upon are low.

It allows users to access many apps and many websites, and streaming services that are banned in a particular location. Also, they can let the user use many servers at a time.

It also has the feature of performing torrenting (downloading several movies and series), which is easy if one uses HMAVPN. This VPN tool supports many other operating systems, such as Windows, IOS, Android, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Linux.

Also, it is more user-friendly, and the problems regarding this can be directly communicated and solved.

Main Differences Between SaferVPN and HMA VPN

  1. In terms of privacy, a safer VPN provides us with more privacy. However, HMA VPN has some privacy concerns as it guarantees a little less privacy.
  2. The SaferVPN comes with an “inbuilt kill switch.” This feature doesn’t let data get best upon getting disconnected from the server. But no such feature is present in HMA VPN.
  3. A safer VPN connects the users to a few trusted servers. HMA VPN provides us access to many different servers.
  4. In SaferVPN, services related to torrenting are limited due to security reasons. On the other hand, HMA VPN is more flexible regarding this matter.
  5. SaferVPN was a product of Safer Social Ltd as an independent entity. However, HMA VPN is an offspring of Avast Software s.r.o.

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