Difference Between ProtonVPN and ExpressVPN

In the digital world, the privacy of the users is a myth. In order to protect one’s freedom, one needs to consider having a VPN. A VPN will help a user access the blocked content while maintaining their secrecy.


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Key Takeaways

  1. ProtonVPN focuses on privacy and security, offering a no-logs policy and strong encryption to protect user data.
  2. ExpressVPN provides faster connection speeds, making it ideal for streaming, gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive activities.
  3. Both VPNs have user-friendly interfaces and offer multiple server locations, but ExpressVPN tends to be more expensive.

ProtonVPN vs ExpressVPN

The difference between ProtonVPN and ExpressVPN is that ProtonVPN offers its users usability on up to 10 devices. However, ExpressVPN only provides its license only for a maximum of 3 devices.

ProtonVPN vs

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Both of these VPNs are pretty easy to use. Anyone with no in-depth technical knowledge can connect to the various servers made available by these VPNs.

ProtonVPN offers more than 400 servers to its customers to connect to. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, provides 2,000 servers to its users.

Having this many servers helps the users fool the websites they are streaming from a specific part of the world.

They come in handy, especially when you need to bypass the geo-blocked content. Several streaming websites require their users only to use them from a specified region. However, with the help of these VPNs, you can easily bypass this block.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonProtonVPNExpressVPN
Number of DevicesThe number of devices ProtonVPN allows to connect to the server simultaneously ranges from 1 to 10.However, ExpressVPN has limited its services to only up to 3 devices.
Quantity of ServersProtonVPN has about 400+ servers.ExpressVPN, on the other hand, has more than 2,000 servers, allowing its users to connect to any server they want.
Mobile AppProtonVPN provides its users with a mobile application if they want to surf the web.ExpressVPN also has an app for its customers.
Time RequirementIt usually takes about 5 minutes to set up the whole connection.ExpressVPN also takes only 5 minutes before it lets users surf the internet with secrecy.
RecommendationThe ProtonVPN is generally considered by those whose primary requirement is to get privacy while surfing.ExpressVPN should be considered for travelling, streaming, and digital privacy.


What is ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN, much like other VPNs, offers its users protection and privacy while they surf the internet. A VPN does nothing but lets you establish a secure connection over your network, either public or home.

VPN also allows you to hide every activity you do online. ProtonVPN does this by letting your traffic pass through their servers while encrypting your information.

This keeps you anonymous on the web, thereby preserving your identity.

ProtonVPN saves you from attacks by hackers, theft of identity, etc. ProtonVPN also supports torrenting so that you can download torrents without any hassle.

It also lets you browse the shows on Netflix that are not available in your country. ProtonVPN also provides its users with a money-back guarantee of 30 days if they are not satisfied with their services.


What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN has been helping its users by letting them establish a secure connection to the internet. The primary role of this VPN is also to provide you protection and security while you surf the web.

With this VPN by your side, you have the option to browse the internet by changing your location to almost any part of the world. This allows you even to browse the content that would generally be delivered censored to you.

It lets you hide your IP address so that you can maintain secrecy while surfing the web. The fear that someone might steal your personal data should not exist if you use ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN allows you to run their service on up to a maximum of 3 devices. It also does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the service.

With more than 2,000 servers at your disposal, you should not be worried about not getting enough speed while doing your work.

ExpressVPN also supports the feature of torrenting and allows you to stream content on Netflix that is not available in your region.

Main Differences Between ProtonVPN and ExpressVPN

  1. With ProtonVPN, the users are allowed to connect 1 to 10 devices at the same time through it. However, ExpressVPN has limited this feature to only up to 3 devices at most.
  2. ProtonVPN has about 400 servers installed. This is to make sure that the users can connect to the server anytime they want without any hassle.
    On the other hand, ExpressVPN has about 2,000 servers for its users.
  3. ProtonVPN takes only 5 minutes to establish a secure connection. It is pretty easy to use a person with no technical knowledge can learn to use it in seconds.
    ExpressVPN also offers a UI that is also easy to understand. It takes around 5 minutes to secure your connection and provide protection to your data.
  4. Both ProtonVPN and ExpressVPN have mobile applications for their users so that their customers can use their services on any platform.
  5. ProtonVPN, as well as ExpressVPN, provides support for Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, and MAC.
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