Girlfriend vs Wife: Difference and Comparison

A woman being a girlfriend or a wife is totally different. Both relationships are close. However, a wife is someone who is your legally close person. A wife is the one who is your other half. Many things show the difference between these two relationships.

Key Takeaways

  1. A girlfriend is a romantic partner who is not legally bound to the partner, while a wife is a legally married partner.
  2. A girlfriend is a casual relationship, while a wife is more serious and committed.
  3. A wife has certain legal rights and responsibilities, while a girlfriend does not.

Girlfriend vs Wife

A girlfriend is someone who is in a less formal, less committed romantic relationship with a man or woman. This relationship may be more casual and less serious. A wife is someone who is legally married to her partner. This relationship is more formal and serious than that of a girlfriend and involves greater levels of commitment and responsibility.

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A girlfriend is someone whom a man or woman dates because he or she like her. A girlfriend doesn’t have to be his legal association. It just needs the consent of both adults. A girlfriend is someone with whom a man or a woman is romantically and sexually involved.

A wife is someone a man is married to, a permanent partner in his life. A wife is said to be the soul mate of a man, the better half of him. Indeed, a wife has all the rights to her man.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGirlfriendWife
RelationshipIt’s a physical and emotional relationship.It’s a physical, emotional as well as a spiritual relationship that is bonded by vows.
Legal RightsA girlfriend has no legal rights to her partner.A wife has all the legal rights of her partner.
Family StatusA girlfriend is not a part of the family.A wife is the closest person to her partner. She is a family member.
ResponsibilitiesA girlfriend doesn’t have to share responsibilities with her partner.A wife shares the responsibilities equally.
SeparationShe can move on from the relationship whenever she likes. They don’t need legal action.If a wife wants to get separated, she has to get divorced legally.

What is Girlfriend?

A girlfriend is a female friend to who you are attracted and whose feelings are mutual as well. Someone special to you as you like her and have romantic feelings for her.

A girlfriend is someone with whom a man or a homosexual woman would like to be committed, build a bond, and sees the future. A relationship like this requires effort, trust, and understanding.

After proposing to the girl you like, with her consent, she becomes your girlfriend. She becomes your partner. A person who is close to you, someone you would like to share your feelings with, someone you would like to grow with.

A girlfriend is your romantic and sexual partner. A companion with whom you are committed. This relationship can be a short-term or long-term relationship based on the consent of both adults.

However, a relationship with a girlfriend is not considered serious until marriage. A girlfriend doesn’t have legal rights to her man.

Indeed, The term girlfriend is used in one another aspect as well. Sometimes females use this term for their female friends as well, even though when they are not sexually or romantically involved. It’s just a way of showing love in their friendship.


What is Wife?

A wife is a woman you are legally married to. A wife is your partner for life. You are not just emotionally and physically involved with her, and you are a part of her spiritually too. A wife is the closest person you will have because she is the one who has all the rights you have.

A wife is much more than a girlfriend. There may be things that you cannot share with a girlfriend, but a wife is your other half. You share everything with her. A woman being your wife gives you a lot of things to be with you.

She moves in with you and shares your responsibilities. The concept of marriage is for two souls rather than for two persons. Indeed, it involves the two families and makes them one.

Two people get married under laws and take vows to get married. A wife gets a name and position as your other half in your family and society. Society accepts the relationship of husband and wife easily. To break this relationship, they have to go through a legal procedure to get separated.


Main Differences Between Girlfriend and Wife

  1. A girlfriend doesn’t have legal rights to her partner, while a wife has all the legal rights.
  2. A girlfriend is a title not readily accepted in society, but a wife is an honoured title that is easily accepted.
  3. A wife is a family, and she shares the responsivities of the family and children. A girlfriend doesn’t have to share this responsibility, she is considered as an individual with who the man is romantically involved.
  4. A wife represents the family and her husband. She can use his name, many times, a woman changes her surname and takes his husband’s surname. A girlfriend doesn’t have this right.
  5. A wife is one with whom you have taken vows. Marriage is a spiritual form of love. A wife is not just your physical and emotional partner, and she is your spiritual partner too. A girlfriend doesn’t have to take vows and marry you to be with you.
Difference Between Girlfriend and Wife



Last Updated : 01 August, 2023

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