Difference Between Climalite and Climacool

Sports is one field that is loved and enjoyed by almost everyone. Everyone has their favourite sport, which they love, and if that is not possible, they are glued to all the matches.


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Unfortunately, the weather is not always in favour of the sportsmen. Like all aspects of life, even sports are majorly affected by the weather.

This makes it difficult for sportsmen and athletes to perform well during harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or chilly weather. Under such circumstances, players can’t exploit their potential to the fullest.

To help players deal with this, efforts have been taken to help them deal with such harsh weather conditions. Technology has enabled such a thing to happen. 

One of the renowned sports brands, Adidas, has developed cloth ware, Climalite and Climacool, to help players withstand harsh weather conditions.

Key Takeaways

  1. Climalite is an Adidas fabric technology designed to wick moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable during physical activity.
  2. Climacool is another Adidas fabric technology that combines moisture-wicking properties with strategically placed ventilation zones for enhanced breathability and cooling.
  3. Climalite and Climacool aim to improve athletic performance and comfort, but Climacool offers additional cooling features for better temperature regulation.

Climalite vs Climacool

The difference between Climalite and Climacool is that Climalite drains the sweat from the body and thus cools down the body. On the other hand, Climacool is used to provide ventilation to the players and also controls the body’s moisture through micro-ventilation.

Climate vs Climacool 1

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonClimaliteClimacool
How it worksClimalite drains sweat from the body and cools the body.Climacool provides ventilation and moisture to the body.
Made up ofCotton is used on the outer layer of Climalite, and a synthetic kind of fabric is used underneath.
Engineering material is used in the making of Climacool.
ControlsIt controls the sweat from the body by moving it away.It controls both the sweat and the body’s heat through various fabrics.
Kind of Fabric
The fabric of the cloth is synthetic and cool to the touch.The fabric of the cloth has micropores to provide ventilation.
Main mechanism
The primary mechanism of how Climalite works is through the sweat-pulling mechanism.The main mechanism of how Climacool works is through micro-ventilation.
Comfort level

The Climalite clothes soak the sweat, making the clothes dry and thus comfortable.The Climacool clothes tend to stick to the body, making it uncomfortable.


What is Climalite?

Climalite is a fabric that is designed and sold by Adidas. Considering the harsh weather conditions, it is designed for all players and athletes. 

It helps players to perform well by beating the heat to play with all their potential. The fabric used in Climalite is designed to drain all the sweat from the body while exercising,  training, playing or performing any such physical activity.

This movement of sweat helps the body to maintain its natural temperature. The fabric of Climalite keeps the body of the players dry and regulates the body’s temperature so that the players can concentrate on the game and not be bothered by the heat.

The advancement in technology has enabled Adidas to use a moisture-wicking trick which moves the body’s sweat to the surface of the cloth, after which it quickly evaporates.

The fabric also stops any bacteria from growing. Thus it can be seen that with the help of Climalite, the user’s entire body can be kept cool.


What is Climacool?

Climacool is another kind of fabric that is designed and retailed by Adidas. It is designed using advanced technology so players and athletes do not feel discomfort while playing.

The fabric of the clothes has micropores so that moisture is not retained in the body, and there is ventilation in the body.

This, in turn, makes it easier to breathe around the foot. This kind of fabric is not just used in shirts but also shoes, pants and shorts.

To let the fabric breathe, engineering material is used in the fabric. This enables micro-ventilation in the body.

Climacool is cooler than all the other fabrics because an integrated system of technologies is made to work together to ensure that the body’s temperature is regulated.

It controls both the sweat and the body’s heat through various fabrics, like by combining heat and moisture-dissipating materials or using ventilation. All of these help the air to circulate close to the body.


Main Differences Between Climalite and Climacool

  1. The main function of Climalite is to drain the sweat away from the body and keep the body cool. In contrast, the primary function of Climacool is to provide the body with moisture control and enough ventilation.
  2. The material used by Climalite is cotton on its outer layer. The layer under it is made up of synthetic fabric, whereas the material used by Climacool is an engineering material.
  3. Climalite controls the sweat in the body of the players by moving the sweat away. On the other hand, Climacool controls both the sweat and the heat from the body to ensure full comfort.
  4. The main function of Climalite is done through the sweat-pulling mechanism, while for Climacool, the main function is done through micro-ventilation.
  5. The fabric in Climalite is synthetic and cool to the touch, while on the other hand, the fabric in Climacool has micropores to ensure ventilation.

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