Difference Between Black and Galvanized Pipe

In every household from the basic level to every factory on a more elevated level pipes are often required to transport water or gas from one place to the other. Two of the most common pipes that are used are black pipes and galvanized pipe.


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Now the confusion is what is best suitable for each use and under what circumstances.

Black vs Galvanized Pipe

The difference between black and galvanized pipe is that black pipe is made up of steel and should be useful for gas lines majorly as water will rust the pipe easily. Galvanized pipe, on the other hand, a steel pipe with zinc coating hence it is best if used for water lines and it is risky to use for gas.

Black vs Galvanized pipe

Black pipes are also known as steel pipes they are primary used for carrying gas from one place to another it is also used to connect with appliances to their power supply. Galvanized pipes are steel pipe with zinc coating.

It increases the durability of the pipe and makes it corrosion resistance. It is majorly used for water systems. If it is used for gas lines it can clog the line and begin to flake.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonBlack pipeGalvanized pipe
ColorThey are pure blackThey are sliver gray because of the zinc coating
UsageUsed for transportation of gasUsed for transportation of water
CoatingThere is no paint or zinc coatingIt is coated with zinc
PriceIt is reasonably pricedIt is costly as it is coated with zinc
DurabilityIt is less durable as it is not resistible to corrosion.It is very durable as it is coated with zinc.


What is Black Pipe?

Black pipes are made up of steel. They are also known as steel pipes.

They do not have any zinc or paint coating. It has a dark color surface that is formed by iron-oxide in the process of manufacturing.

Black pipes require very little maintenance and they are very high in strength. They are mostly used for transporting gas in rural areas and urban areas for conduits, to protect the electric wiring, and to deliver high pressure and steam.

They are also used by industries for transporting large quantities of oil and petroleum in a remote area. However, the black pipes are never used for transporting water as the pipe tends to corrode in water and the minerals within the pipe will dissolve in the pipe eventually leading it to clog the pipe.

Black steel pipe is cast from several grades of though and malleable iron. A black pipe can be used for underground as well as a submerged application black pipes are undercoated

black pipes

What is Galvanized Pipe?

Galvanized pipes are made out of steel. They have undergone the galvanization process preventing it from aging and rusting.

They are dipped in a zinc coating as a protective layer. Galvanized pipes came into occurrence in the year 1960.

The galvanized pipe can resist corrosion. It does not rust by water or by any other elements however long-term exposure can eventually lead to the pipe to erode.

The pipe can be exposed to the outer environment. The zinc coating acts as a barrier and prevents it from any damage or indoor humidity.

The layer of zinc will rust before the steel beneath it rusts. The thicker the pipe the longer the pipe will last.

Often the zinc coating reacts to the minerals present in the water leading plague to build up within the inside walls of the pipe and the inner coating flack out over time and this may result in the clogging of the pipes. These pipes are slightly darker in color.

A galvanized pipe can also release iron leading to discoloration of water. Galvanized pipe is usually costlier because of the zinc coating.

galvanized pipes

Main Differences Between Black and Galvanized Pipe

  1. We can distinguish between the pipes by looking at what color they are, as the black pipe is pure black whereas the galvanized pipes silver-gray in color because of their zinc coating.
  2. Black pipes are used for the transportation of gases from one place to another as they are the best suitable for it. However, galvanized pipes are used for the transportation of water of housing and complex. They are used for this purpose as they are rust preventive.
  3. Black has no external paint or zinc coating they are made up of pure steel whereas galvanized pipe has zinc coating within themselves
  4. The black pipes are quite budget-friendly on the other hand the galvanized pipes are quite expensive as they have zinc coating.
  5. Black pipes are no durable as they are not rust preventive. Any level of moisture or water will lead it to rust. Galvanized pipes are more durable and they are resistant to rust. Moister or water will not make it rust and erode. A galvanized pipe can be used for 50-100 years
Difference Between Black and Galvanized Pipeblack pip
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