Raisins vs Black Raisins: Difference and Comparison

The world has consumed dried fruits for ages. Dried fruits have had their water drained or removed using different methods. Raisins and Black Raisins fall under the list of sweet dried fruits.

Black Raisins and Raisins are considered the same product, but they are slightly different.

Key Takeaways

  1. Raisins are dried grapes in various colors, including golden, green, and black, while black raisins refer to the dark-colored variety made from black grapes.
  2. Both raisins and black raisins are nutrient-rich, providing a good source of energy, vitamins, and minerals. Still, black raisins may have a slightly higher concentration of antioxidants due to their darker color.
  3. Raisins and black raisins are popular snack items and ingredients in cooking and baking, offering natural sweetness and a concentrated source of nutrients.

Raisins vs Black Raisins

The dried grapes are called raisins. Raisins are sweet in taste. Raisins can be dried in less time. It can be dried in 24 hours. Raisins can be added to other dishes. Raisins can be dried artificially. Black raisin is a kind of raisin. Black raisins are dried naturally. It takes three to four weeks to dry black raisins.

Raisins vs Black Raisins

In modern French, the word Raisin means grape. Raisins are a type of sweet dried fruit. Grapes are dried to remove all the water, and then those dried grapes are called raisins.

They are consumed all over the world on a large scale. Alternatively, raisins can be eaten raw or added to foods when cooking or baking.

Black raisins are a subtype of raisins. They are black because of the grapes. As the grapes dry, the colour darkens. They are also called dried black grapes.

They have a high nutritional value and are available across the globe. They are also used in cooking and have various health benefits.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRaisinsBlack Raisins
What is it? A variety of dried fruit. It is a subvariety of raisins.
Drying methodUse of Synthetical methodUse of Natural method
Drying timeAbout 24 hoursAbout 3-4 weeks
Nutritional valueCalorie count and fibre content are higher.  Calorie count and fibre content are slightly lower.
VarietiesBlack raisins, Green raisins, Yellow raisins, Sultanas, Munakka, CurrantsJumbo black raisins, Small black raisins, Midget black raisins

What are Raisins?

Raisins are sweet, dried grapes. The Thompson seedless grapes make the raisins. Synthetical methods like water dipping or artificial dehydration methods help raisins to be dry.

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However, it is kept in mind that the nutrients of grapes retain during this process.

Usually, grapes get soaked in water and then are dried by blowing air on them. This process makes them raisins. The raisins get coated with sulphur dioxide to retain their shine and smoothness.

It also helps to preserve the nutrients and flavour of grapes. They are spread on trays to let them dry. They take about 24 hours to dry. However, some moisture is kept in them, making them fresh and fluffy.

The nutrients in the raisins are very high. They are beneficial to one’s health. That should be part of their diet. The caloric content for 100 grams of raisins is 299 calories. Per 100 grams of raisins are 95% carbohydrate, 1% fat and 4% protein.

One can add them to multiple dishes. They are added to various dishes to give a sweet and tangy flavour. Raisins are rich in vitamins and minerals.

They can help eliminate diseases like anaemia, cancer, food poisoning and heart problems. They contribute to making one’s bones strong. They help in digestion and improve eyes and skin health too.

Though raisins have a lot of benefits, excessive intake of raisins can harm one’s health. Risks involved in overeating raisins may include weight gain, acidity, and bloating.


What are Black Raisins?

The variant of raisins is known as black raisins. Thompson seedless grapes make the black raisins. The sun-drying method helps the grapes to dry.

The grapes get spread on paper trays and left to dry under the sun. This natural process may take around 3-4 weeks to let the grapes dry. The process contributes to the black colour of the raisins.

They are mixed with other ingredients to enhance the flavour of a particular dish. One can use them in the cooking and baking of various desserts.

They have a sweet and tangy flavour and are a little sticky. Black raisins have fewer calories in comparison to raisins. Including black raisins in one’s diet helps a person to become healthier.

They are beneficial for health in many ways. They help prevent hair fall. Skin improvement and elimination of blood impurities are also benefits of having black raisins.

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They help in controlling blood pressure, controlling hypertension and diabetes. They are rich in potassium and calcium. Black raisins have sub-varieties like Jumbo black raisins, Midget black raisins and Small black raisins.

Like raisins, eating an excessive amount of black raisins can negatively affect one’s health. They can result in undesirable weight gain or allergic reactions.

black raisins

Main Differences Between Raisins and Black Raisins

  1. Raisins are a type of sweet dried fruit. On the other hand, black raisins are a subtype of raisins. The variety of raisins is green, black, red and yellow raisins. The sub-varieties of black raisins can be jumbo, small and midget black raisins. 
  2. Raisins are dried using a synthetical or mechanical method. They get soaked in warm water, followed by air blown on them. Whereas black raisins are dried using a natural process called sun-drying. 
  3. The calorie count in raisins is more than compared to black raisins. Raisins mostly have a sweet taste. Black raisins are sweet and tangy in flavour.  
  4. Raisins take around 24 hours to dry. However, black raisins take 3-4 weeks to dry. This difference is due to the difference in methods used. 
  5. Raisins are nutritional, but black raisins are much more nutritional due to differences in nutrients. Raisins are mainly rich in vitamins and minerals. Black raisins are rich in potassium and calcium.  
Difference Between Raisins and Black Raisins


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Last Updated : 25 July, 2023

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