Difference Between Black and Red Grapes

Grapes are fruits that contain resveratrol that help in maintaining brain functions and heart problems. Grapes are mainly consumed for their anti-aging properties and other nutritional contents that help the body’s overall functioning.


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As one knows, grapes are seen in many colors. If one strolls along with a market, one will come across mainly three types of grapes: black, red, and green.

The color difference is because of the levels of nutrients in them. So it is important to know what these contents are and what makes them different.

Key Takeaways

  1. Black grapes have a darker skin color, while red grapes have a lighter, reddish skin color.
  2. Black grapes are typically used to make red wine, while red grapes are used to make white wine.
  3. Black grapes contain higher levels of antioxidants than red grapes, making them healthier.

Black vs. Red Grapes

Black grapes also called red grapes or purple grapes due purplish and blackish skins taste like berries possess sweeter and tangy taste used for fresh juices and eating fresh. Red grapes have lighter red or reddish green hue possessing balanced sweetness and taste used in salads and wine due to slight tangy taste.

Black vs Red Grapes 1

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Black grapes contain higher nutritional content and are recommended by nutritionists over other kinds of grapes. They have higher levels of flavonoids (an antioxidant compound), polyphenols, etc.

One cup of black grapes contains only 60 calories. Red grapes are sweet and are often fermented to form red wine.

They contain the maximum amount of resveratrol as they are more in contact with the skin than other kinds of wine. These grapes are rich in anti-bacterial compounds as they help to maintain a good heart.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBlack GrapesRed Grapes
Color of skindarkLight red
TasteSweeter than redSweet taste
Flavonoids Present in large quantityPresent in smaller quantity than in black grapes
Calories contained60 calories104 calories
Nutritional valuesIt has more nutritional valuesHas necessary nutritional values
PolyphenolsContains higher levelsIt contains polyphenols but in lesser amounts than in black grapes

What are Black Grapes?

Black grapes have been an attraction to customers because of their sweet taste and their velvety black appearance. They are the most popular kind of grapes and are also preferred for consumption by nutritionists.

They have high contents of anti-oxidants. The level of flavonoids differentiates them from any other kinds of grapes.

These grapes have higher nutritional values and low calories, making them perfect for diet. The nutrients of black grapes are vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A, flavonoids, organic acids, and minerals.

Black grapes are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. So they are said to be immunity boosters and help with vision correction.

The organic acids in these grapes help maintain kidney functions, and the various mineral contents help with the anti-aging properties, maintaining a good heart and skin. Black grapes are often used in desserts, winemaking, and juices.

They are mostly served as delicacies.

black grapes

What are Red Grapes?

The most common use of red grapes is wine. Red grapes have red skin and a sweet taste compared to sour-tasting green grapes.

They have high contents of anti-bacteria and anti-virus nutrients. Like all other varieties of grapes, these are also loaded with different nutrients.

They have minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, along with Vitamin K and Vitamin C. They provide beautiful and flawless skin if they are used along with benzoyl peroxide.

This is because the anti-oxidants in these red grapes and their seeds are much stronger than those that cause acne. They also help in protecting the skin from pollution along with skin repair.

They also have high contents of potassium. These act as counterattacks to sodium, as having high sodium levels in one’s body is not good.

Having a higher potassium level when compared to sodium helps control blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart.

red grapes

Main Differences Between Black Grapes and Red Grapes

  1. The visible difference between black and red grapes is their dark skin color, almost black in the case of black grapes and wine red in the case of red grapes.
  2. It is said that the darker the grapes are, the sweeter their taste. So black grapes are sweeter than red grapes.
  3. The amount of anti-oxidant compound present in grapes is what decides the color. So, flavonoids are present in greater quantity in black grapes when compared to red grapes.
  4. One cup of red grapes has 104 calories, along with the many essential nutrients present in grapes. When compared to red grapes, black grapes have lower calories. They have only 60 calories.
  5. According to nutritionists, black grapes have higher nutritional values than red grapes so they are preferred over the other.
  6. Black grapes also contain higher levels of polyphenols as compared to red grapes.
Difference Between Black and Red Grapes
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