Difference Between Black and Red Plums

Plums are known for being high in nutrition. In contrast to that, they are very juicy inside. Black and red plums are both very good for health and help deal with many health issues like infections, eyesight, heart, and many other problems.


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There are very basic differences in terms of usage and taste that differentiate them from one another.

Black Plums vs Red Plums

The difference between black and red plum is that the former one is sweet, whereas the latter one is a mixture of sweet and sour taste and is used for different purposes. Both of them are rich in nutrients and are ready to eat fresh in the summer while turning them into prunes are ready to eat in winters also.

Black Plums vs Red Plums

Black plums are significantly summer fruits that have a thin blue-black skin layer covering the lusciously sweet pulp inside, which is the favorite of many.

It has a low glycemic index which makes it a savory fruit for diabetic patients also. It helps in curing various health problems also like heart and lungs related problems.

Red plums are known for containing a high percentage of water that keeps the body hydrated and thus, cools the temperature of the body in summers. Red plums are circular-shaped fruit that has a thin red color skin covering the sweet and sour tinge pulp.

Due to the tart flavor that its pulp possesses, it helps in cutting down the sweetness of baked items.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBlack PlumsRed Plums
TasteBlack plums are sweet in taste.Red plums are sour and sweet in taste.
UsageThese are used to make stewed prunes and sweet pies.These are specifically used in lentil soup and fish stew.
AppearanceThese have blue-black skin and deep red or purple colored flesh inside.These have red skin and yellow colored flesh inside.
ShapeBlack plums elongated eclipse shaped fruit.Red plums are circular in shape.
SizeBlack plums are smaller.Red plums are a bit large in size.

What are Black Plums?

Black plum is also known as damson plum, java plum, Malabar plum, and by many other different names, is a very sweet and refreshing summer fruit. Black plum’s scientific name is Syzygiumcumini. It is widely cultivated and found in tropical and sub-tropical Asia spread to Queensland.

It helps in relieving stomach pain and is very helpful for various diseases related to the heart, lungs, and even cancer. Black plums are rich in iron and vitamin C, which increases the hemoglobin count of the body. Iron is very important as it helps in purifying blood.

These plums contain carbohydrates, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin B6 in adequate amounts in addition to iron and vitamin C. Black plums trees are very tall evergreen tropical trees. The trees can grow up to 20 meters in height.

At first, these plums are green in color when they are in the growing state. Then they turn into a blue-black color with growth. The researches show that the gallic acid present in black plum acts as anti-HIV and anti-peroxidant.

It possesses apoptotic activities. Black plum tree’s leaves have medicinal values which cure a lot of diseases. The seed of black plum is also very helpful as consumption of powered seeds helps in relieving urination and digestive problems.

This fruit is not just consumed but also used as a lotion for skin and scalp. Taking the black plum fruit with roasted cumin helps in tackling the acidity problem.

Black Plum

What are Red Plums?

Red plums are mouth-watering fruit with a tart flavor in the pulp. It is popular among the people who love the sweet-sour combination. It contains a high amount of fiber that is very useful for the human body, helps to enhance intestinal transit, and cures constipation problems.

Vitamin E, which is also known as the anti-aging mineral, is contained in red plum. It is circular shaped and has a juicy pulp that has high water content in it.

It is preferred to eat fresh in summers and are stored as prunes for winters. Red plums make very tasty jellies and jams. Red plums possess phenolic compounds which have anti-inflammatory properties.

Red plums are full of anthocyanins which have high antioxidant properties to enhance the immune system. Minerals are very important for the body, and red plums provide a small amount of zinc, manganese, and copper, which strengthens bone, muscles, and inner organs.

Red plum helps in losing weight also as it has low calories. Red plum trees are of different shapes and sizes. Red plums cut cholesterol and thus helps in lowering the risk of obesity. The intensity of red color determines the nutritional value it contains.

The more the skin of the plum is deep red, the more it contains nutrients in high amounts. They are very tasty as well as holds beneficiary vitamins and minerals that are required on a daily basis.

Red Plums

Main Differences Between Black and Red plums

  1. Black plums are blue-black skin outside that binds the juicy deep red or purple colored pulp inside in contrast to red plums, which are red from outside and have juicy yellow color pulp inside.
  2. Black plums are smaller in size in comparison to red plums.
  3. Black plums look like stretched circles which gives them an elongated ellipse shape, whereas, on the other hand, red plums are somewhat circular-shaped fruit.
  4. Black plums have sweet and juicy pulp, unlike red plums, which are sweet and sour with a tart flavor pulp.
  5. Back plums are mostly used to make stewed prunes. These are also commonly used by many as stuffing for pork and sometimes chicken also. Black plums also go well with sweet pies, while red plums are specially used for lentil soup and fish stew. As red ones have a sweet and sour taste, they are widely used to make jellies for sweet desserts.
Difference Between Black and Red Plums


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