Ascot vs Cravat: Difference and Comparison

Men’s fashion trends are evolving, and a lot of accessories are being added, yet the number of options available for men is lesser than the accessories and types of clothes women have.

Among these countable accessories, there exists confusion between an ascot and a cravat. A few men are unaware and sometimes fail to name or point them out accurately.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ascot is a formal neckwear worn with a morning coat, while cravat is a casual neckwear worn with a lounge suit.
  2. Ascot has a wider and more structured knot compared to cravat.
  3. Ascot is made of silk, while cravat can be made of various materials, including cotton and linen.

Ascot vs Cravat

An ascot is a type of necktie that is made from a wide, rectangular piece of fabric that is folded over and secured with a tie pin or clip. A cravat is a similar type of neckwear but is made from a thinner and longer piece of fabric that is wrapped around the neck and tied in a knot or bow.

Ascot vs Cravat

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An ascot is an informal version of the tie that is mostly worn to elevate and enhance one’s look, and it is not mostly worn to look formal or to abide by the rules. It is commonly tied under the jacket, coat, or shirt to give it a unique and fashionable look.

The cravat is regarded as the conventional and absolutely original version of the tie. It is particularly used in formal meetings and places. More than the need to look chic and fashionable, one wears a tie to match and get along with the rules and to sit in a professional environment.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAscotCravat
OriginAscots originated around the eighteenth century, much later after the cravats came into trend.   Cravats originated earlier in the 1600s and were found and used first by the Romans. However, it was the French who popularized them.
DefinitionAscots are pieces of cloth tied under the collar of a man’s shirt, coat, or blazer. Cravats refer to all types of accessories and neckwears that men use.
SignificanceAscites add elegance, style and make the outfit look more approachable, friendly, and informal.Cravats add elegance and greatly elevate the look. It adds dignity and a complete formal and an official look to the other and helps in looking much put together.
Use It is worn by men for informal wedding functions, casual business meetings that don’t need much trouble and significance.  It is worn in various events, including professional meetings, official visits, business-related events, and weddings.
TimeIt is commonly worn as a daytime neck accessory.It is worn at all times and parts of the day and for events in the evening and late at night.

What is Ascot?

Ascot is an informal and stylish version of the tie. It is worn for events and functions happening in the daytime. It is a piece of cloth similar to a scarf tied under the collar, as an alternative to a tie. Irrespective of how old it is, it is still trendy and in fashion.

Usually, it was worn for business meetings though it was quite informal. Men liked expressing their creativity and uniqueness by elevating their style. It is also popularly known as the knotted tie.

Ideally, it is made up of black satin cloth. It reached its peak during the 1890s when men indulged in fashion. However, the bow tie took over the game in the 1900s. Later it was worn for wedding ceremonies and casual meetings.

It is always in the form of a scarf and is knotted or tied around the neck manually, with a pin to secure it in place. Every ascot is a cravat, but not all cravats can be called a cravat.

The usual misconception between cravat and ascot is by the Americans. Not all people like or prefer to wear ascots.


What is Cravat?

Cravat came into use and existence much before the ascots. It is an ancient, formal, yet modern piece of accessory in men’s fashion that greatly elevates the style and look. Romans introduced to the world the style and trend of wearing a cravat with their everyday clothing.

It is a great way to enhance and add elegance to the men’s attire. Though a lot of people have the misconception that the tie was the first to come into existence, it is not true.

The cravat came into existence long back, and this slowly evolved into a necktie. It is also a piece of cloth that is worn around the neck. The name comes from the French language.

This fashion trend, though brought about by the Romans it, was popularized and made into a trendsetting style by the French.

It is also used as a common term that represents all types and accessories related to neckwear. Bow, neckties, neckpieces, and even ascots can be commonly called cravats.

Initially, the term ‘cravat’ was used to refer to the cloth tied around the neck of Croatian mercenaries and other rich people. Wearing a caravan emphasizes and conveys warmth and decency and expresses how hospitable, welcoming, and committed they are to their job.


Main Differences Between Ascot and Cravat

  1. Ascots are a modern trend comparatively, whereas cravats have been around for a longer period of time.
  2. Ascots have a specific meaning and appearance, whereas all types of accessories fall under the category of cravats.
  3. Ascots are worn at informal events, whereas cravats are worn in both formal and informal cases.
  4. Ascots are daytime accessories, but cravats are worn irrespective of the time.
  5. Ascots signify creativity and uniqueness, whereas cravats signify both creativity and convention.
Difference Between Ascot and Cravat

Last Updated : 16 June, 2023

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