Mph vs Knot: Difference and Comparison

We have a unit to measure liquid: Liters; we also use another to undulate transport speed, and two of the most and Knot.

In many countries, a Kilometer is used to calculate the speed of vehicles. Still, Mph is also a standard unit to measure road vehicles, especially in the United Kingdom and the United States. A knot is a unit that is not as ordinary for most people as used in Marine and Air aviation.

Key Takeaways

  1. MPH, or miles per hour, is a unit of measurement used to express speed in the Imperial and US customary systems. At the same time, a knot is a unit of measurement used to express speed in the maritime and aviation industries.
  2. One knot equals one nautical mile per hour, whereas one mile per hour equals 0.868976 knots.
  3. MPH is commonly used to measure the speed of land vehicles, while knots are used to measure the speed of ships and airplanes.

Mph vs Knot

Mph (Miles per hour) is used in measuring the transportation of road vehicles like cars, trucks, etc. Knot, on the other hand, is used in calculating the speed of air and water travelling vehicles like Airplanes, boats—anything with air or ocean aviation.

Mph vs Knot

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Mph measures the speed of a mile driven in a time of an hour by a road vehicle. Though it was used by many major countries, such as Canada, Australia, etc., as the unit of measuring speed, now it is mainly used only in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Knot is the most common unit to calculate the speed of any air or ocean travel. Though a very used unit in non-road vehicles, it is not yet included in the Système International d’Unités, commonly known as the SI unit. I

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMphKnot
DefinitionA unit that is used to measure the speed of road vehicles. The unit is used to measure the speed of water and air-travelling vehicles.
Main useIn transport used on the road: Bikes, cars, etc.In Air crafts and water transports.
Origin 18th century The Mid-1900s
SymbolMp or mi/hKn or kt
Another usageRailway and some light metro systems as well.In the process of meteorology.

What is Mph?

Mph or miles per hour is the speed that is covered by a motor vehicle in an hour. The name was discovered in Rome. The first use measures 5000 Roman feet by Roman “mille passus”, translated into “thousand paces”.

Just as Knot is additionally used as a tool in meteorology in calculating variations in atmospheric activity, mph is also used in the calculation of railway speeds and in some games that include the use of balls, mainly cricket and baseball.


What is a Knot?

The knot is a unit of measure to calculate the speed of mainly three branches: Aircraft speed, freight transport, and the process of meteorology. It is supposed to be founded by Dutch sailors who, instead of “heaving the log”,

A new method came into existence that would require a wood panel (a triangle shape one) attached to a rope, and that rope would have knots tied around it at some distance. The rope was attached to the time measuring device of that time- a half-filled sand glass.

The sailors would throw the wood log into the sea and start the boat. The speed would be calculated by the time each knot tied at a similar distance went overboard. The person then would be able to count the speed of the boat or the ship measured by the sand glass.

It is equal to one nautical mile (a unit of measurement used in monitoring and controlling space, air, and sea/ocean.) that is equal to approximately 1.15078 mph.


Main Differences Between Mph and Knot

  1. The measuring of air and boating crafts is done in a Knot. On the other hand, for almost any travelling vehicle, Mph is used.
  2. The knot is used in the process of meteorology as well. It is widespread use. Mph, on the other hand, is not used in the measurement of the process of meteorology.
  3. A unit of Knot is a tiny bit faster than a single unit of Mph.
  4. Mph can also be used in calculating the speed of the ball for some games like cricket, baseball, and Tennis. The knot isn’t used for this purpose.
  5. While Mph is a standard unit of speed included in the UK and USA Imperial system, Knot is not. It is not even a SI unit.
Difference Between Mph and Knot

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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