Difference Between Grapes and Grapefruits

Grapes and Grapefruits are two different kinds of fruits from two different trees. Grapes are from the Grapevines family and is from the Vitis genus.

Grapefruits are from the Rutaceae family and are from the citrus genus. Grapes are from Vitis species, and Grapefruits are hybrid of Citrus and paradisi species.

Grapes are full of vitamins, iron, potassium, etc. They are sweet in taste and small in size. They have a very smooth outer layer. They are from a different genus as well.

Grapes are from the Vitis genus and are botanically berries. Grapes are non-climacteric fruits. They have different kinds of use.

Grapefruits are full of calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, very little sugar, etc. They are a little bit bitter or tart in taste. They are quite large when compared to grapes in size.

It is a hybrid of sweet oranges and pomelo. They are yellow-orange skinned colour and are subtropical fruits.

Grapes vs Grapefruits 

The main difference between Grapes and Grapefruits is that Grapes are from the Grapevines family. They consist of nutrients like Vitamin E, B2, B3, B6, K. On the other hand, Grapefruits are from the Rutaceae family with a very high amount of Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and very few sugars.

Grapes vs Grapefruits

Grapes are very different from Grapefruit in many ways. Grapes can be black, yellow, green, pink coloured. There are overall more than 10,000 varieties of grapes all around the world.

To make wine, or juice, jam, vinegar, and oil, grapes can be used. They are also used as table grapes or eaten in salads, etc.

Grapefruits are subtropical fruits that can be used for making juice, smoothies, yoghurt and salads or fresh. They are mainly yellow-orange colours from the outside.

From inside, the colour varies from pink to red. They occur in small clusters as well. Grapefruits have a higher level of fibres and a low level of sugar in them.

Comparison Table Between Grapes and Grapefruits

Parameters of ComparisonGrapesGrapefruits
SizeApproximately 3cmApproximately 10cm
AreasEurope, America, Australia and Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, China, Pakistan, Israel, and North IndiaUnited States, Israel, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, and Southern Africa
VitaminVitamin E, Vitamin B2, B3, B6 and Vitamin KVitamin C, Vitamin A
Sugar16.25g / 100g of grapes6.89g/ 100g of grapefruits
DietGrapes contain more sugar and is less compatible with diet when comparedGrapefruits consist of fewer calories, low fats. Low crabs, etc. Thus, Grapefruits are more compatible with diets

What is Grapes?

A grape is a fruit from the Grapevines family. They are flowering plants of the deciduous woods. They were said to have grown from the Middle East around 8,000 years ago.

They became the source of alcoholic drinks like wine as yeasts were found on the skins of grapes. Later purple grapes were also grown in different parts of the world.

The use of wine was noticed from 2000 BC. This shows us the use and existence of grapes at that time. At present, one of the important crops is some types of grapes. They are not just for wines but to eat as a table fruit, jams, juice.

The presence of a large amount of potassium, sugar, vitamin k adds great benefit. They grow in clusters varying from 15 to 300.

Grapes are mainly black, pink, dark blue, yellow, orange, crimson coloured. The green grapes are technically white grapes. They are formed with 81% of water.

Grapes consists of around (in 100g) 18g of carbohydrates, 15g of sugar, 288KJ of energy. Around 14% of Grape is made up of vitamin k. They are mainly cultivated for either direct consumption or wines.

In today’s world Spain is one of the biggest countries to produce grapes for winemaking. In the ranking by total production, Chine is the biggest production house of grapes.

What is Grapefruits?

Grapefruit is from the Rutaceae family. They are subtropical citrus trees very famous for these sour fruits. They are not sweet rather is somewhat bitter.

The exterior colour of the fruit varies mainly from yellow to orange. The inside is segmented, and the colour varies from yellow to dark pink.

Grapefruit is also from Plantae kingdom, clade – Tracheophytes, Angiosperms, Eudicots, Rosids. Grapefruit is from the Sapindales order and Citrus genus.

Grapefruit is from the Citrus and Paradisi species. This fruit was accidentally formed by the hybrid of sweet orange and pomelo or shaddock.

Grapefruits came into existence in around 17th century Asia. This natural hybrid became famous with time. Grapefruits are also known as forbidden fruit.

The name, Grapefruit was given due to its resemblance of clusters in trees like Grapes. They grow in small numbers of clusters that resemble that of grapes.

Grapefruits have different variations, especially from Florida and Texas. They include Pink, Oro Blanco, Rio star, Rau, Pummelo HB, Triumph, Walters, White Marsh, etc.

They are divided based on the flesh colour of the fruit. The most common type of grapefruits is pink pulp and yellow colour.

Main Differences Between Grapes and Grapefruits

  1. Grapes are one kind of sweet fruit, and Grapefruits are a different kind of tart fruit.
  2. Grapes are widely used to make wine or alcoholic drinks due to the presence of yeasts. Grapefruits don’t contain any kind of yeast.
  3. Grapes are much smaller in size, and Grapefruits are more than double in size when we compare.
  4. Grapes are also used to make Raisins, wines, table fruits, while Grapefruits are used to make juice, jams, table fruit, cooking ingredients. These are two different fruits.
  5. Grapes are grown in a temperate climate, and Grapefruits are grown in subtropical regions.
  6. Grapes have a high amount of sugar and are less preferable in the diet chart. Grapefruits are much stronger in the diet chart when compared.
Difference Between Grapes and Grapefruits


Grapes and Grapefruits are two different kinds of fruits. Just like any other fruit, each has its role. People prefer different tastes and different fruits depending on their own choices.

Both of their fruits have different benefits in case of nutrients. Grapes and Grapefruit may seem like similar fruits due to the name.

But they two different kinds of fruits from different species and families. The only thing we can find common is the way they look in the tree when growing. They both grow in clusters. 


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