Black vs White Chia Seeds: Difference and Comparison

One of the healthy alternatives that can be added to many dishes is chia seeds. It is available in three colors, but black and white chia seeds are only good for health.

They are available on online sites as well. White chia seeds are not available everywhere because they are only cultivated in small quantities, while black chia seeds are cultivated in large quantities. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Black chia seeds are slightly larger than white and have a nuttier flavor.
  2. White chia seeds have a milder taste and are used in baking.
  3. Both black and white chia seeds are high in fiber and protein.

Black vs White Chia Seeds

The difference between Black and White Chia Seeds is that Black Chia Seeds are grey-colored with black spots because of their genetics. On the other hand, White Chia Seeds have a white color outline. Black chia seeds can be found in large quantities than white chia seeds as they are cultivated in lower percentages and are bigger than black chia seeds. 

Black vs White Chia Seeds

Black chia seeds have a good amount of fiber, high-quality protein, minerals, and antioxidants. They improve digestive health. They are good for people who have heart diseases and diabetes.

Black chia seeds can be used in various dishes. It is mainly used in faloodas. It is placed at the bottom of the falooda drink. They are naturally gluten-free.

White chia seeds are high in fiber content and reduce the risk of heart diseases. These seeds are used for an aesthetically pleasing meal or flour.

To effectively reduce weight loss, you should soak them in water and add a few drops of lemon juice and honey. Drink it every night before you go to bed. It will work as an excellent weight loss regime. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBlack Chia SeedsWhite Chia Seeds
Outer appearanceIt is grey in color with black spots.White color
CultivationDuring cultivation, it gives 5 – 8% white seeds, only when the black seeds are cultivated.It gives only white chia seeds during cultivation.
DishIt is added to light-colored dishes.It gives a contrast to the dish.
PopularityThese are found in larger counterparts.These are found in lower percentages and are slightly bigger than black ones.
NutritionThey have a high protein content.They have higher ALA omega 3 fatty acids.

What are Black Chia Seeds?

They are tiny chia seeds from the chia plant. These seeds are small and oval-shaped in size. These seeds are edible and are known for their nutritional and health benefits.

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These are used as staple food. Their diameter is about 1mm. They have good medicinal properties. These seeds are originally grown in Mexico.

The taste of black and white chia seeds is almost the same. These seeds are easily available and are not rare to find.

They should be soaked in water before consumption. So, that they will turn soft and mushy. They can be added to a variety of dishes.

Their flavor is mild and is unique in texture. They can range from crunchy to nutty to gelatinous, as it depends on how they are prepared.

These seeds can be used in making pudding as it is one of the healthy options and also ease your cravings. Because when you eat chocolate pudding, the carbohydrate content and other contents are not good for your health. 

But chia seeds are good for health because of their high-quality nutritional benefits. Some of the best chia seeds brands in the market are viva natural chia seeds, better body foods organic chia seeds, essentials organic ground chia seeds, HealthWorks chia seeds, and Navitas organic chia seeds.

Even though they are good for health, if a person consumes them in larger quantities, it can lead to weight gain and causes some digestive issues instead of solving them. 

chia seeds

What are White Chia Seeds?

It is white as it displays a recessive gene. It causes them to produce white flowers first and then white chia seeds. They are not any magical new superfood.

It comes from the same plant called Salvia Hispanica plants, like black chia seeds. These seeds can be taken in many ways, such as smoothies, salad dressings, pudding, baked goods, granola, energy bars, protein bars, chia drinks, popsicles, and breadcrumbs. 

It is good for reducing belly fat as it makes an excellent addition to your diet. White chia seeds can easily gel up when blended with water, so it is considered the best choice for smoothies.

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But many people think both can be used for smoothies and puddings. It is up to people’s choice and the type of seed they have at that time while making.

One of the best ways to eat them is by mixing them into yogurt and oatmeal

These seeds can be eaten raw and in dry form. Soaking white chia seeds overnight in curd makes them a healthy and delicious breakfast.

You can put white chia seeds in milk and yogurt and place them in the refrigerator overnight. They will transform into a nutritious breakfast overnight. 

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Main Differences Between Black and White Chia Seeds

  1. The outer appearance of black chia seeds is grey in color with black spots. On the other hand, the outer appearance of white chia seeds is white in color.
  2. During the cultivation of the black chia seeds, 5 – 8 % of white chia seeds will be grown. But during cultivation, only white chia seeds are grown.
  3. Black chia seeds are added to light-colored dishes. On the other hand, white chia seeds are added to give contrast to a dish.
  4. Black chia seeds are cultivated in large counterparts. On the other hand, white chia seeds are cultivated in small amounts and are slightly bigger than black chia seeds.
  5. The benefit of eating black chia seeds is they have high protein content. On the other hand, the benefit of eating white chia seeds is they have higher ALA omega 3 fatty acids. 
Difference Between Black and White Chia Seeds

Last Updated : 16 July, 2023

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