Crystal vs Mephedrone: Difference and Comparison

Thought of the same sometimes ends in different like, the Crystal and Mephedrone are undoubtedly different from each other. Both have a connection only in their shape.


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The Crystal is an ordered arranged atom with a basis of one unit cell and has no space in its structure, and gives a perfect solid heavy shape. The Mephedrone is the same as a crystal in shape but it is a powdery substance.

It is illegal in many countries and results in various side effects. Focusing the things will give you a better path and better health. Understanding things and then reacting to the situations.

But, the addition of drugs will make your memory loss and unstable health. Keep an eye on what you are using daily. Avoid drugs that have heavy side effects.

Key Takeaways

  1. Crystal is a colloquial term for crystal methamphetamine, a powerful and illegal stimulant, while mephedrone is a synthetic stimulant belonging to the cathinone family.
  2. Crystal methamphetamine affects the central nervous system, causing increased alertness and euphoria, while mephedrone produces similar effects but is less potent.
  3. Both substances have severe health risks, addiction, and legal consequences.

Crystal Vs Mephedrone

The difference between crystal and mephedrone is that Crystal is something that has an ordered structure, and the Mephedrone is a drug stimulant. Both are different from each other. The mephedrone is just in the shape of crystals as you look. The chemical properties of an atom are based on the arrangement of electrons in it.

Crystal Vs Mephedrone

The crystals have atoms that are packed in a perfect manner. It is a structured cell by a basic unit cell, and because of that only, it has no spaces and looks a heavy-ordered shape.

The Crystal is hard at low temperatures and soft at high temperatures. The crystal is not sparkling much and has vacancy atoms in it.

The Mephedrone is something related to Crystal in properties but has a shape like that. Mephedrone is a drug stimulant and has various side effects of prolonged use.

It is illegal in many places and restricted by prescriptions provided by doctors. It is a powdery substance taken by many methods.

Comparison Table

Parameter on comparisonCrystalMephedrone
DefinitionCrystal is an object that has
ordered atoms and perfect structure.
Mephedrone is a drug
a stimulant that is the medication.
AppearanceAn ordered atom of a molecule.Plain old sugar crystals
OdorNo odorStriking odor
FormulationCarbon, hydrogen,
Fully talcum powder
SubstanceHeavy solid-typePowdery substance

What is Crystal?

Crystal is solid material where the atoms and molecules are arranged in an ordered manner, and the atoms are arranged in a repeating pattern.

The crystals are made by a process called crystallization, where the fluid undergoes a freezing process. Crystals are very hard at high temperatures and soft at low temperatures.

Since its melting point is 4000k, it is hard in high temperatures and feels soft when coming to low temperatures.

The crystal is not perfect every time, it might have an imperfect arrangement that is called vacancy. Crystals are traced to 500 B.C. in Mesopotamia.

Crystals are classified into general categories, such as

  1. covalent
  2. Ionic
  3. Metallic
  4. molecular

A basic concept behind the crystal structure is the unit cell. It is ordered in a structured manner with a repeating pattern.

An interesting fact is Diamond is considered the hardest crystal, and Crocidolite is considered the most dangerous crystal. The ions inside the crystal must be equally charged or balanced.

That is, both positive and negative ions are equally charged. Many people use the crystal as a good sign and take it along wherever they go.

crystal 1

What is Mephedrone?

Mephedrone is a drug stimulant that is produced in various forms and supplied in capsules and various forms. It is the synthetic stimulant drug of the amphetamine and cathinone classes.

It also produces various side effects after it is consumed. It causes bruxism also cause dilated pupils and short-term memory hallucinations.

Mephedrone is a controlled drug that comes under an act called the controlled substance act. It is described as a synthetic stimulant to induce mental function.

Some take Mephedrone as a drug for enjoyment, as alcohol gives, and it ends in severe side effects which have no medical treatment. The high usage of mephedrone leads to the person being a victim of violence.

Meph and m-cat are some other names for mephedrone.

Scientists often mention mephedrone as a recreational psychotic drug that causes psychological disorders. It affects your central nervous system, and in prolonged use, you are additive to this drug.

The stimulant people who used this have felt various feelings are higher than normal. Like, restlessness, openness, and sex drive. Disco has this drug at a cheap cost and provides it to all its customers. People called this a party drug.


Main Difference Between Crystal and Mephedrone

  1. Crystal is a crystalline substance that is more generic, while Mephedrone is a drug stimulant.
  2. Your ordinary salt be crystal, and your capsules might contain mephedrone
  3. Crystal is both cheap and expensive, and mephedrone is also cheap.
  4. Crystal is not something that causes the effect on your body, but mephedrone causes various side effects.
  5. The diamond is a crystal, but mephedrone is just a drug stimulant, and that is called medication.
  6. The crystal will not cause any mental problems, but mephedrone causes severe psychological effects.
Difference Between Crystal and Mephedrone

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