Difference Between Good Friday and Easter Monday (With Table)

Good Friday and Easter Monday are two important celebrations for the Christian community apart from Christmas. People all over the world recognize the importance of these Good Friday and Easter Monday and celebrate it in the appropriate way as per the significance attached to each of these events.

It is quite possible to think that the word “Good” for Good Friday may indicate a certain amount of festivities and hence certain assumptions may be raised if Good Friday and Easter Monday are identical. However, pertinent to note is the fact that Good Friday and Easter Monday are different.

Good Friday vs Easter Monday

The difference between Good Friday and Easter Monday is that on Good Friday, Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, while on Easter Sunday (Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday), he was resurrected i.e. Jesus Christ came back to life.

However, the above is not the only difference. A comparison between both the terms on certain parameters can shed light on subtle aspects:


Comparison Table Between Good Friday and Easter Monday (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonGood FridayEaster Monday
What does the day signify?It indicates the day when Jesus Christ was crucified (nailed) on a cross; it indicates the extreme suffering of Jesus Christ as he was crucifiedDay after Sunday with Sunday refers to the day when Jesus Christ was resurrected.
On which day does it come?FridayMonday i.e. the day after Easter Sunday
Does Good Friday include Easter Monday and vice versa?NoEaster Monday includes Good Friday and even Easter Sunday
Does this day mark the end of lent or the fasting period?NoYes, Easter Monday comes after Easter Sunday and fasting ends here
How many days of fasting does this day precede?3740
Is it a happy day or a sad day?Sad day, it is a day of mourning and remembering Jesus Christ as he was crucifiedHappy day as it indicates the beginning of Easter Season
Is it the day immediately after Maundy Thursday?YesNo
Was Jesus crucified on this day?YesNo
Does this day signify the death of Jesus Christ?YesNo
Was Jesus Christ raised from the dead on this day?NoYes
Is it a holiday ideally in all countries on this day?Yes, with some exceptionsNo, because some countries will only have a holiday on Good Friday (example-India)
Is it a day of reflection and more church rituals?YesNo
Is fasting performed on this day?YesNo
Introspection and FestivitiesGood Friday is a day of sorrow hence people don’t celebrate it as such. It can be considered a day of reflection.Easter Monday is a day of festivities


What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is also known as Holy Friday. Good Friday is the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified (an ancient punishment). Basically on this day, Jesus Christ was nailed to death to a cross by subjecting to extreme cruelties by certain rulers.

Good Friday is a day before Easter Sunday or Easter Monday. Good Friday is a day when people fast. Good Friday is the day when people recall and show respect for the sufferings of Jesus Christ. This commemoration is done by performing various rituals in the church.

Good Friday is not a day on which people will perform any celebration. It is a day of fasting. It can be considered as a holy day as people make introspection in the name of God.


What is Easter Monday?

Easter Monday is the day after Easter i.e. Easter Sunday which happens to be on the immediate Sunday after Good Friday. On this day i.e. Easter Sunday, it is believed that Jesus Christ was resurrected i.e. he came back to earth or became alive again. Easter Monday denotes the victory of life over death.

Easter Monday is celebrated with easter eggs. The history indicates that in the olden times when people were fasting during lent, they were not able to eat eggs, so the eggs were boiled and preserved and later presented as gifts to friends, families, and others on Easter.

It is believed that the easter egg is a symbol of the revival of Jesus Christ with the eggshell crack indicating the resurrection.

Main Differences Between Good Friday and Easter Monday

  1. Good Friday indicates the day when Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross. Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday on which it is believed that Jesus Christ was restored to life.
  2. Good Friday signifies the agony and pain faced by Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made for humanity. Easter Monday signifies the fact there could be a life after death or the victory of good over evil or life over death.
  3. Good Friday is a day signifying pain and sorrow. Easter Monday is a day of festivities.
  4. Good Friday is a day of fasting. Easter Monday is not a day of fasting.
  5. Good Friday is normally a holiday in most countries. Easter Monday may not be a holiday in some countries.
  6. Good Friday is a day of modesty, showing great respect for Jesus Christ, and church rituals. Easter Monday is a day of celebrations to signify the coming back(resurrection) of Jesus Christ.



Good Friday and Easter have their own set of significance. Both these events relate to Jesus Christ but with different phases signifying death and then victory over death. Good Friday and Easter Monday are celebrated differently as per the traditions and customs.

Good Friday and Easter Monday are marked by a variety of religious or solemn ceremonies conducted by the church, processions, and other celebrations and remembrances observed. In short, Good Friday is basically for remembering Jesus Christ’s kindness and suffering.

Easter Monday is a day for festivities and celebrations and hence can be considered a day to start something new, forgetting about the past but at the same time learning from past and making a new start to life.



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