Difference Between Serger and Sewing Machine

We buy different types of dresses every day. But the reason behind them is getting stitched by a proper person. For that, they need a sewing machine to do that work.


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There are many types of sewing machines available in the market each one having its purpose. Among that serger is used by professionals and tailors for stitching dresses based on the requirement. 

Serger vs Sewing Machine

The difference between Serger and Sewing Machine is mainly a serger is also a type of sewing machine and the main purpose of it is to provide overlock in a dress or to with the hemline of a dress. The sewing machine is used mainly for stitching people’s dresses and is available in different types and brands. Once you stitch using a serger you cannot remove the thread. But you can remove the thread in the sewing machine.

Serger vs Sewing Machine

A serger is used by people or tailors who want to give overlock stitching to the dress or want to hem the dress. This is often seen in bug garment manufacturing industries or tailor shops.

Because normal people won’t often do overlock stitching in their dress. Because once they do overlock stitching, they cannot remove the thread from the dress like they do in normal stitching.

Sewing machines are used for stitching. It can be done by anyone interested in stitching. They just need to follow some basic guidelines on operating the sewing machine.

Many people who are doing home stitching will go for a sewing machine without electricity. Once they get familiar with the sewing machine, they can buy a motor for stitching faster. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSergerSewing Machine
DefinitionIt is also a sewing machine but it is only used for stitching overlock on dressesIt is a machine which is used for stitching dresses
Main useOverlock stitchNormal stitching
Number of threadsThree or moreOnly one thread
CutThey sew and cut as wellThey are used only for sewing purposes
Stitching areaThey are stitched at the end of the dress to finish the sewingThey can be stitched anywhere on the dress

What is Serger?

A serger is also a kind of sewing machine which many people use for securing the end of the dress. When we stitch dress some fabrics don’t need any end stitch or sidelock.

But there are also dresses or fabrics available which need this kind of sidelock. So that the fabric will not get teared up. This kind of machine is only used for providing overlock stitches on the dress.

And the stitching style in this machine will be very different. It contains lots of threads to make the stitch neat and secure so that they won’t come off easily when people wear them.

There are many brands of sergers available in the market. Every tailor shop or dress manufacturing company used to have them so that they can stitch the dress and secure them properly with the help of a serger.

This machine is also called an overlock machine. Most people even use this for hemming the bottom of the dress.

For example, if people are stitching gowns and want to give a full finish to the dress without stitching them normally then they will go for sergers to give a hemline finish.

It is not that important to have a serger in your sewing machine list. You can even sew your dresses without attaching a serger finish. It will also give your dress a complete look. 


What is Sewing Machine?

A sewing machine is used for stitching people’s dresses. All clothes that we wear every day on our life is made with the help of a sewing machine.

There are different brands of sewing machines available in the market. Even sewing machines that run without electricity and running with electricity are also available for use.

People who are using sewing machines for the first time can go for sewing machines without electricity so that they can easily learn the basics fast.

Learning a sewing machine is an easy task. You just have to follow the basic guidelines and the rules. But stitching the whole costume is not an easy task.

You have to properly stitch right from the beginning to get a finished product. If you are going to work on an electric sewing machine then you have to be someone who is experienced. 

In electric machines, the pedaling will be faster. To cope up with that we should have some experience in stitching faster or else our hands will get stuck in between the needle.

Then it will become a painful process. To make your sewing machine work longer you have to pour oil in all the working parts so that it will run smoothly without getting stuck in the middle.

sewing machine

Main Differences Between Serger and Sewing Machine

  1. A serger is a type of sewing machine used by people to provide overlock on dresses. Sewing Machine is used by people to stitch dresses.
  2. The main use of serger is to provide overlock or hemming in a dress. But sewing machine is used for providing normal stitch.
  3. Once you finish stitching using serger you cannot remove that thread. But you can remove the thread of a sewing machine.
  4. In serger there will be 2 to 3 needles and threads. But in a sewing machine, there will be only one needle and thread.
  5. In serger you can sew and cut the dress. But in a sewing machine, you can only sew the dress. 
Difference Between Serger and Sewing Machine


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