Difference Between Stitching and Sewing

We all know that craftsmanship is one of the oldest industries in the whole world. It is being practised in various corners of the world right from the period when people realized their skills and artistic works.

It is such a skill that requires good patience and idea. The whole work is carried out through some basic interest.

It is seen that if a person is not interested in craftsmanship, he cannot carry the work. Mere learning of craft is not important but the person should have proper interest and passion for the same.

A successful craftsman will always carry out extensive research work. They also learn under the senior craftsman to enhance their knowledge and skills.

In the present world, most of the people are interested in this field. They have indulged themselves in the art work. It will be not wrong to say that the traditional craft work mainly include various types of materials like clay, wood and other materials

. Craftsmanship is a combination of both art and science. Now what is sewing? Sewing is the process of joining and attaching any types of objects which is done mainly through the help of a need and thread.

Sewing is mainly carried out through the help of these two things.

On the other side, Stitching is also a process of attaching things. The only thing is that it is done with the help of a loop of yarn.

Stitching vs Sewing

The main difference between Stitching and Sewing is that Stitching is a component of sewing and knitting which requires a loop of yarn for attaching the stitches with one another. Sewing is a type of craft which is carried out with the help of a needle and a thread.

Stitching vs Sewing


Comparison Table Between Stitching and Sewing

Parameters of ComparisonStitchingSewing
DefinitionIt is the process and technique of attaching things with the help of a loop of yarnIt is the process of attaching things with the help of thread and needle.
RequirementsIt requires a loop of yarnIt requires thread and needle.
TypesThere are seven basic types of stitchingSewing is mainly of three types
Basic differenceStitching is the basic component of sewing.Sewing is simply a craft.


What is Stitching?

Stitching is a process that is carried out with the help of either yarn or thread. It is also considered as the fundamental element of sewing. The crochet or the embroidery work that is found is mainly done through stitching.

It can be done either by hand or by machine.

However, there are seven types or categories of stitching. Let us find out some of them. Running stitch, backstitch, cross stitch, chain stitch, knot stitch and overcast stitch are some of the main ones.

A lot people are attached with the Stitching process.  Earlier stitching used to take a lot of time. Now it has been reduced with the invention of advanced machine boxes. 


What is Sewing?

On the other side, sewing is nothing more than a craft. It is a process of joining and attaching things or objects with the help of a needle and a thread. The existence of sewing can be traced back during the Paleolithic age.

Most of the clothes that we wear are mainly done with sewing. But with the advancement of technology there have been some changes. The modern sewing tools have also reduced the effort of the people to a good extent.

Sewing is said to be the foundation of appliqué, embroidery and similar other types of handworks.

It is a beautiful artistic work and creation. Basically three types of sewing exist.  One is the plain sewing. Second one is the Fancy sewing and the third one is Heirloom sewing. Plain sewing is mainly used for making clothes that are of linen materials.

Fancy sewing is required in case of decorative techniques. Most of the decorative works that are found on the clothes are done with Fancy mode of sewing.

Heirloom sewing is done with fine hand sewing. It is also used for trimming purposes. Sewing was mainly with the help of hands until 19th century. It was a long-drawn process as it required a lot of labor and effort at the same time. 

Sewing is mainly composed of two components. One is the seams and the other one is the stitches.  What is seam? Seam is nothing but a row of stitches that fasten the two objects together.


Main Differences Between Stitching and Sewing

  1. A loop of yarn is enough for stitching. But thread and needle is used in case of sewing.
  2. Stitching is not an old concept. Sewing was present and followed by the people during the Paleolithic age.
  3. Stitching is considered to be a process of attaching things or objects. Sewing is nothing but a craft.
  4. Stitching can be of seven types while sewing is mainly of three types.
  5. Stitching is the basic component of sewing but sewing is such a craft that existed during the ancient period.
Difference Between Stitching and Sewing



Sewing and stitching belongs to the same category. The only difference lies in the way of application. If considered and studied properly it will be found that both are related to each other.

It is found that with its proper application and advanced science good things have been discovered.

They are making the whole process of stitching and sewing simpler and easier. It is with these two things that a good number of people are utilizing skills and earning money. The ancient craft of our world is highly praised by everyone.


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