Necklace vs Locket

Necklaces and lockets are pieces of jewelry that are hung around the neck to match different clothes and other accessories.


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It could be prepared from any material, such as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, etc. It could be used for daily wear or even for small, occasional functions and parties.

They both go together, and it is rare to see one without the other.

Key Takeaways

  1. A necklace is a decorative piece of jewelry worn around the neck, typically made of metals, beads, or gemstones.
  2. A locket is a small, often ornate pendant that opens to reveal a space for holding sentimental items, such as photos or locks of hair.
  3. Lockets serve the specific purpose of holding cherished items, while necklaces encompass a broader range of decorative designs and styles.

Necklace vs Locket  

A necklace is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck that is made of a chain or cord with a pendant or a jewel. A locket is a term that is used to describe a type of necklace that has a small pendant that can be opened to reveal a space where a picture or a small object can be kept.

Necklace vs Locket

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A necklace is a kind of chain that is hung around the neck. Many different kinds of necklaces could either hug the neck in a snug manner or even be loose pieces of accessories.

It could have stones or pearls attached to it and could be made from many different varieties of materials.

A locket is a type of pendant that is usually attached to either a chain or a bracelet. Lockets are used as a means to convey the love and affection that the wearer holds for someone or to pass on the love that one might feel for another.

It could be made from any material, starting from precious metals to even plastic and paper.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNecklaceLocket
Has Space to Hold ThingsNoYes
Has Emotional ValueNo Yes
Is Worn Only Around the NeckYesNo
Needs A Supporting AccessoryNoYes
IntroductionAround the Stone AgeIn the Middle Age

What is Necklace?

Necklaces are a type of chain that usually hangs around the neck.

This means that it is either a smug piece of jewelry or a loose chain.

It gets its name from its function. That is a lace that could be worn around the neck.

It is made out of many different kinds of metals, but at the same time, cheaper materials such as fiber and fabric could also be used to cast necklaces.

Necklaces are worn with clothes that enhance the individual’s overall appearance and add a spotlight over the neck, which is most likely their most beautiful spot.

It is common for gemstones and pearls to be added to necklaces all over the sides to give them a more dramatic effect when they are worn.

It is quite difficult to decipher the patterns that the person who cast it might have intended.

It could have many different links and loose stones that would create intricate patterns and designs, thereby bringing out the beauty in a necklace.

Necklaces could be either worn as a single piece of jewelry or they could have a pendant such as a locket hanging on them to give the wearer an elegant look.

Both men and women use necklaces irrespective of all social discrimination.

It could be thick or cast from a large amount of metal, or it could be as thin as hair but still be strong.

People can specifically cast out necklaces that define them and are made to compliment them.

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What is Locket?

A locket is a part of the main accessory used to signify something emotional and valuable.

It can be adorned as a part of a chain such as chokers or necklaces, or it can also be hung on a bracelet to put on the wrist or even on an anklet.

The initial sightings and use of a locket were from the Middle Ages.

Back in time, it was used to accentuate the religious aspect of society by using lockets and similar accessories on deities and religious places.

As time went by, in the seventeenth century, in Britain, a locket was cast, made from precious metals exclusively for Queen Elizabeth I.

After that, a locket became a sign of love and affection.

It became an accessory that was in use to commemorate sentiments such as loss and happiness.

Lockets could be made from any material, but it is common to cast lockets from precious metals such as gold, platinum, or even silver.

The reason lockets are cast out of precious metals is to enhance the emotional attachment that the wearer might have.

Lockets are commonly seen as different segments attached. These segments might hold small spaces for carrying little souvenirs from their loved ones.

It is common to have lockets cast in the shape of hearts, as it is the international sign of eternal love and symphony.

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Main Differences Between Necklace and Locket

  1. While, necklaces have no emotional attachment for the user, on the other hand, lockets hold many sentimental and emotional feelings and attachments.
  2. Necklaces are hung around the neck and need no other accessory to hold them in place, whereas Lockets need a chain or a bracelet to be hung on.
  3. Necklaces are worn only around the neck and no other places, but on the other hand, a locket could either be worn on the neck or the wrist.
  4. Necklaces were present even back in time, and traces of such jewelry are seen in fossils unearthed from the Stone Age, but lockets were introduced in the Middle Ages as a devotional accessory.
  5. Necklaces have no holes or tiny compartments like spaces to hold souvenirs but, lockets have such spaces.
Difference Between Necklace and Locket
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