Difference Between Pendant and Locket

People often think that ‘Pendant’ and ‘Locket’ both mean the same, as they are relatable to each other but they are not the same. Both ‘pendant’ and ‘locket’ are a piece of jewelry that is hung to a chain and are worn around the neck.

Pendant vs Locket

The main difference between a Pendant and a Locket is that a Pendant is a loose-hanging piece of jewelry that is hooked to a chain. On the other hand, Locket is a pendant that has a tiny space inside it to store a photograph or something dear to the person.

Pendant vs Locket

A pendant is a hanging piece of ornament, that can be a part of the chain or a bracelet, or an earning. They can be made up of any shape, size, metals, gemstones, and stones which are worn by both men and women.

A locket is also a pendant, which has a small amount of space inside it where you can keep a picture, write something inside, or anything tiny that is very special to one’s heart.

Usually, lockets are presented as a gift to their loved ones with a photograph inside.

Comparison Table Between Pendant and Locket

Parameters of comparisonPendantLocket
MeaningA piece of hanging ornament, which is a part of a chain or an earningA piece of hanging ornament that has a tiny space inside it.
OriginDuring the stone age, from 17th century BCDuring the 16th century at the time of Queen
Worn as a part ofA chain or an earring or a braceletA chain or a bracelet
Product explanationA single piece of jewelry without any space inside to store.A single piece of jewelry with space inside to store.
Is made up ofAnimal nails and teeth,  various gemstones, precious metals.Precious metals with engravings or gemstones upon them.

What is a Pendant?

A pendant is a piece of hanging ornament, which is worn with a chain/necklace, earring, or bracelet. It is made up of various things like stones, nails, or teeth of animals, precious gemstones, various metals, etc.

Now you can find the new trend of resin pendants which is loved by everyone these days. And is usually worn by both men as well as women. 

There are many varieties in pendants and varies in many factors like size, shape, weight, material, and is worn mostly with a chain around the neck.

Also, they are gifted to loved ones on some special occasions or even bought by people for themselves. One fact that makes them so expensive is the usage of precious metals and rare gemstones, which also include workmanship.

Some types of Pendants are Amulet, Talisman, Locket, Medalion, Functional pendants, and fashion pendants.

Pendants are a part of daily wear for women as well as men, which can give completeness to the overall look of the person, and the pendants also have a great emotional value.

What is a Locket?

A locket is a piece of hanging ornament, which is worn with a chain/necklace usually, and also with bracelets. They are mostly made of precious metals like Gold or Silver, also with other metals these days.

One special fact about lockets are, they are attached with some gemstones or some engravings on them.

Also, they are specially gifted on special occasions to their loved ones with a picture or a tiny sentimental object inside.

In earlier days queens were gifted with lockets on special occasions and that’s when the trend went viral, is still going on too. Being presented with lockets from the royalties earlier certainly gives an official royal value to the lockets.

Lockets are sentimental and interesting pieces of jewelry, which are found to be in a circle, heart, or oval shape usually.

In the early days, one side of the locket would have a picture and the other side would have a line engraved on it (a special line or a saying of that person).

Main Differences Between Pendant and Locket

  1. The Pendant means a hanging ornament in specific, that can be an attachment to a chain or bracelet or earring. Whereas a Locket also means a hanging ornament, but it has some tiny space inside to store.
  2. The pendants were found in the early time of the stone age. While the lockets came with the improvisation of pendants, by having a tiny space inside.
  3. Pendants are usually light-weighted as well as heavy depending upon the material used. Lockets are usually heavy, as they are made of precious metals.
  4. Lockets are gifted more on some special days or occasions to loved ones. Whereas pendants are also gifted to loved ones on some special occasions, but the lockets hold the first place.
  5. Pendants come in various forms and designs which are loved by everyone. But the lockets never go out of trend and come is great forms, as they stay special always.
Difference Between Pendant and Locket


So, from the above information, it is clear that ‘Pendant’ and ‘Locket’ are two different ornaments that might look similar.

Therefore, a Pendant is a hanging ornament worn along with a chain or a bracelet or an earring, that does not have any space inside it,

and a Locket is also a hanging ornament that is worn along with a chain or a bracelet, that has some space inside it to store a picture or ting object inside it. 

Both ‘Pendants’ and ‘Lockets’ stand in the favorite list of the people, as the dedication, workmanship, creativity, exclusiveness make them extra special and loved, hence making them expensive.

People choose them as presents to give to their loved ones on special occasions, as they really hold a great sentimental value.

Also, some of the precious pendants and lockets from history are passed on to the next generations of the family as a tradition and observed to be valuable.

While some of the ancient pendants and lockets that hold a great value are displayed in the museum for the public to witness.


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