Difference Between Pendant and Chandelier

A pendant and chandelier are considered to be the same terms when both of these are used as lightning equipment. However, both these terms are different in meanings and are always used in different contexts.

A pendant is more associated with the jewelry industry and is usually worn by females. On the other hand, a chandelier represents light or a bunch of several lights integrated.

Pendant vs Chandelier

The main difference between a pendant and a chandelier is that a pendant is a piece of jewelry that is commonly worn by ladies on special occasions and instances. Whereas, a chandelier is a collection of lights that are suspended downwards from the ceiling of a room. A chandelier is often considered to be a fancy light, and its main objective is to enhance the beauty of the room instead of brightening it.

Pendant vs Chandelier

A pendant in a general sense represents anything that is suspended downwards and is hanged through its neck.

Upon observation, one can easily see that there are only two things that are suspended downwards, which are, all the types of jewelry pieces that hang in the neck through a chain, which could be both metallic and non-metallic.

The primary purpose of a pendant is to enhance the beauty of the individual possessing it. A chandelier is a large group of lights, often installed in the living room of a house, where more and more guests or outsiders arrive.

The primary purpose of a chandelier is to enhance the beauty of the room in which it is installed.

Further, in the chandelier, there are several smaller as well as larger lights that are adeptly integrated so that they all function at the same time.

The total amount of light emitted by a chandelier (considering the number of lights it possesses) is not that great and is mostly used strictly for decorative purposes.

Comparison Table Between Pendant and Chandelier

Parameters of ComparisonPendantChandelier
MeaningA pendant is a jewelry piece, which is often woven into a metallic or non-metallic chain so that it can be worn on the neckA chandelier is a large decorative light, which is made up of several smaller lights.
Primary usersThe primary users of a pendant are the females, who mostly prefer to wear:
1) Special pendants on occasions of marriages, parties, ceremonies, and other functions
2) Routine pendants in daily life so that their neck does not look empty
There are several primary users of a chandelier, such as bar owners, hotel owners, restaurant owners, and typical household families.
ObjectiveIt enhances the beauty of the person, who has worn a pendant.It enhances the beauty of the room in which a chandelier is installed.
MaterialA pendant is usually made of precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. However, it is not a necessary condition, and anything made of copper, aluminum, etc. will also be termed as a pendant, as long as it remains suspended via a chain. A chandelier is commonly made up of colored glasses, which are installed at different angles and locations so that the overall chandelier looks beautiful and decorative.
Less commonly used meaningsA pendant represents anything that is suspended and looks downwards. A light when installed in a room that hangs from a ceiling, is also sometimes referred to as a pendant. A chandelier is a term that has been mentioned in the Christian holy book, The Bible. When used in that context, a chandelier represents heaven.

What is Pendant?

A pendant is anything that is hanging downwards through a chain. This act of hanging, allows a pendant to oscillate like a pendulum as well when its chain is transformed into a single line.

The term “pendant” is most commonly used in the jewelry industry, wherein females, usually prefer to wear a pendant (made up of gold, silver, platinum copper, etc.) via a chain. On the top of the pendant, usually, there is a hook, which holds the chain, with which a pendant is hanging.

This chain can be metallic, as well as non-metallic. However, commonly, this chain is also made up of precious metals, so as to provide a rich experience.

What is Chandelier?

A chandelier is a term, which is completely different from the pendant. It represents a collection of lights, which function together in tandem.

The size of a chandelier is directly proportional to the number of lights installed in a chandelier. The higher the number of lights, the bigger would be the size of the chandelier and vice versa.

Further, the lights installed in a chandelier are always covered using colored glasses, which have the ability to reflect light at different angles and emit different colors.

A chandelier is commonly used as a decorative light and is installed in the living room of a house, which attends most of the guesses.

The net light emitted by a chandelier is usually not enough to perform tasks related to reading/writing and must be accompanied by a stronger light, such as a tube light or bulb.

Main Differences Between Pendant and Chandelier

  1. A pendant is a jewelry item, which is mostly worn by females using a chain. Whereas, a chandelier is a large collection of lights commonly installed in the living room of a house.
  2. A pendant enhances the beauty of the person who wears it. Whereas, a chandelier, enhances the beauty of the living room or any other room in which it is installed.
  3. A pendant is suspended using a chain, which could be both metallic and non-metallic. Whereas, a chandelier is strongly attached to the ceiling of the room using different industrial methods.
  4. A pendant is always lighter in weight and smaller in size as compared to a chandelier, which is big and heavy in weight.
  5. A pendant is commonly made up of precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. Whereas, a chandelier is made of several lights and colored glasses.


Both pendants and chandeliers are different terms and have different meanings attached to them. Since both hang downwards, some less knowledgeable people think of both these terms to be similar to each other.

However, a pendant is a jewelry item and is worn by females, whereas a chandelier is a big decorative light, affixed at the ceiling of a living room.

Further, a pendant is always a small and light item, which is carried by females in their necks. On the other hand, a chandelier is always very heavy and has the ability to cause human death, if it falls over them.


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