Difference Between Bomber Jacket and Varsity Jacket

If we had a nickel for every instance one of our customers used the phrases bomber and varsity simultaneously, we’d be rich. Sure, they’re both kickass coats that keep you warmer AND fashionable, but it’s an honest error.


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The bomber and varsity are still the two hottest versions. They’re adaptable, one-of-a-kind, and edgy without looking out of style.

Bomber Jacket Vs Varsity Jacket

The difference between bomber jacket and varsity jacket is that Bomber jackets are usually one solid color all the way through. A little stylizing ribbon will appear in the neckline, cuffs, or waistline of bomber jackets, although this is not the classic look. Whereas Varsity jackets feature a button fastening, distinct colored sleeves, and patterns on the collar, cufflinks, and waistline. A sleeve-colored line will be included on the varsity garment.

Bomber Jacket Vs Varsity Jacket

Bomber jackets are nearly fully marketed, having little utility in combat settings as they once did.

Throughout the twentieth century, they were especially crucial for flyers, but flight coats began to take precedence in the mid-1900s and gradually gained supremacy as aircraft technology advanced.

The MA-1 was created as a lighter substitute to the traditional bulky leather variants. MA-1s were hot, moisture and fire-resistant, and thin, thanks to its improved nylon fabric.

Middle school soccer and professional athletes are the most likely to wear varsity jackets. They’ve come to symbolize an antique, attractive appearance over time.

Despite this, several institutions and schools continue to provide these coats to their athletes. There are a lot of minor colleges with a few activities clubs.

Varsity jackets are thick, with numerous layers of cotton and leather. This implies that they would be quite hot.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBomber JacketVarsity Jacket
OriginDeveloped specifically for military pilots.High school and college students wear them to show their school and team spirit.
MaterialKnit lace, armbands, and waistband. Nylon exterior, rayon interlinings.Leather cuffs, a knotted collar, wristbands, and drawstrings, all made of dried wool.
DesignJuniper green or indigo blue with flaming orange decorative stitching is the most common color combination.Velcro closure, with a large letter to identify the institution or company on the upper side.
More CreativityOn the left sleeve, there is a buttoned pocket with biro clips and a zipper closing.The center and wrists of a jacket are common in various colors.
Appearance in PublicIt’s designed for military members, who are expected to seem as identical as feasible.This is done to make the fashionistas stand out from the crowd.

What is Bomber Jacket?

The bomber jacket may have gotten its moniker from its first appearance as an element of the army costume.

According to history, the first bomber jackets were originally donned by flight crews amid World Wars I and II, therefore the term was inspired by realistic characteristics of the time.

Although the Bomber Jacket was originally designed for the armed services, it soon found its way into civilian closets.

A bomber jacket is a type of small or waist-length apparel with a ribbed waistline and sleeves that correspond. It usually features four practical pouches on the flanks and top, as well as a zippered entrance.

Bomber Jackets have evolved to include either a flat circular neck that matches the waistline or a shirt lapel that is either simple or has a Lambskin leather inside.

Bomber jackets first appeared around World War I, when the majority of warplanes had an insulated cockpit and the demand for robust, insulated jackets was strong.

The US Army and the Aerospace Clothing Organization created this jacket as an element of the clothing for its only purpose of utility.

Bomber Jackets can be dressed with almost anything, demonstrating their genuine flexibility. Contingent on where you’re heading, bomber jacket types allow you to glam up or downplay your appearance.

What is Varsity Jacket?

Varsity is a small jacket with wings that are generally a different color than the rest of the jacket, an elasticated collar, fasteners, and a symbol or number around the heart on the bosom.

Varsity jackets are a type of varsity sweater that is a bit unusual from the usual, except for the insignia of the university. The notion of stitching a huge letter on the jersey sweaters of exceptionally notable players dates back to 1865.

The initial varsity was a densely knit cardigan worn as a costume by players rather than a jacket. As the design gained prominence, athletes began looking for stuff a little more durable, and the varsity jacket was produced in the 1930s.

The varsity jacket, with its woolen core, distinctive cowhide sleeves, and, obviously, a conspicuous and dignified letter on the left, established a sign of dominance at one’s institution.

A button fastening is one of the most distinguishing features of a genuine varsity jacket. Oddly, they utilize buttons, considering because the zipper was invented years earlier varsity jackets were fashionable in the 1950s.

The varsity jacket has traditionally permitted for a lot of customization, and that can be observed today with manufacturers experimenting with fabrics and colors to produce a jacket for just about everyone.

Main Differences Between Bomber Jacket and Varsity Jacket

  1. Bomber jacket is initially designed for air force pilots. In varsity jackets, university students utilize them to demonstrate their institution and collaborative environment.
  2. Bomber jacket is created for service veterans, who are encouraged to seem as related as feasible. Whereas varsity jacket is accomplished to make the wearers stand out from the pack.
  3. In the bomber jacket, the left forearm consists of a pleated space with sharpie clips and a zipper latch. Whereas in a varsity jacket, the fabric and wings of a jacket are frequently of vivid shades.
  4. In the Bomber jacket, there are knit collars, armbands, and midsection. Nylon casing, viscose interlinings. Whereas in a varsity jacket, there are suede cuffs, a braided collar, wristbands, and straps, all composed of simmered wool.
  5. Lush emerald or nighttime blue with blazing orange nylon webbing is the most prevalent color pairing included in the Bomber jacket. Whereas varsity jacket includes Tab closure, with a standard letter to symbolize the academy or logo on the shoulder blade.
Difference Between Bomber Jacket and Varsity Jacket


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