Bomber Jacket vs Leather Jacket: Difference and Comparison

Jackets are an essential piece of our wardrobe. The main function of jackets is to impart style as well as protect from cold.

It is also used as a layering item. Two main types of jackets that are a must in the wardrobe are – a bomber jacket and a leather jacket.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bomber jackets have a waist-length cut, ribbed cuffs and hem, and a zippered front, while leather jackets come in various styles and may have different features.
  2. Bomber jackets were initially designed for military pilots, whereas various groups have worn leather jackets for functional and fashionable purposes.
  3. Leather jackets are made from animal hides, while bomber jackets can be made from various materials, including leather.

Bomber Jacket vs Leather Jacket

A Bomber Jacket is a casual street-style jacket that is traditionally short outerwear having a gathered, ribbed waistband and matching cuffs. It is either made from leather or other synthetic materials like nylon. A leather jacket is a classic type of jacket made from leather.

Bomber Jacket vs Leather Jacket

The bomber jacket belongs to the casual street style jacket that cannot be worn in professional settings. The bomber jacket is styled in true fitting as well as baggy style.

The origin of bomber jackets is from the creation of jackets for pilots. Those jackets were known as flight jackets and later got incorporated into the regular trend and fashion of jackets.

On the other hand, leather jackets belong to the classic type of jackets and are a staple of the urban culture. The jacket symbolizes allegiance with a certain community of the wearer.

They’re not worn in baggy styles and transmit a class and confidence through the outfit. The origin of leather jackets is from the members of the military in the early 1900s.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBomber JacketLeather Jacket
Type of jacket Casual and streetwear type of jacketClassic type of jacket
Comfort More comfortable Comparatively less comfortable
Look Imparts a sporty look Imparts a luxurious look
Sizes It can be worn baggy as well as tight-fitting It is worn tight-fitting to give a polished look to the entire outfit
Occasion Can be worn in semi-formal or casual settings Can be worn in formal and professional settings as well

What is Bomber Jacket?

The bomber jacket is a casual wear jacket. The bomber jacket was a creation for professional pilots which later became a part of popular apparel and culture style.

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The bomber jacket was initially known as a flight jacket. It is also known as the ”Letterman jacket”.

The origin of the bomber jacket has also been in association with military clothing. Later it trickled down into other subcultures.

Bomber jacket as punk has made its way into trendy high fashion. The bomber jacket which was used in the military was very versatile with its functionality as the jacket was very lightweight and kept the aircrews equally warm.

The appearance of the bomber jacket in Europe was mainly during the 1950s and 1960s. The popularity of the bomber jacket is still maintained as it is a part of the “Kanye effect”.

B- 15, a type of bomber jacket had a fur collar attached to the jacket. Cotton was later replaced by nylon in the year 1947.

The reason for the replacement of cotton was that nylon was water-resistant and could keep the preparation out and hence was more suitable in the jacket.

The jacket is a part of the streetwear subculture and grunge.

The popularisation of bomber jackets was mainly by European Air Forces. The influence of American fashion took over Japan also after the Second World War.

In the year 1951, VAN was established by Kensuke Ishizu, Which replaced the Japanese youth culture with stylish clothing. The bomber jacket became a popular piece of clothing during the 20th century.

bomber jacket 1

What is Leather Jacket?

A leather jacket is a coat which is of jacket length and worn over other clothes. the leather jacket is made from various animals using their tanned hide.

Most of the leathers are dyed black and some are even dyed in diverse shades of brown. It is available in other shades of colors also.

The origin of leather jackets was in the year 1900 from the members of the military and aviators. Leather jackets are insulated and are known for their warmth.

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The style of leather jacket is most common in bikers, greasers, mobsters, motorcyclists, musicians, metalheads, punks, rivetheads, and goths.

The mass production of leather jackets is mainly done in India, the United States, Pakistan, Mexico, and Canada. Most of the countries use the heights which are leftover from the industry of meat.

Alternative animal hide includes fabrics that can simulate leather-like PVC or Polyurethane. The use of alternative is mainly for users who are vegan or want an affordable alternative.

The most common types of animal heights that are used in the manufacture of leather jackets are buckskin, horsehide, antelope, sheepskin, cowhide, and even goatskin.

After the skin is removed from the animal, it is taken for refrigeration saltation and then is packed in barrels of brine. Then it is sent to canary to undergo a series of processes for softening and preservation.

leather jacket

Main Differences Between Bomber Jacket and Leather Jacket

  1. Bomber jacket is made from leather or other synthetic materials like nylon while the leather jacket is made from leather.
  2. Bomber jackets have elastic cuffs and waistband which is ribbed while leather jackets do not have any ribbed elastic caps or waistband.
  3. Bomber jackets are shorter in length while leather jackets are available in a wide variety of lengths.
  4. Bomber jackets do not have numerous zippers while leather jackets can have numerous zippers.
  5. Bomber jackets are available in five major styles while leather jackets are available in diverse styles, lengths, and designs.
Difference Between Bomber Jacket and Leather Jacket

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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