Difference Between Rebonding and Permanent Straightening

There are many hair treatments available in the market. Many people get confused about which hair treatment would be best for their hair type.

The treatments are done according to nature, length, and hair type. Rebonding and permanent straightening are the types of hair treatments done widely.

Both are treated with certain chemicals.

Rebonding vs Permanent Straightening

The main difference between Rebonding and Permanent straightening is that Rebonding includes three times ironing in the procedure. On the other hand, permanent straightening includes two times ironing of hair in the treatment. Rebonding is a 100% straightening treatment, whereas Permanent straightening is a 90-95% straightening treatment.

Rebonding vs Permanent Straightening

Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that involves substances that damages the hair. The chemical breaks the natural bonds of the hair. This treatment gives an artificial look.

One can easily identify the rebonding of the hair due to the poker-straight look. It makes all the hairs 100% straight, and this treatment lasts for around one year.

Permanent straightening is a chemical hair treatment. It too involves some substances that damage the hair. It makes around 90-95% of the hair straight.

The treatment lasts for up to 7-8 months. Curly and frizzy hair types may have a lesser duration of this treatment.

It requires two times of ironing during the procedure. Keratin is applied to the hairs followed by a chemical in this treatment.

Comparison Table Between Rebonding and Permanent Straightening

Parameters of Comparison Rebonding StraighteningPermanent Straightening
Definition Rebonding is a straightening process that involves chemical procedures like relaxants, keratin, and neutralizer. Permanent straightening is a straightening process that involves keratin followed by a chemical.
Ironing timeThree times Two times
Straightening percentage 100%90-95%
Stays up to Approximately 12 months (depends on the hair type and condition) Approximately 7-8 months (depends on the hair type and condition)
LookArtificial lookNatural look

What is Rebonding?

Rebonding is also known as chemical straightening, which involves synthetic chemicals making hairs straight and smooth appearance.

In this treatment, the natural bonds of the hairs are broken, making them straight.

Then, chemicals rebuild the bonds between the hair and completely change the hair type. It gives a 100% result.

This treatment requires a lot of care than normal hair. The procedure involves three times of ironing along with applying chemicals.

It needs extra care and products to make it less damaged. Always choose an expert person for rebonding treatment.

Treating your hair chemically over and over again may lead to health issues like cancer.

The procedure involves the use of relaxants, keratin, and neutralizer. The chemicals usually used contain formaldehyde.

Even if any product claims formaldehyde-free, it contains ethylene glycol that is functioned similarly.

It works by breaking the hydrogen linkages between the hair strands and rebonding them to straight alignment.

Rebonding may not work on already damaged, colored, heat-treated and bleached hairs. Some of the disadvantages of the rebonding treatment are:

  1. The risk of hair damage and dryness are the drawbacks of hair rebonding. 
  2. Frequent use of chemical straightening may affect the hormones. 
  3. Depression of regrowth.

What is Permanent Straightening?

Permanent straightening is a chemical hair treatment that helps to straighten the hairs. This method easily lasts up to 6-7 months.

It gives 90-95% straight hairs. The procedure involves two times of ironing along with applying chemicals.

The procedure involves washing, drying, keratin, chemical, blow drying of the hair. The treatment completes in a few years.

Permanent straightening is a safer method as compared to the rebonding treatment. Hair breakage is a common side effect in this treatment.

Curly, frizzy, and wavy hair types mostly prefer permanent straightening. Chemicals damage the natural texture of the hair.

The treatment lasts up to when new hair grows out.

The process will continue until new hair grows. The new hair will be of the same type as the old hair.

So, if your hair was previously incredibly wavy, there’s a good possibility you’ll have a similar result now.

However, the ingredients used in this method are much harsher than those used in keratin since it chemically modifies your hair to be straight by disrupting the natural links of your hair and restoring it to give it a straight appearance.

The major disadvantages of Permanent straightening are:

  1. Drying, breakage, and frizziness are the common side effects of permanent straightening. 
  2. After a certain period, hairs become fragile, dull and an immense hair fall is noticed. 
  3. The hair texture is altered permanently and cannot refix again. 

Main Differences Between Rebonding and Permanent Straightening

  1. Rebonding treatment involves three times ironing, whereas permanent straightening involves two times ironing.  
  2. Rebonding is a 100% straightening solution, while permanent straightening is a 90-95% straightening solution. 
  3. The rebonding treatment gives an artificial look, whereas permanent straightening gives a comparatively natural look. 
  4. The treatment lasts for up to 1 year with the rebonding treatment, while the treatment for permanent straightening lasts for 7-8 months. (Exception- depends on the hair type). 
  5. All the hairs, every strand is straightened in the rebonding treatment. Some of the strands of hair may not be completely straight in permanent straightening.
Difference Between Rebonding and Permanent Straightening


Nowadays, straightening is a common step used to make hairs look manageable, straight, glossy, and beautiful.

Chemically treated hair is more likely to be damaged, which could have a long-term influence on your hair’s health.

While you may be familiar with salon procedures such as rebonding and at-home methods such as straightening with a blow dryer, there are a few additional options you should be aware of.

There is a minor difference between both techniques, so individuals are frequently perplexed when deciding which is best for their hair.

However, keratin hair straighteners and curlers can be used for temporary changes. These are less harmful and give you the texture you want.

The texture of the new hair growth is always the same, so you’ll need to retouch it to keep it straight. As a result, these treatments are only effective from 7 to 12 months.


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