Difference Between Fur and Leather

Fur and leather both have extensive use in the clothing industry. Both are popular materials but come with the killing of innocent animals. These luxury items come at the cost of lives. Both come from different parts of the body and has varying making process. The quality of the two materials is different as well.


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Fur vs Leather

The difference between Fur and leather is that Fur is the hair of the animal, and leather is the skin of the animal. Fur as we no are a very soft material but leather is a strong, tough and last longing material. This durability causes because of the various chemicals that get used in the tanning process.

Rocks vs Fur vs Leather

Fur is the thick hair on some animals’ bodies. This Fur gets used in making fur coats which also gets called Fur. In order to make Fur, animals have to go through barbaric torture. Fur is very soft, and it has a special place in the fashion industry.

Leather is as much unethical as Fur as it costs the life of the animal. They get killed, and then their skin gets ripped off and goes through chemical tanning to ultimately produce this durable, strong material for clothing as well as other industries.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFurLeather
Definition The fur comes from the hair of the animals.Leather comes from the skin of the animals.
MaterialThe fur is soft material.Leather is tough.
Used inFur mostly gets used in the clothing industry.The use of leather is shared by many industries apart from clothing, such as sports equipment, furniture and different tools.
Used animalsMinks, rabbits, sheep fox and many other furry animals get exploited for their fur. Animals that possess tough and thick skin, such as cattle, crocodiles, pigs, pythons, ox and many other gets used.
CrueltyCollecting the fur of the animal does not necessarily kill the animal.The process of collecting leather comes in exchange for the innocent life of the animal.

What is Fur?

Many mammals grow thick hair over their body. This thick hair is called Fur. Fur has multiple usages. The underneath Fur has the purpose of keeping the animals warm, and the surface fur is designed to keep moisture such as water and snow out of the skin. Fur serves the same purpose to the animals as a blanket does to humans.

Nature has created its creatures so skillfully that every body part of it serves for the better. The Fur protects animals from harsh weather as well as help to camouflage from other perils.

But humans have always extended their limits and have gone against nature. We take away this shelter from the animals and use it to fulfil our luxury. The Fur of various animals gets used to design our clothes, coats and bags. Clothes made from the Fur of animals is also called Fur. Animal hair is mainly gets used in the fashion industry. It is a cruel practice. Even though animals do not lose their lives in this process, they get treated very poorly and inhumanly. The removal of Fur is not is done skillfully. The death of the animal during this process is not very rare.

What is Leather?

Leather is a strong material that is durable. It comes from the skin of animals. This process is cruel and brutal as the animals get killed in order to produce leather. The skin of the animal goes through the tanning process to make it into leather. This tanning process eliminates the properties that cause the skin to decay.

The production of leather has always faced criticism as it is not only the brutal killing of the animals but also causes great harm to the environment. The chemicals used in the tanning process cause great damage to the earth and the health of its people. The process of producing leather requires gallons of water, and this procedure releases a great number of toxic elements that deteriorate the quality of the soil.

Unlike Fur, the use of leather is not only restricted in the fashion or clothing industry. Leather produces a vast range of products varying from sports equipment to furniture to various tools and even footwear.

Main Differences Between Fur and Leather

  1. The Fur comes from the hair of the animals, whereas leather comes from the skin of the animal.
  2. Fur is a very soft material, but leather is completely the opposite. It is very tough and lasts long.
  3. Fur mainly gets used in the making of clothes, but leather has a variety of products to offer besides clothes.
  4. Fur does not cause the life of the animals in most cases, but in order to collect the skin of the animal for making leather, the animal has to get killed.
  5. The process of making Fur does not cause any pollution, but the making of leather causes a great deal of pollution and decay of nature.
Difference Between Fur and Leather


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