Difference Between Hip Hop and Punk

The world revolves around music. Some use it for relaxing whereas for others it is a coping mechanism. Hip hop and punk have gained huge popularity over the years because of the upbeats and the relaxation they give. Most of the songs in these genres have a message to the society that is either trending or prevalent. 


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Hip Hop vs Punk

The difference between hip hop and punk is in the instruments they use to make music. Hip hop music generally use instruments like drums and synthesisers which are more upbeat whereas punk music uses instruments like electric guitars and bass drums which are more edgy, fast and catching to the ears.

Hip Hop vs Punk

Hip hop is a style of music that became more famous in the 1970s and gained popularity due to the upbeats. Traditionally the music is said to be done on the instruments like the synthesisers, guitar and drum and they usually stand for a cause. It is initiated with a 4/4 beating.

Punk is another style of music that gained popularity in the 1970s due to the cause it was sung for. The punks are more violent and are said to be on the themes that are not expressed freely. Punk music also gained popularity in the U.K. and Australia along with the U.S. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHip Hop Punk
Instruments usedSynthesisers and drums are used for composing the music.It uses instruments like an electric guitar, bass drum for the background music.
Themes They are based on a social cause and sometimes they don’t have a cause.They are always based on a social cause and more violent because they are topics that are prevalent in society.
PopularityHip hop was started in New York and was popular in the U.S.Unlike hip hop, it also gained popularity in the U.K as well as Australia alongside the United States.
Style Hip hop music has an upbeat style to catch the eyes of people.Punk music has an edgy and fast style of music because the music is violent.
Speciality They generally start with 4/4 beatings and usually cover rap, beatboxing, freestyling, etc.They wear clothes that are very distant and deviate from the social norms.

What is Hip Hop?

Hip hop is a style of music that is popular all over the world now. Hip hop started in the Big Apple situated in New York in the 1970s. The style gained popularity all over the world now but back then was only famous in the U.S.  

Generally, the music of hip hop is generated by the use of very few instruments like the synthesiser, drums, etc that give a piece of upbeat music. Although the music is upbeat, it is not violent and it is generally easy to hear and understand. The lyrics have a theme that is generally political and for the better understanding of perspectives of society.

Rap and hip hop are often used as synonyms of each other but in reality, they hold a different meaning. Rap is a part of the hip hop culture which includes many other sub-divisions. In today’s scenario, they are used interchangeably. Hip hop is a huge class that consists of all the styles like freestyle, rap, loop, scratches and even beatbox. 

Hip hop is generally sung in a capella style and often starts with a 4/4 beating. The theme of the song is represented by the chants, rhymes, wordplay and verses. Hip hop songs sometimes don’t have a theme and are mere wordplay attached to upbeat music for enjoyment

What is Punk?

Punk often called Punk Rock is a famous form of music that gained in its popularity along with hip hop in the 1970s. The style started in the U.S but also gained early popularity in the U.K and Australia due to the theme it promoted and is now popular worldwide,

The music is composed on the instruments like the electric guitar, a bass drum which provides a base to the music. The music generally has a political theme but is more violent as the political cause is less spoken or not spoken about. They are anti-authoritarianism. The music is more edgy and fast as they need to make a difference.

Punk is often referred to as anti-social by some people because of the words that are used sometimes to represent the theme they are implying on. A survey also showed that people criticize this form of music because they think this causes a negative impact on the mental health of the people and also affect theirs thought process. 

The artist who creates punk music generally wear clothes that are not socially accepted or publicly not worn to represent the violent nature of the songs as well as deviate from the social mandates. This is to prove their point against authoritarianism.

Main Differences Between Hip Hop and Punk 

  1. Hip hop and punk use different instruments for the creation of the music. Hip hop uses synthesisers and drums whereas punk style uses an electric guitar and a bass drum.
  2. Hip hop and punk are made on social causes but sometimes hip hop is not due to a cause and punk is more violent.
  3. Hip hop was more popular in the U.S in the starting whereas punk gained popularity in the U.K and Australia along with the U.S at the same time.
  4. Hip hop has a more upbeat style which is more eye-catchy due to the rhyme, wordplay, etc. whereas punk is more edgy and fast because the theme is more violent.
  5. Hip hop generally starts with 4/4 beatings and usually cover rap, beatboxing, freestyling, etc. whereas punk artists wear clothes that are very distant and deviate from the social norms.
Difference Between Hip Hop and Punk


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