Difference Between HP Z27 and Dell U2720Q

In the computer world, hundreds of brands have been available in recent years. HP and DELL have a separate place among the people for their quality products.


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But only comparison will give you a better choice, for choosing the best. People are obsessed with electronic gadgets in this 21st century.

HP Z27 vs Dell U2720Q

The difference between HP Z27 and Dell U2720Q is their finishing style. The HP is finished by a matte coating, whereas the Dell is finished by an anti-reflective coating. The HP has no hardness rating but Dell has3H hardness ratings. The HP has a 533.23 MHz clock frequency, but the Dell has no clock frequency. The HP has 14ms of response time, and the Dell has 8 to 5 ms of response time. The HP has 30,000 hours of backlight lifespan, and Dell has no backlight options.

HP Z27 vs Dell U2720Q

The HP stands for Hewlett-Packard. It is a Hewlett-Packard company.

HP is a public company providing IT services and producing computer hardware. HP was founded in 1939 on July 2 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard.

HP Z27 is a 4K UHD display model developed by HP. The HP Z27 has an IPS with an LED backlight.

It is a 27-inch display screen with clear quality. The active panel is in HP Z27 is 59.67 x 33.56 cm.

The aspect ratio of the screen of HP Z27 is 16:9. Dell is a multinational company providing producing computer hardware.

Personal computers, Servers, Peripherals, Smartphones, and Televisions are some products by Dell. The headquarters of Dell is located in Texas.

Dell U2720Q is a 4k USB-C monitor. It is a 27 inches ultra sharp 4k resolution model.

It has a wide color coverage which gives you a better experience.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonHP Z27Dell U2720Q
Maximum power consumptionHP consumes 180WDell consumes 200W
USB power deliveryThe USB power delivery in HP is 65WThe USB power delivery in Dell is 90W
Operating TemperatureThe operating temperature of HP is 5 to 35°CThe operating temperature of Dell is 0 to 40°C
Operating HumidityThe Operating humidity in HP is 20 to 80%The Operating humidity in Dell is 10 to 80%
Height adjustmentThe height adjustment in HP is 150 mmThe height adjustment in Dell is 130 mm

What is HPZ27?

The HP Z27 is a new model of monitor developed by HP. The name itself shows that it is a 27 inches 4k Uhd screen monitor.

The entire display size is viewable image is in HP Z27. Since it has 4k resolution, in hertz the resolution of HP Z27 is 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz and it is also the native resolution.

The HP Z27 has two types of viewing angles. One is verticle with 178 degrees, and another is horizontal with 178 degrees.

The typical brightness of the HP Z27 is 350 cd/m2. The response time of HP Z27 is 8ms.

The HP Z27 has two types of contrast ratios. They are static and dynamic.

The static ratio is 1300:1, and the dynamic ratio is 5,000,000:1. It has 0.1554 x 0.1554 mm of pixel pitch.

It has a panel bit depth of 10, which means 8+2 in the back.

The default color temperature in HP Z27 is sRGB D65. It has two types of scan ranges. They are horizontal and vertical scan range.

The horizontal scan range is up to 135 kHz. The vertical scan range is up to 60 Hz.

The HP Z27 comes with low light modes and anti-glare options, which give a better user experience. The picture in picture(PIP) and picture by picture(PBP) are the two unique features available in HP Z27.

It has three user assignable control buttons. HP Z27 supports ten languages. Brightness, Contrast, Color Control, Image Control, Power Control, Menu Control, Management, Language, Information, and Exit are controlled by On-screen display(OSD).

What is Dell U2720Q?

The Dell U2720Q is an ultra sharp model monitor developed by Dell. The color range in Dell U2720Q is unique when compared to other models.

It has 95% DCI-P3 wide color coverage. Compared to sRGB, the DCI-P3 cover 25% more colors. The Dell U2720Q model also offers 99% sRGB and 99% Rec 709 color coverage.

These make it unique from others. It has 1.07 billion colors, which give excellent brightness features.

The Dell U2720Q has 4K UHD (3840 X 2160) resolution with a high pixel density of 163ppi. It gives you four times more details when compared to Full HD.

Around 99% of your monitor is calibrated with sRGB to give accuracy. By using USB-C, it provides the highest power of delivery up to 90w.

It makes your laptop keep charging without any interruption. Using a single cable can transmit the power of both audio ad video.

It is easy to carry anywhere at any time. You can easily organize the desktop by Dell Display Manager(DDM).

Using DDM you can view the applications quickly. It gives the experience of multitasking.

When you left off and forget where you left off, don’t worry, Dell will help to find where you left off with its auto restore feature. Dell comes with more number short keys to make your work easy-peasy.

It can configure multiple monitors by a single setup. It supports multiple operating systems to expand productivity.

Main Differences Between HP Z27 and Dell U2720Q

  1. The HP provides a maximum rotation of 90°, and the Dell provides a maximum rotation of 180°.
  2. The weight of HP with stand is 9.38 kg, and the weight of dell with stand is 6.60 kg.
  3. The HP supports ten languages, whereas the Dell supports only eight languages.
  4. The HP does not have flicker-free technology, but Dell comes with flicker-free technology.
  5. The HP Z27 model was released in 2018, whereas the Dell U2720Q was released in 2020.


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