Shaving Soap vs Cream: Difference and Comparison

Shaving soap and shaving cream are two different items for men to use for shaving. These items are used as a lubricant when men cut or trim their beards.

These two items are both used for shaving but have very different qualities and so are used differently.

Key Takeaways

  1. Shaving soap requires a brush and water to create a lather, while shaving cream can be applied directly to the skin.
  2. Shaving soap lasts longer and produces a denser lather, offering better protection and glide.
  3. Shaving cream is easier and faster to use, making it more convenient for daily shaving routines.

Shaving Soap vs Cream

Shaving soap is a solid soap that is packaged in a puck or a stick. It’s made from ingredients that help to create a rich and creamy lather when mixed with water. Shaving cream is a light that comes in a tube or a jar. It is made with glycerin, which helps to create a smooth and slick lather.

Shaving Soap vs Cream

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Shaving soap is hand soap that is used before shaving to sthe hair on the face. Shaving soap requires some water to start and it takes some time to produce lather.

And there is some work with shaving soaps and so it will take some time for beginners to get used to the technique.

Shaving cream is easier to use and it produces lather instantly. Any type of brush will go easily with shaving creams and it wouldn’t require extra water.

Shaving creams come in with different scents. It is made of an emulsion of oils, surfactants, and water.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonShaving SoapShaving Cream
DefinitionShaving soap is a hard soap used with a shaving brush to produce lather.Shaving cream is a liquid, a cream that provides lubrication for shaving.
Main IngredientAnimal fats, fatty acids, saponification agents, Tallow, and sometimes coconut oil is also used.Aerosol, water and glycerol, emulsifiers, surfactants, foaming agents, etc.
UseIt is used to produce lather and coat the face before cutting off facial hair.It is used to sthe hair on the face before cutting them.
TypesThere are no types.The types of shaving creams are shaving foam, brushless shaving cream and, lather shaving cream.
TimeThe technique to use shaving soap is more time-consuming.Shaving cream is easy to use ad is not much time-consuming.

What is Shaving Soap?

Shaving soap is a soap used before shaving to sthe hair on the face. These hard soaps are used with a shaving brush to produce a dense lather.

Water is added with the soap to make it lather and apply to the face. This lather softens the hair and makes it easy and non-painful to cut them off the face.

Like any other soap, shaving soap comes in the shape of a disc or bar. Shaving soaps have been in use since the 19th century.

shaving soaps produce very smooth, rich, and dense lather which gives a comfortable shave though the technique to use it may require a bit of practice.

Shaving soaps of different scents in different shapes and sizes are available in the market.

Various brands make shaving soaps and the cost varies because of the ingredients used to make the soap.

The main ingredients are fatty acids like stearic acid, surfactants, saponification agents like sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, etc. are used.

Tallow, a melted form of beef fat is also used sometimes, as well as some oils like coconut oil.

Some of the best shaving soap brands are Mitchell’s Wool Fat, D.R. Harris, Arko, Czech and Speake, Taylor of old bond street, etc.

shaving soap

What is Shaving Cream?

Shaving cream comes as a liquid, more like in the form of cream. It is used to provide lubrication in shaving preparation.

Shaving creams are used to sfacial hair using cream to produce lather or foam by using a shaving brush. Shaving creams are not much time-consuming and they are easy to use therefore, they are perfect for beginners.

Shaving creams are made of emulsifiers, surfactants, and water. And so while preparing for shaving with shaving cream, more water addition is not required.

Aerosol, 20-30% of soap, humectants, wetting agents, vegetable waxes, oils, propellents, etc. are also used as ingredients to make shaving creams.

There are three types of shaving creams: Aerosol shaving cream (shaving foam), Non-aerosol shaving cream, and Lather shaving cream.

Non-aerosol shaving cream is also known as brushless or latherless shaving cream because it does not form any lather.

Many brands sell different shaving creams with many types of scents added to them. Shaving creams come in over 100 different types of scents,

and some of the popular ones are sandalwood, lavender, musk, etc. Indeed, some of the best brands of shaving creams are Rocky Mountain Barber Co., Aveeno, Eos Shea, Proraso, Nivea, Vanicream, etc.

shaving cream

Main Differences Between Shaving Soap And Cream

  1. Shaving soap is a hard soap while shaving cream is a cream as the name suggests.
  2. Shaving soap requires water to add to it to produce lather. Shaving cream comes with enough water in it and doesn’t require water addition.
  3. Shaving soap requires more time than shaving cream. Shaving cream is more fast and easy to produce lather.
  4. Shaving soaps come with fewer scent options than shaving creams. Shaving creams come with a variety of scents these days.
  5. Shaving soap is denser. Shaving cream is lighter.
  6. Shaving soaps are preferred over shaving cream while travelling as shaving soap has been approved by the transportation security administration. Also, shaving cream can be confiscated at the airport as it is liquid. and only 100ml liquid items are allowed to carry.
Difference Between Shaving Soap And Cream

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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