Difference Between Sephora VIB and Rouge

Customers who already buy products from Sephora and spend at least a dollar per year are considered as VIB members of Sephora and customers who buy their products from Sephora and spend some dollars greater than then the amount of VIB membership per year are considered as Rogue members.


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Sephora VIB vs Rouge

The difference between Sephora VIB and Rouge is that Sephora VIB members pay a very low price per year to receive a discount throughout the sale period. Rouge members, on the other hand, spend a lot more than VIB members each year, and for that price, they receive huge discounts during the sale period.

Sephora VIB vs Rouge

In the Very Important beauty insider program, customers get chances to buy products with some existing reward, free shipping on products more than the given amount. Get many perks for one year. The membership is automatically canceled but if anyone wants to continue they have to pay the required amount of dollars.

In the Rouge beauty insider program, customers get many perks compared to VIB. It’s all because Rouge members can spend more dollars so they will get. Like extra offer points with free shipping on each product or free unlimited makeover classes in which professions teach them. Rouge membership is valid for 1 year. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSephora VIBRouge
Membership.Sephora VIB members at least spend some dollars per year.Sephora Rouge members at least spend more dollars than VIB per year.
Offer at the sale.Sephora VIB members get discounts off during the phase of the sale.Sephora Rouge members get more discounts than VIB  during the phase of the sale.
Event Benefits.Sephora VIB members get coupons on Events (organized by Sephora) to get 3x points.Sephora Rouge members get coupons on Events(organized by Sephora) to get 4x points.
Free  Shipping benefits.If you are a Sephora VIB member you can get free shipping on orders based on their membership rules.If you are a Sephora Rouge member you will get free shipping on every order you purchase.  
Earning Points.VIB members can earn some points per dollar. Rouge members earn some extra points than VIB members per dollar they spend.

What is Sephora VIB Rouge?

Sephora is an international beauty-personal care brand. Which sells their product all over the world. They feature 3,000+ brands with their private label. They have a collection of products like cosmetics, skincare, haircare, body care, and many more beauty tools.

Sephora was founded by Dominique Mandonnaud in the year of 1970 in Paris, France. In 2007 Sephora organized a Beauty Insider Program for all over the world who purchase Sephora beauty products. In the year of 2009, Sephora launched the Very Important Beauty Insider program.

It’s a great opportunity to become a VIB member because customers get many benefits from that membership. If anyone becomes a Sephora VIB member they’ll reward a gift with makeover certificates with some extra free points which you can apply to get an offer on a product and also get free shipping on shopping of price given or more.

VIB members also get birthday gifts from Sephora. If you spend your money on purchasing the product by Sephora, they will provide offer points per dollar if you are a VIB Sephora member. These points are very essential because by using these points you will get an offer on every product you want to buy.

What is Sephora Rouge?

Sephora is a multinational product brand that sells their product worldwide. Sephora organized a Beauty Insider Program to increase its reach as well as for the benefit of all customers. In that program, they divide membership into three parts.

The first one was the Sephora Insider Program, the second one was Sephora’s Very important Beauty Insider program, and the third one was the Rouge program. All three have their benefits but mostly the more benefits of VIB membership and Rouge membership. Here we are talking about Rouge membership.

To become a Rouge member of Sephora spend a large number of dollars per year then you will be eligible for rouge membership perks. If you are a Rouge member of Sephora you’ll get many perks on your shopping. You will get rewards by earning points on each order. You’ll get a gift when you qualify for your Rouge membership status and also you get a gift from Sephora on your birthday month.

They gift us on our birthday if we are regular customers of Sephora. Rouge members get free shipping on their online shopping for every product in the US and Canada. Rouge members get free access to beauty classes. They’ll earn exclusive shades of existing products.

Main Differences Between Sephora VIB And Rouge

  1. VIB  members will get only one free custom makeover whereas Rouge members get unlimited free custom makeovers.
  2. VIB members will not get any invitations to pass for events whereas Rouge members get invitations to pass for exclusive events.
  3. VIB  gives discounts to those who spend some amount every year(January 1st-December 31st) whereas Rouge members spend a huge sum of money per year(January 1st-December 31st).
  4. Like If you become VIB or Rouge Sephora member in the first month of 2022 you’ll keep the status until the end of 2023 whereas if you become a VIB or Rouge at the end month of 2022 you’ll keep the status until the end of 2023. Means you will get less access.
  5. There are a few differences of offer on each product. If you are a VIB member you’ll get a discount whereas Rouge members get more discounts than (VIB members)  on every product.


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