Difference Between Sephora Brushes and Real Techniques

One of the most important components of a cosmetics kit is the array of brushes that each have their separate applications and can drastically affect the quality of the makeup applied through them.


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Sephora is a brand under Louise Vuitton and Real Techniques is a stand-alone brand. Both are very popular in the make-up world.

Sephora Brushes vs Real Techniques

The difference between Sephora Brushes and Real Techniques is that Sephora is a cosmetic brand that manufactures brushes, palettes, and other make-up products whereas Real Techniques is a brand that makes only make-up brushes and sponges. Additionally, Sephora brushes are a more luxury-oriented brand whereas Real Techniques aims for a wider audience with more affordable options.

Sephora Brushes vs Real Techniques

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Sephora Brushes is a luxury cosmetics brand that was developed and established in France in the year 1970 by Dominique Mandonnaud.

It has since evolved into a global presence and is owned by the Louise Vuitton group which is a very well-known luxury goods manufacturer. Sephora has over 2700 physical stores all over the world.

Real Techniques is a makeup brush brand that was started by Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste in 2011. It is a household name in beauty products now because of its affordable prices and high quality.

Their products are also color-coded for different facial regions that make them attractive and easy to use.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSephora BrushesReal Techniques
Launch DateSephora was launched in 1970 with its first location being in Paris.Real Techniques was founded in 2011 and the company has a bigger online presence than physical.
RetailIt has more than 2700 stores across 35 countries of the world.It has its stores in about 39 countries of the world and is widely available on online retailers.
AffordabilitySephora Brushes are more luxury and professional-oriented therefore being expensive.Real Techniques aims at a regular demographic and that is why they make more affordable products.
ProductsSephora makes all kinds of beauty products like brushes, skincare, and bath products.Real Techniques makes only brushes, sponges, and applicators for cosmetic products.
Awards and HonorsSephora has the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Telly awards and is also rewarded in Human Rights.They have won Consumer’s Choice, Xpose, and Influencer awards.

What is Sephora Brushes?

Sephora is a beauty and cosmetic products manufacturer based in France with over 2700 stores worldwide. It also has an e-commerce website.

Sephora has multiple brands within its umbrella, like Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez and Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. It is a world-renowned brand with a strong grasp of the beauty industry.

Sephora manufactures products like brushes, skincare solutions, bath and bed products, and also hair and fragrance solutions.

A lot of credit is given to Sephora for its high-quality products and its high employment standards and women’s inclusivity. It is also a leader in using technology to create cutting-edge beauty products that are highly specialized.

Sephora Brushes have both synthetic and natural options whereas the natural brushes are made from goat or pony hair that is densely packed together.

They create powder brushes, liquid brushes, and eye brushes all of which are very high quality. Combined with the skin products they have or from any of the 340 Sephora-curated brands, Sephora brushes become really high standard and professional.

Sephora brushes are an excellent choice for consumers looking for dense brushes and the brushes are also offered in all-in-one kits which make it easy to understand the process of makeup and Sephora Brushes also make products for cleaning and maintenance of the brushes.

What is Real Techniques?

Real Techniques is a makeup brush and sponge manufacturing company that was founded by Samantha and Nicole Chapman in 2011.

Real Techniques make affordable products and the Chapman sisters have a massive social media influence fueling their business, on Instagram and Youtube. Real Techniques delivers worldwide and has physical locations in over 39 countries of the world.

Real Techniques makeup brushes are completely cruelty-free and are made up of Taklon synthetic that achieves results as good as animal hair without actually harming animals or being cruel.

Samantha Chapman started the youtube makeup industry by being the first person to create makeup tutorials and then create Real Techniques which is now a global success.

Real Technique brushes are also color-coded where rose gold colored brushes are meant for use on base make-up, the purple handle brushes are for the eyes, and the pink handle brushes are meant for powder work and finishing touches.

The brushes are of very high quality and efficiency as the founders are professionally educated about the art of makeup and cosmetics.

Real Techniques brushes are great choices for people who want reliable and affordable brushes and they also make a lot of tutorials on Youtube which can be followed through Real Techniques’ products.

Main Differences Between Sephora Brushes and Real Techniques

  1. Sephora Brushes were first launched in the early 2000s and therefore have expanded more and developed more than Real Techniques which launched in 2011.
  2. Sephora makes brushes but it is not a brush company, it is a conglomerate of several beauty brands whereas Real Techniques is solely a makeup brush and sponge manufacturing brand.
  3. Sephora Brushes is much more massive than Real Techniques with more physical stores and a greater presence in the makeup and fashion industry.
  4. Sephora Brushes are more luxurious and high-priced than Real Techniques which are cheaper according to the cosmetic industry prices.
  5. Sephora Brushes are made and designed for professional use by actors or professionals whereas the Real Techniques brushes are consumer-oriented and made for use in homes.
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