Sephora Pro Brushes vs MAC Brushes: Difference and Comparison

Makeup brushes are a daily essential for girls. Be it a party, light makeup, or a daily going office wear purpose.

Hence, it is a must-have product. When it comes to makeup lovers, they indeed do a lot of research.

MAC has been owning hearts in the industry for a long time. Sephora is considered just the next best one after MAC.

They have a variety of brushes in various price ranges.

Let us get familiar with the two varieties of brushes in this article. Their properties and differences may help us to find out the suitable one for us.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sephora Pro brushes are exclusive to Sephora stores and focus on high-quality synthetic bristles.
  2. MAC brushes are sold online in MAC stores, offering natural and synthetic bristle options.
  3. Both brush lines are known for their quality and durability, but Sephora Pro brushes tend to be more affordable.

Sephora Pro Brushes vs MAC Brushes

Sephora Pro brushes are sold exclusively at Sephora stores at more affordable rates and can be gotten only on the Sephora website, while MAC brushes are sold at MAC stores, select department stores, and online. MAC brushes are known for their iconic 217 blending brush and 239 eyes shading brush.

Sephora Pro Brushes vs MAC Brushes

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Sephora Pro Brushes comprises a vast range. However, the problem of quality exists.

Their synthetic brushes are sometimes proved to be itchy and scratchy to some faces. Hence, that is surely a great disadvantage.

All the products do not come under the same quality.

On the other hand, MAC Brushes are incredibly content. It is not possible for just anyone and everyone to get it.

However, if one is a makeup lover and can afford them, it is surely the best decision. There is no doubt MAC brushes are the best option available in the market.

They maintain their quality and treat it as their priority.

Comparison Table

ParametersSephora Pro BrushesMAC Brushes
Brand ValueIt has a comparatively low brand value. It has a comparatively high brand value.
Physical StructureIt is bigger in length and also wider.It is smaller in length but has better application.
QualityIts quality differs from product to product.It has very promising qualities and never fails on that point.
UsageSephora is the new competitor of MAC.MAC has been a renowned brand over ages.
User reviewSometimes leaves an itchy or scratchy feeling on the face.It has soft qualities which are very gentle on the face.

What are Sephora Pro Brushes?

Sephora Brushes comes in a wide range. These brushes are synthetic and compromise other natural tools.

They have attractive brushes that people are always excited to try. Talking about the physical features, it has a solid body which gives it a classy and expensive look.

They are a branded range of brushes, and they solely focus on improving their features based on the reviews of their customers. They do have a very stylish finish.

Their long handle and wide surface give a very good grip to the users.

Although for some customers, the long handles are a drawback. A lot of people do not prefer it since it interferes with makeup.

It makes it difficult to fix the proper angle with the mirror. Thus, it makes the application difficult if you are not a pro at makeup.

If anyone wants to use a branded makeup brush that is also available, Sephora Pro is definitely a good choice. Its price is high as compared to other makeup brands and as compared to its quality.

However, a lot of times, it offers its products for sale. That sure is a good opportunity to grab the brushes.

sephora pro brushes

What are MAC Brushes?

MAC is a luxury brand. It is mainly because of its quality and the trust it gained in the industry over the years.

It is the most popular makeup brand and is highly recommended by makeup professionals, artists and lovers. However, it might not be possible for anyone and everyone to get a hand on it.

The best feature of the MAC brushes is that they never compromise their quality. It has a wide range of products yet offers the best quality.

To be precise, it maintains its quality as its top priority. This is why the brand is so reliable and is worthy of its price.

The brushes are comparatively small, and sometimes people prefer them. For beginners, it provides a very good grip.

The application seems ar better and even more than other brands. Also, the blending of these brushes is reportedly outstanding.

t is very soft on the skin and gentle on the face; that is definitely the main point among the pros that users search for in their makeup brushes.

It does not irritate the skin or leave it scratchy and itching. Hence, the quality again is unbeatable.

mac brushes

Main Differences Between Sephora Pro Brushes and MAC Brushes

  1. One of the main differences between Sephora Pro Brushes and MAC Brushes is definitely their brand value. Sephora Pro Brushes has a comparatively low brand value. In contrast, MAC Brushes has a comparatively high brand value. 
  2. For any brand, quality is the main priority. In the case of Sephora Pro Brushes, its quality differs from product to product. In the case of MAC Brushes, it has very promising qualities and never fails on that point.
  3. Physical application is a very important factor. Sephora Pro Brushes are bigger in length and also wider. On the other hand, MAC Brushes are smaller in length but have a better application.
  4. MAC has been ruling the makeup industry for a long time. It is considered the most trusted brand. Sephora Pro is the new trending brand winning the hearts of millions of users. 
  5. Last but not least, the user reviews of these two brushes. Sephora Pro Brushes are reportedly known to leave an itchy or scratchy feeling on the face. MAC Brushes, on the other hand, have soft qualities which are very gentle on the face.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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