Difference Between Mac 10 and Mac 11

In the world there are several types of weapons and every weapon has its own features and qualities. one of those weapons is guns.


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Guns are categorised as modern weapons, and the first gun was invented in 1364. Then automatic handguns were introduced  by the end of the 19th century.

Till date there have been updated versions with more technologically stronger weapons. Weapons are used in several arenas. Any manufacturer of weapons predominantly wants to offer their weapons in their country’s respective military.

As, there would not be anything more achievement than using their weapons by their military.

Mac 10 vs Mac 11

The difference between mac 10 and mac 11 is their technologies. Both of them are manufactured by the same company, but mac 11 is said to be an updated version of mac 10. Mac 10 is a submachine gun.

Mac 10 vs Mac 11


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMac10Mac11
Length with stock extended2.69 millimeters53 centimeters
Barrel length146 millimeters12.9 centimeters
Firing capacity RPM (round per minute)1090 RPM1200 RPM
Feed system30 magazine box16 to 32 round box magazine


What is Mac 10?

Mac 10 is a machine pistol or often referred as submachine gun. It was designed by Gordon B in the early 1970s.  It is manufactured by the Military Armament corporation in America.

Mac 10 was first registered in America when John Wayn wielded one lethal prowess in 1974. Later it became in Hollywood, and some producers preferred its use in action sequences.

After great endorsements of mac 10 in market through hollywood, manufactures thought they could make military use of mac 10 but profession operators did not use it.

Although, some agencies used but due to performance issues mac 10 did not catch professional use.

Mac 10 is 2.69 millimeters in length with wire stock collapsed. It is relatively compact in size and handy, combat grip is at the centre of the body of the gun to give desired balance.

Mac has a capacity of 30 or 32 round magazine, there are  two calibers 45 ACP and nine -by-19 millimeter present in mac 10.

Mac 10 has a barrel length of 146 millimeters , it works effectively in a range of 50 metres and has a capacity of 1090 rounds per minute. Mac 10 weighs approximately 2.84 kg. But it has slower muzzle velocity.

mac 10

What is Mac 11?

Mac11 is a subcompact version of mac10. It is a machine gun having more capacity than mac10. It was designed by Gordon Bailey Ingram, and manufactured by Military Armament corporation.

Mac 11is compact and handy, its charging handle is placed just above the receiver which can be rotated 90 degrees to lock it in place which prevents it from being charged.

Mac11 safety is allocated in forward of the trigger which is pushed forward to lock the trigger up, which also prevents it from undesired firing.

Availability of guns is a mere thing which makes their price value even more higher, mac11 is available in markets relatively easy and there are even copies of its model in market.

Mac11  has a length of 53 cm with stock extended and 24.8 centimeters with stock folded. Its barrel length is 12.9 centimeters.

Mac 11 works effectively in a range of 50 meters (160 feets), which sometimes makes it undesirable for military or police use, it was even mentioned by the association of police chief weapons in America.

Mac 11 weighs 1.6 kg and has a cyclic rate of 1200 rounds per minute with a feed system of 16 to 32 rounds of magazines.

Its high cyclic rate sounds desirable but in actuality it’s not as such a high cyclic rate would make the shooter refill in mere two seconds, and this absurd high rate of firing leads to poor accuracy.

mac 11

Main Differences Between Mac 10 and Mac 11

  1. Mac10 was produced in 1970 whereas mac11 was produced in 1972. That’s why mac11 is sometimes considered as the heir of mac10.
  2. Mac10 is 2.69 milimeters whereas mac11 is 53 centimeters.
  3. Mac10 has barrel length of 146 millimeters on contrary mac11 has barrel length of 12.9 centimeters.
  4. Mac10 has capacity of 30 magazines whereas mac11 has capacity ranging from 16 to 32 round box magazines.
  5. Mac10 weighs 2.84 kg (empty) on contrary mac11 weighs 1.6kf (empty) which makes it more compact and lighter to carry with the shooter.
  6. The most distinct feature of the guns was the firing rate, mac10 has cyclic rate of 1090 rounds per minute whereas mac11 has cyclic rate of 1200 rounds per minute.
Difference Between Mac 10 and Mac 11
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