Look Fantastic vs Sephora: Difference and Comparison

Makeup is a liking for every woman and girl. People are ready to buy beauty products from both offline and online stores.


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The two most famous beauty brands are Look Fantastic and Sephora. They offer a wide variety of makeup collections for women of good quality.

Look Fantastic’s products are both affordable and are sometimes expensive too.

Key Takeaways

  1. Look Fantastic is an online retailer that sells various beauty products, while Sephora has both physical and online stores.
  2. Look Fantastic offers free worldwide delivery, while Sephora offers free shipping on orders above a certain amount.
  3. Look Fantastic has a wider range of hair care products than Sephora.

Look Fantastic vs Sephora

Look Fantastic is an online beauty retailer with a wide selection of products, such as skincare, haircare, and fragrance, while Sephora, a multinational chain of beauty stores, focuses primarily on makeup and beauty. Look Fantastic provides more international shipping options than Sephora.

Look Fantastic vs Sephora

Look fantastic is a UK-based company. It has a variety of beauty products that range from affordable to luxury. It has almost 660 premium brands that are organic, vegan, and clean.

This company was born out of a salon’s group called the crown. This company was founded by Daniel Crown. His father had a hair and beauty salon.

According to their family, grooming was a family affair.  Sephora is one of the perfect destinations for beauty lovers. It is one of the world-class e-commerce sites.

To be very basic, it is a candy land for makeup enthusiasts. It also has offline stores across many countries.

Their fail-proof and foolproof cosmetics are worth the price. Even though the products are not great for budget buys, they prove to be a real party pooper every time people walk into the Sephora store.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLook FantasticSephora
Founded byDaniel CrownDominique Mandonnaud
HeadquartersUnited KingdomParis, France
StoreOnlineOnline and Offline

What is Look Fantastic?

It is an online British beauty boutique. It is one of the number one retailers for beauty in Europe. It has products for beauty, skincare, hair, and everything to make you look gorgeous.

It attracts half a million visitors every month. They give exclusive free gifts for purchase and fantastic member rewards.

They have a dedicated team of beauty experts. They get regular training about beauty products.

They also supply some of the leading luxury brands called high-definition brows, Nioxin, cloud nine, and many more. People who are interested in having a partnership with this company can visit their website and mail them.

So, that they can contact you. They are one of the reputable sellers in the online beauty world.

Their website will always load fast, items are delivered properly with no issues, and easy to navigate products. 

Each and every product will be neatly organized under each section. You can easily filter the product using filters that will show the product within minutes.

This company has also been launched in Ireland. It is one of the trusted beauty brands by Irish influencers along with their go-to products.

If you have any complaints about looking fantastic, you can send your complaints to their customer relation team by emailing them to their email id, which is available on their website. 

What is Sephora?

It is a multinational retailer for personal care and beauty products. It features almost 3000 brands along with its own private label collection.

Their beauty products include cosmetics, nail colors, hair care, and every single thing that is included in beauty products. The unique thing about Sephora is it has more offline stores for people who would like to shop beauty products from outside stores.

Using their mobile app, people can get information about new products and video tutorials. This brand is focused more on the high end.

The word Sephora is derived from a Greek word that stands for beauty. Sephora is not cruelty-free. People who work at Sephora can get makeup products for free.

They get fully-sized products that are provided by all the brands in Sephora. For its private label products, Sephora products have robust, safer chemical products.

Since 2019, they have taken some significant steps to address the issues that are concerned with chemicals. Sephora makeup is made by a company called LVMH.

This brand focus on high-end cosmetics and perfumes. Each time people order at Sephora, they will get some free beauty samples.

These free samples can be picked by people. They can pick perfume, skincare, and makeup items.

During promotional events, customers will get more free samples.  

sephora brand

Main Differences Between Look Fantastic and Sephora

  1. Look Fantastic company was founded by Daniel Crown. On the other hand, the Sephora company was founded by Dominique Mandonnaud.
  2. The headquarters of Look Fantastic company is situated in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the headquarters of Sephora company is situated in Paris, France.
  3. Look Fantastic company was founded during the year 1996. On the other hand, Sephora company was founded during the year 1970.
  4. Look Fantastic company has 660 brands on its site. On the other hand, Sephora has 3000 brands on its site.
  5. Look Fantastic has only an online store. On the other hand, Sephora company has both online and offline shops. 
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