Zanussi Washing Machine vs Bosch Washing Machine: Difference and Comparison

Among the several home appliances, a washing machine is one of them which is generally used to wash laundry. The user adds laundry detergent, and it can be sold in powder or liquid form to the wash water.


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The brands that sell washing machines are IFB, Haier, Panasonic, Samsung, and many more. They sell a range of washing machines under them like hybrid design, top-loading, front-loading.

It is not possible to cover all washing machine brands in a single article. So, in this article, the chief focus is on differentiating the Zanussi washing machine and Bosch washing machine. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Bosch washing machines are generally more expensive than Zanussi washing machines.
  2. Zanussi washing machines have a larger drum capacity than Bosch washing machines.
  3. Bosch washing machines are quieter than Zanussi washing machines.

Zanussi Washing Machine vs Bosch Washing Machine 

The difference between Zanussi Washing Machine and Bosch Washing Machine is their dimensions. The Zanussi washing machine comes with 850mm height, width as 600mm, and depth as 581mm. On the other hand, the Bosch washing machine has a height of 84.8cm, a width of 59.8cm, and a depth of 59.0cm. 

Zanussi Washing Machine vs Bosch Washing Machine

The name which is Zanussi is really old and also has a trust’s quality. Especially in Egypt, no house has not tried it.

Zanussi washing machine has high quality, strong performance and its motor generally lives for years. The after-sales service is also excellent, saving effort and time and gives the best results from washing. 

Bosch is a brand of Europe which is reputed and offers washing machines in good quality. More than a century old brand started initially with just washing machine of front-load but have launched recently even the washing machine of the top load. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZanussi Washing MachineBosch Washing Machine
ManufacturerElectroluxBosch Siemens Home Appliances (BSH)
Capacity7 kg8 kg
FounderAntonio ZanussiRobert Bosch
Key peopleLino ZanussiStefan Hartung (CEO), (CTO), (CDO)
Maximum spin speed1200 rpm1400 rpm

What is Zanussi Washing Machine? 

Cotton can be washed at different temperatures and in various modes in the Zanussi washing machine. When choosing this function, there are mainly three modes namely, the main program, rinsing, and maximum spin.

To clean contaminated tissues consisting of natural fibers then it is worth choosing the synthetics option. In the washing machine of Zanussi the instruction for which is in every unit then there is a designed program for delicate things.

From delicate fabrics, it allows to wash clothes. All linen goes through in this mode are main mode, rinsing, and spinning.  

The option of hand wash is also available, which is intended for clothes that are mainly made of delicate fabrics. A hand wash symbol is marked on the tag.

Spin is carried in daily wash mode at maximum speed, and it is intended for cotton. All Zanussi washing machine’s components are exposed to the hard water’s harmful effects.

This effect leads to the premature failure of important technical components. When the poor performances prevalence is recommended to use special tools that mainly soften the liquid. 

zanussi washing machine

What is Bosch Washing Machine? 

Bosch washing machines go beyond and above to deliver more than just effortless cleaning. It brings together a technological feature’s suite and was programs to achieve results of perfect wash.

It primarily offers the washing machine’s three ranges based on feature requirements. Firstly, Serie 4 is targeted for robust Bosch product looking customers at an affordable price.

Secondly, Serie 6 is a midrange offer more feature compared to Serie 4. At last, Serie 8 is the top-notch Bosch washer’s breed with state of art features consisting of a couple of extras.  

The refresh program of Active Oxygen is mainly for fabrics and clothing that are not frequently used or cannot be washed easily. It can be freshened up with activated oxygen’s cold fog in 45 minutes short span dose.

The detergent dose is one of the key factors to achieving perfect wash.

Bosch washing machine is built with I-DOS automatic doses technology which has integrated sensors that detect the type of fabric, load volume as well as laundry load’s level of soiling.

This washing machine also removes allergy-causing particles from clothes that lead to skin irritation. 

bosch washing machine

Main Differences Between Zanussi Washing Machine and Bosch Washing Machine 

  1. There is not a sound power specification in the Zanussi washing machine in terms of spinning noise (dBa) as well as washing noise level IEC 704-3 dB (A). On contrary, the noise level spinning is 73 dB (A) re 1 pW and 48 dB (A) re 1 pW as noise level washing in Bosch washing machine.  
  2. The maximum program duration taken by the Zanussi washing machine is generally 30 minutes. On the other hand, around 2 and a half hours are taken by Bosch washing machine in the everyday colors which and take over 3 hours with synthetic programs.  
  3. In terms of warranty, the Zanussi washing machine comes with one year of manufacturer warranty, while in the warranty physical damage is not included. On the flip side, the Bosch washing machine comes with two years of manufacturer warranty but the only thing that is not included in the warranty is physical damage.   
  4. The additional features included in the Zanussi washing machine are waterflood production, antifoam rinse system, and when set to plus steam it gives less running and fewer wrinkles. On contrary, HomeConnect, anti-vibration side panels, drum clean with reminder, equal projection, and self-cleaning detergent drawer are some of the additional features Bosch washing machine.  
  5. When it comes to dimensions, the Zanussi washing machine comes with 850mm height, width as 600mm, and at last depth as 581mm. Meanwhile, the dimensions of the Bosch washing machine are follows as the height of 84.8cm, width as 59.8cm, and comes with a depth of 59.0cm. 
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