Difference Between Bosch 500 re and 10 re

The Bosch 500 re box includes an impact drill, pliers, claw hammers, screw drilling bits, nut bits, and several other accouterments. Alternatively, the Bosch 10 re box contains the main compact drill, one chuck key, and a user manual.


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This seminal difference between the inclusive components with each model is also integral in producing a notable difference in the weight of each item.

Bosch 500 re vs 10 re

The Bosch 500 RE is a 500-watt electric drill with a 13mm keyed chuck. The Bosch 10 RE is a smaller, less powerful electric drill with a 10mm keyed chuck. The Bosch 500 RE is more powerful and versatile, while the Bosch 10 RE is smaller and lightweight, making it more suitable for lighter tasks.

Bosch 500 re vs 10 re

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBosch 500 reBosch 10 re
Included ComponentsThe Bosch 500 re model includes the impact drill, claw hammer, pliers, and several other assorted accessories.The Bosch 10 re model package includes the compact drill, one chuck key, and one user manual.
WeightThe Bosch 500 re model is significantly heavier than the 10 re variant due to the weight of the additional accessories included in the box. It weighs approximately 4 kg 530gm.The Bosch 10 re model is much more compact and significantly lighter than the 500 re variant. It weighs approximately 1.92 kg.
Dimensions42 x 12 x 33 cm26.42 x 25.4 x 7.37 cm
Chuck CapacityBosch 500 re has a chuck capacity within the 1.5-10mm range.Bosch 10 re has a chuck capacity of 10mm.
PriceThis model is costlier due to the additional accessories included with the main compact drill.This model is quite lucratively priced.
Launch YearInitially launched in 2014.Launched in 2017.

What is Bosch 500 re?

The Bosch 500 re tool set is a notable compact drilling kit manufactured and marketed by the well-known Bosch brand.

Launched in 2014, it operates on a power capacity of 500 Watts with an impact rate of 41,600 BPM. The 500 re model comes equipped with an assortment of accessories.

Four mental drill bits, five masonry drill bits, ten screwdriver bits, hammer, pliers, cutters, wrench, etc. are all components included with the 500W compact drill. This drill is ideal for a variety of tasks including shelve repairing, installing a range of lights, etc.

The drilling diameter of the 500 re model is equivalent to 10mm. The sole drawbacks of this model are its relatively higher price point of sales and its bulkier design. The hefty weight of this drill can act as a deterrent for many potential customers.  

bosch 500 re

What is Bosch 10 re?

The Bosch 10 re model is an improved version of the 500 re variant. It was initially launched in 2017 and features very similar operational specs as the 500 re model. This version also operates on a 500W power capacity and boasts an impact rate of 41,600 BPM.

The 10 re model is cost-effectively priced making it quite lucrative. The lighter weight of this model is another added advantage that makes it a potent investment for most.

This compact, adjustable drill is ideal for beginners as well as professionals. The design improvements embodied by this version makes it a fan favorite.

However, this model has fewer accessories included in the original packaging. The main compact drill is accompanied by a chuck key and a user manual in the box. It is not marketed as a comprehensive tool set. This can be a point of negation for many potential customers.

bosch 10 re

Main Differences Between Bosch 500 re and 10 re

  1. The main difference between the Bosch 500 re and 10 re impact drilling machines is that the former comes with an assorted set of accessories that can effectively simplify several tasks for the user, while the components included with the 10 re machine is a chuck key and a user manual.
  2. The two models significantly differ in terms of their individual weights. The Bosch 500 re model is evidently heavier than the 10 re model. The former weighs approximately 4 kg 530g, while the latter weighs about 1.92 kg.
  3. The 500 re variant was a predecessor to the 10 re model. The Bosch 500 re model was launched in 2014, while the 10 re model was released in 2017.
  4. Each model has a different dimensional measurement. While the Bosch 500 re model has dimensions equivalent to 42 x 12 x 33 cm, the 10 re model’s dimensional measurements are equal to 26.42 x 25.4 x 7.37 cm. Thus the latter model is much more compact than the former.
  5. The chuck capacity of each model is also dissimilar. The Bosch 500 re variant has a nominal chuck capacity ranging from 1.5-10mm, while the Bosch 10 re model has a chuck capacity of 10 mm.
  6. The Bosch 500 re tool kit is priced at the higher end of the price spectrum as compared to the cost-effective 10 re model. The Bosch 10 re model is a lucrative choice.
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