Bosch GBM-350 vs GSB-550: Difference and Comparison

 Drilling is one of the important processes in manufacturing aspects. The drilling process gets included in some way or another while manufacturing a particular product.

The textbook definition of drilling is a material removal process involved in creating a hole of a circular cross-section from the given material. Since the material is removed, it falls under the subtractive process.

There are different types of drilling, such as spot drilling to create a spot mark, deep hole drilling, micro-drilling, vibration drilling, centre drilling etc.

Drilling is done on solids, especially on metals and wood. From drilling small holes to boring a large hole, many products and machines are available in the market to fulfil the requirement.


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Drilling operation also plays a major work during a house renovation and any alteration works. Gone are the days when drilling could be done only with huge machines.

Many manufacturers have started making portable hand-held drilling gun which runs on electricity. These portable drilling guns are easy to access and deliver intentional work in the best manner.

Robert Bosch has been one of the pioneers in making user-friendly smart hardware tools for the market. Out of the various electric drill guns available in the market, Bosch GBM-350 and GSB-550 are popular models.

Key Takeaways

  1. GBM 350 is a rotary drill; GSB 550 is an impact drill, providing different drilling functions for various materials.
  2. GSB 550 has a higher power output (550W) than GBM 350 (350W), offering better performance in heavy-duty applications.
  3. GBM 350 is lighter and more compact, making it suitable for smaller tasks; GSB 550 is larger and better for heavy-duty work.

Bosch GBM-350 vs GSB-550

The Bosch GBM 350 is a drill machine designed for light to medium-duty applications such as wood, metal, and plastic drilling. The Bosch GSB 550 is a more versatile tool that can be used as a drill, has a 550-watt motor, 13 mm drilling capacity in concrete, and a speed range of 0-2800 RPM.

Bosch GBM 350 vs GSB 550

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBosch GBM-350Bosch GSB-550
Rated Power Input350 Watts550 Watts
No-load speed, 1st gear0 – 2800 rpm0 – 2800 rpm
Drilling Capacity in Steel10 mm10 mm
Drilling Capacity in Wood20 mm25 mm
Weight1.2 kg1.8 kg
Chuck Capacity (min/max)1 – 10 mm1.5 – 13 mm
Power Output160 Watts270 Watts
Drilling Capacity in ConcreteNot Available13 mm
Tool length240 mm262 mm
Tool Height190 mm253 mm
Tool Width7065.5 mm
Impact DrillingNot availableAvailable

What is Bosch GBM-350?

Bosch GBM-350 is a compact hand-held electric drilling gun suitable for tradesmen. It is a rotary drill designed to be compact and handy. This machine is intended for drilling holes in materials like steel and wood.

It can also be used to drill holes in ceramics and plastic. The machine has a chuck key for removing and fixing drill bits from the key-type drill chuck. It has a rotational directional switch to change the direction of rotation from clockwise to anti-clockwise and vice-versa.

Bosch GBM-350 has a powerful electric motor with an output power of 160 watts. It has a tool length of 240 mm, no longer than the length of a 30 cm ruler, thus occupying less space.

Since it is a weight tool, it gives flexibility for the user to use it effectively. The no-load speed for the motor is capped at 2800 rpm. Though it can drill in steel and wood, it has not been intended to use in concrete.

The maximum capacity of the chuck is limited to 10 mm. This drill gun was intended for light-duty and low-cost purposes, so the impact drilling feature was not included.                                             

The handle comes with an insulated gripping surface, thus offering full safety with good comfort for the user while using this portable machine. The On/Off switch comes loaded with a lock-on button providing more safety on using the machine.

Overall, this tool performs well in executing the role for which it was intended to do so.

What is Bosch GSB-550?

Bosch GSB-550 is a more robust electric drilling machine intended for harder operations. Bosch GSB-550 can be touted as an improved version of GBM-350 as it has more features to do the operations.

Apart from drilling steel, and wood, the Bosch GSB-550 has the potential to drill on concrete which is not possible in the case of the GBM-350.

All the features of the Bosch GBM-350 are covered by Bosch GSB-550 as well. Common features include a lock-on button for on/off switches, rotational directional switches etc.  

One of the main improvements in the Bosch GSB-550 is the powerful electric motor which delivers a rated torque of 1.5 Nm. It weighs 1.8 kilograms and comes equipped with a powerful 550 Watt motor.

GSB-550 is also equipped with impact drilling technology to deliver the forward thrust while providing the rotational force. Impact drilling is very useful to drive large screws even on a hard surface by providing high torque in short bursts.

The chuck can hold drill bits not exceeding 13 mm. Bosch GSB-550 comes with an additional handle for extra grip and manoeuvrability.

Main Differences Between Bosch GBM-350 and GSB-550

  1. GBM-350 is a standard electric hand-held drill machine, whereas GSB-550 is an impact hand-held drill machine (electric).
  2. GBM-350 is lighter than GSB-550, but GSB-550 gets equipped with a powerful motor with higher power consumption than GBM-350.
  3. GSB-550 can be used to drill in concrete, which is not an in-built capability of GBM-350
  4. The chuck capacity of GBM-350 is a little lesser than that of GSB-550, thus allowing the latter to drill slightly bigger holes than the former.
  5. Though the tool width of GSB-550 is slightly less when compared to GBM-350, the tool length and height of GSB-550 are greater when compared to GBM-350.
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