Difference Between DirecTV HR21 and DirecTV HR22

People nowadays search for the best television provider that can provide services of good quality. DirecTV allows digital television to its customers by using a satellite as a way of technology.

The company serves more than 37 million people in the US. It is one of the largest suppliers of digital entertainment. DirecTV HR21 and DirecTV HR22 are two of its versions. 

DirecTV HR21 vs DirecTV HR22 

The main difference between DirecTV HR21 and DirecTV HR22 is that the size of their hard drives is different. DirecTV HR21 has a 320GB hard drive, while DirecTV HR22 has a 500GB hard drive. The cost of DirecTV HR21 is affordable. On the other hand, DirecTV HR22 is expensive due to the larger hard drive. 

direcTV HR21 vs DirecTVHR22

DirecTV HR21 is a hardware version of DirecTV and an alternative to DirecTV HR20. It includes two ethernet ports which eliminate the need for a switch.

It is available in a black finish, and it does not have an ATSC tuner. A few sections of the setup menu are faster in DirecTV HR21. It receives all the HD programming. 

DirecTV HR22 is DirecTV’s high-definition set-top box. It is a full network that allows video-on-demand programming via wireless devices. As a DVR, it has a 500GB hard drive.

Also, it is capable of keeping 200 hours of SD content. Its design is firstly a Broadcom solution, and it utilizes BCM7400 series A/V processor. 

Comparison Table Between DirecTV HR21 and DirecTV HR22

Parameters of ComparisonDirecTV HR21DirecTV HR22
DefinitionIt is DirecTV’s set-top that has two ethernet ports and is available in black finish. It is DirecTV’s plus model set-top, and it has 1818 components.
PricingIt is affordable.It is expensive.
WeightIt weighs 15.75 pounds.It weighs 8.05 pounds.
DimensionIt is 16*20*6 inches.It is 15.4*12.8*3.4 inches.

What is DirecTV HR21?

DirecTV HR21 comprises two satellite tuners so that one can have access to SD and HD programming. It supports 480i, 480p, 720p picture resolution outputs and several screen formats.

It records up to 50 hours of HD or 200 hours of SD programming. You can pause live tv for ninety minutes and use instant replay. 

DirecTV needs a 24-month commitment, and if you want to cancel the service, you must return all the equipment. The weight of this DVR is 15.75 pounds, and its dimensions are 16*20*6 inches.

It features a 320GB hard drive and gives you the facility to record two shows at once. 

You can also watch a show while recording the other one. The box holds up MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 signals.

The back panel carries one component video, one HDMI video, and one S-video output by which you can send an SD signal to another room. You can output PCM signals via the optical digital, HDMI, or coaxial digital audio on the audio side. 

The box has two ethernet ports. One of them lets you add the DVR to your house network so that you can order video-on-demand titles.

The other port is a pass-through to attach other networkable devices. Its interface is easy to navigate and a solid one. 

What is DirecTV HR22?

DirecTV HR22 is a plus model digital satellite receiver and a high-definition set-top. It allows video-on-demand programming via wireless devices or.

It can access all kinds of UPnP media servers within the local area and show digital content. The hard drive in it is 500GB that can store 50 hours of HD content. 

The DVR is a Broadcom solution that features a BCM4501KQME33G satellite receiver and a BCM7401 KPB33G processor, both audio and video.

The set-top uses a pair of external converters to capture the HD digital satellite signals. Its target market is satellite TV subscribers and is available in the Continental US territories. 

The total number of components in DirecTV HR22 is 1818. By counting, there is an impact on the all-over manufacturing cycle and costs.

Manual labor has little effect on assembly lines where manufacturing cost is capital intensive. The design is mainly a Broadcom solution, just like the other high-definition boxes. 

It utilizes a Broadcom BCM7400 series processor. The DVR set-top offers a tightly integrated design with a few supporting ICs.

It has a dual ethernet that allows another internet device to share one ethernet drop that connects the set-top. The playable media format is MPEG-4, and the maximum resolution is 480p, 480i. 

Main Differences Between DirecTV HR21 and DirecTV HR22

  • DirecTV HR21 has a hard drive of 320GB. On the other hand, DirecTV HR22 has a hard drive of 500GB. 
  • DirecTV HR21 is affordable. But DirecTV HR22 is costlier than other DVR set-tops of DirecTV. 
  • DirecTV HR21 supports 480i, 480p, 720p picture resolution outputs. On the other hand, DirecTV HR22 supports 480p, 480i resolution. 
  • DirecTV HR21 weighs 15.75 pounds, and 16*20*6 are its dimensions. While DirecTV HR22 weighs 8.05 pounds and its dimensions are 15.4*12.8*3.4 inches. 
  • DirecTV HR21 has less space, so it cannot record many videos. On the other hand, DirecTV HR22 has enough space, so you can easily record many TV shows. 


Everyone wants to watch tv shows of good quality and record some to watch later. It is the ultimate source of entertainment for people nowadays, so they look for the best deals around them.

They want a provider, which will provide them with excellent services and come within their budget. DirecTV asks for a 24-month commitment from you before you cancel the service. 

You also have to return all the equipment while canceling it. Sometimes your DirecTV bill can exceed your budget, and you may want to reduce it.

Getting all the possible discounts is tricky. One of the ways to ensure that you are not paying more is to review the premium cable and cable lineup. 

DirecTV also has loyalty discounts for those customers who want to cancel the service. You do not have to get rid of premium channels to save money. The promotions are random and occur every two weeks. 


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