Blockchain vs Machine Learning: Difference and Comparison

Blockchain and machine learning are overlapping concepts also known as orthogonal concepts. They intersect and support each other at several points.

The focal point for both blockchain and machine learning is data. As big data was introduced machine learning faced challenges such as scale and distribution, to which the solution was blockchain.

Key Takeaways

  1. Blockchain technology focuses on creating secure, decentralized digital ledgers, while machine learning involves creating algorithms that learn and adapt from data.
  2. Blockchain applications primarily support cryptocurrencies and secure transactions, whereas machine learning has various applications across multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, and marketing.
  3. Blockchain ensures data integrity and transparency, while machine learning enhances prediction and decision-making capabilities.

Blockchain vs Machine Learning                                                                                                       

The difference between Blockchain and Machine Learning is that a blockchain provides AI technology with absolute privacy and accountability for their data. On the other hand, machine learning is a subsection of AI technology that enables the machine to improve and update automatically as new data is continuously being updated.

Blockchain vs Machine Learning

Blockchain is a technology that securely records and stores data and information. It is vital digital leverage for transactions such as cryptocurrencies.

Each time a transaction happens it is recorded and updated globally across all computer applications. As the networks are highly cryptographic all the transactions made over a blockchain are secure.

Machine learning is an algorithm via which machines can improve and adapt simultaneously as new data is being added. Machine technology enables AI technology to process data and perform tasks using it.

Machine learning takes up a large amount of organized and unorganized data

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonBlockchainMachine Learning
DefinitionIt is a record of the exchange of data and information that are conveyed across several computer networksIt is a study that calculates algorithms and can develop data and information through experience.
FunctionStore data for the AI technology, and share and access it with allSanctions machines to perform tasks utilizing the data
SecurityProvides extreme security to data and informationDoes not provide  security
AccountabilityIt is highly accountableNot accountable
AI technologyProvides privacy and accountability to AI technologyIt is a sub-section of the AI technology

What is Blockchain?                                             

Blockchain is a technology or a system to record data information for AI technology. It stores the data such efficiently that it is impossible to cause any threat to the data.

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It is essential digital leverage for the transactions that take place globally across all computer systems.

Every step in the chain contains several transactions. Every time a fresh transaction takes place on the blockchain it is recorded and added to the ledger of each user or participant.

Almost all the major cryptocurrencies are powered by blockchain, cryptocurrencies being the most basic list of transactions in the blockchain.

In a Blockchain numerous transactions are recorded via a changeable cryptographic signature, it is also known as a distributed ledger technology (DTL).

Popular Blockchain such as bitcoin and Ethereum are consistently developing and changing as blocks are being added to the chain, this significantly helps with maintaining the privacy and security of the record.

The rundown of exchanges taking place in the blockchain is basic for most digital currencies since it provides secure installments to be made between individuals who don’t have the slightest idea about one another’s whereabouts.

Due to the networks being highly cryptographic, payments through blockchains are considered safer and secure over regular debit or credit card transactions.

In a blockchain, while making payments private and sensitive details are not required.

Hence being the least risky choice for one’s financial data.


What is Machine Learning?                 

Machine learning is a sub-section of AI technology, it is an ability used in the AI technology to provide the machines with the power of learning and improve simultaneously as the data is being uploaded and updated.

It majorly focuses on the improvement and development of the AI system in the machines.

This process of learning begins with the surveillance of the data and information that the system is being fed. Its main goal is to let the machines recognize and learn themselves and perform activities accordingly.

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Machine learning is a significant strategy for several companies, as they compile the customer’s behaviors and business patterns and apply them in developing their company or the services they provide.

Leading companies like uber, google, and Facebook has made machine learning a key part of their operations.

There are four basic types of machine learning methods namely- supervised machine learning algorithms, unsupervised machine learning algorithms, semi-supervised machine learning algorithms,

and reinforcement machine learning algorithms.

machine learning

Main Differences Between Blockchain and Machine Learning

  1. Blockchain is a record of the data and information that are taking place across several computer networks. Machine learning however is an ability that makes it suitable for AI technology to learn and improve automatically as the data is uploaded and updated.
  2. Blockchain records or stores a large number of data and information for AI technology. The goal is to share all these data with the mass. However, the function of machine learning is to sanction machines that facilitate the AI technology to perform tasks accurately.
  3. Blockchain provides absolute security of the data and information; machine learning however does not prove any sort of assurance.
  4. Blockchain is highly accountable and responsible for the data and information provided, however in the case of machine learning it does not claim any such responsibility apart from aiming to complete tasks accurately.
  5. Blockchain provides AI technology with absolute privacy and data accountability. Whereas, machine learning is a sub-section of AI technology.
Difference Between Blockchain and Machine Learning

Last Updated : 15 July, 2023

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