Vimeo vs Zoom: Difference and Comparison

Several video-hosting companies have come up to help universities, schools, and teachers conduct their online classes.

Two of the most famous ones are Vimeo and Zoom apps.

Conducting classes have never been easier because you need a good network connection and a smartphone, and then you can freely attend your meetings or online classes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Vimeo is a video hosting platform that offers a variety of features for hosting, sharing, and streaming high-quality videos.
  2. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that hosts meetings, webinars, and virtual events.
  3. Vimeo is ideal for hosting video content and sharing it across various platforms, while Zoom is suitable for remote meetings and collaborations.

Vimeo vs Zoom

The difference between Vimeo and Zoom is that Vimeo provides many more features than Zoom because there are many features that Zoom does not provide, and thus this makes the difference between the two.


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Vimeo vs Zoom

Zoom is a name that is the most common tool for users to conduct meetings, and on the other hand, Vimeo is a much more professional tool, and the quality is quite high in Vimeo.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVimeoZoom
Used ForVideo solutions for individuals, making teams, businesses, production companies, SMBs, filmmakers, and OTT platforms.Zoom is a video conferencing tool for businesses of all sizes that interface media libraries, file browsers and many more.
Rating4.6/5 stars4.5/5 stars
User-friendly4.5/5 stars4.5/5 stars
Customer support4.3/5 stars4.3/5 stars
Value for Money4.3/5 stars4.2/5 stars
Support24/7(live rep), business hours, onlineonline
TrainingIn-person, live online, webinars, documentationLive online, and documentation.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is an American company that was founded back in the year 2004.

Vimeo aimed to provide an online platform allowing users to upload and even promote their videos.

Users also have the option to customize their videos which are not found on competing sites.

Vimeo is a direct competitor to YouTube, but it does not have a huge customer base compared to YouTube.

However, more than 170 million viewers watch videos on Vimeo, which is not a less number.

Vimeo’s feature of allowing its users to share their videos with high quality is one major thing many people got attracted to.

People with a creativity level can have this awesome platform to show it to the world. Videos and live streaming can be done on Vimeo easily.

Vimeo comes with a free basic plan, but obviously, you have some limitations in the free plan. There is a limitation of 500MB of storage per week, which is not great, but it is quite fair.

People who want to target and reach the audience directly can use Vimeo because it will be the most suitable platform for them.

On the other hand, if you are looking to give your best appearance and can do all the promotional activities, then it is best to go for Vimeo.

Vimeo, if compared with YouTube, then Vimeo provides you with much more privacy than YouTube.


What is Zoom?

Zoom, on the other hand, is an American company that was founded back in the year 2011. Zoom’s main purpose was that its users could have the option to conduct sessions online.

It also allowed users to record sessions, collaborations on various projects, and share screens.

Zoom’s best services come with quality video and audio and screen-sharing activity across Windows, Mac, iOs, Android, Blackberry, and many others.

Zoom offers its newcomers a free basic plan, and users can have unlimited meetings. However, the meeting duration is 24 hours which is the best service for Pro plans.

The basic plan comes with a limited time limit of 40 minutes each.

The app’s user interface is also very easy to use, which is why various schools and colleges are using this software company to conduct online meetings and classes.

Zoom is much better than any other platform because it provides higher video quality and makes it easy for users to handle Zoom. Buying Zoom’s plan is the best for all types of organisations.

Well, small businesses, schools, and universities are thankful that Zoom offers several features, with strong audio and video quality at a free plan.


Main Differences Between Vimeo and Zoom

  1. Vimeo is a software application that lets users upload high-quality videos to showcase their talent. In contrast, Zoom allows you to meet with colleagues or teachers.
  2. Vimeo allows its users to go for live streaming, too, whereas Zoom does not have that feature.
  3. Vimeo has many more options than Zoom, where users can have the privacy option, social sharing, video streaming, and many more, whereas Zoom does not have these.
  4. These apps have great customer support and have been rated the best in the criteria.
  5. The ideal number of users is the same in both Vimeo and Zoom. It can go from 1-1000 in both cases.
Difference Between Vimeo and Zoom
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