Difference Between IntelliJ and Pycharm

Commercial organizations are it small or large one everyone needs their work to be done smoothly and fast. Time has become so much valuable for businesses these days.


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Team members of your organization and the workforce will try to achieve their daily targets but sometimes the work is not up to the mark.

So, due to this reason, many businessmen and organizations have decided to take the help of software that would make their work much easier with perfection in it. Software these days help business organizations keep up their pace with the heavy workload and demand.

Well, there are many such software available in the market and the two most famous are IntelliJ and Pycharm. This software will help you increase the productivity of your workforce or the team that you are working with.

Both this software might provide a similar service but they have their differences.

Key Takeaways

  1. IntelliJ is a Java-based integrated development environment (IDE) used for programming in multiple languages, while PyCharm is specifically designed for Python programming.
  2. IntelliJ supports various programming languages, whereas PyCharm has built-in tools and features specific to Python development.
  3. PyCharm is more suitable for beginners or those primarily working with Python, while IntelliJ is useful for developers with multiple programming languages.

IntelliJ vs Pycharm

The difference between IntelliJ and Pycharm is that both were developed by Jet Brains but IntelliJ Idea is basically an IDE for the Java programming developers while IntelliJ is known to be an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) platform dedicated to Python programming.

IntelliJ vs Pycharm

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonIntelliJ IdeaPycharm
Software rating4.5/5 stars4.5/5 stars
Unique CategoriesIt is categorized as Java Integrated Development Environments (IDE)Static Code analysis, and Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Ease of Use8.6/108.8/10
Meets Requirements9.2/109.3/10
Quality of Support8.5/108.6/10
Ease of Conducting Business With8.7/108.9/10
Ease of Admin8.3/108.4/10

What is IntelliJ?

IntelliJ Idea is an IDE that is written in Java for the development of computer software. IntelliJ has been developed by JetBrains that was released back in the year 2001.

IntelliJ aimed to maximize the productivity of an organization.

IntelliJ helps a user by performing their daily routine and their repetitive tasks by providing a clever code completion. Several other features like static code analysis, refactorings let the users not only make their work productive but it gives an awesome experience.

IntelliJ provides its users with a free basic plan which is also called as Community Edition. The Community Edition can be used for free and this edition is licensed under Apache 2.0.

The Community Edition will offer you with all the basic features in it. Another edition of IntelliJ Ultimate comes with a 30-day free trial.

IntelliJ supports multiple platforms for people to use it easily. It offers consistent experience on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

IntelliJ has brought out several supported languages that involve using multiple languages, many tools, and several technologies. Languages supported are Java, Kotlin, Scala, and Groovy.

There are other languages through which one can develop applications.

IntelliJ has got a brilliant user interface and it has the ability to bring up the useful tools to help its users maximize their productivity without interrupting the flow of the developer.

intellij ide

What is Pycharm?

Pycharm, on the other hand, is an IDE that is used in computer programming designed specifically for the Python language. Other than that, Pycharm provides its users with an analysis of code, a graphical debugger, integrated unit tester.

Pycharm is also licensed under Apache 2.0 which means it is free for its users and can use whenever and wherever you like. You can also have the ability to modify it.

Pycharm provides a various list of coding tools that will help you to take the advantage of it.

The development tool that comes with Pycharm’s Python programming language greatly benefits the workforce of a company to code faster and accurately. Several built-in tools and developments in Pycharm make sure that you have got everything you need to maximize your productivity.

Users have loved the services of Pycharm mainly because of their smart features like scanning after exceptions. This feature allows the users to browse the code when it detects the problem.


Main Differences Between IntelliJ and Pycharm

  1. IntelliJ’s user interface is a bit confusing compared to Pycharm’s one. However, both this software is very useful in several things.
  2. As far as the security goes then both these software provide the same privacy and security policies. If a user finds a malfunction or notice a security-related issue then they can immediately report it.
  3. IntelliJ and Pycharm both offer the best smart features to their users like Pycharm offering their smart scanning whereas IntelliJ offers smart completion that enables its users to write more efficiently.
  4. Both Pycharm and IntelliJ provide the same features and provides in the same platforms on Mac, Windows, Linux.
  5. One of the major disadvantages of IntelliJ is that if a user has a weak system then it might not work efficiently. Pycharm’s major disadvantage is that sometimes there is a problem in their autosuggestions.  
Difference Between IntelliJ and Pycharm


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