Computer Vision vs Machine Vision: Difference and Comparison

To make machines and computers perform their tasks more efficiently, a new concept was introduced that, in a way, gave eyes or a vision to them.

This means that a machine can carry out its tasks with the help of its vision. Although machine vision and computer vision are two very different terms still, there is confusion between them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Computer vision focuses on teaching computers to interpret and understand visual data, while machine vision uses computer vision techniques for industrial applications and automation.
  2. Computer vision is concerned with understanding and processing complex, real-world images, while machine vision focuses on capturing and analyzing simpler, controlled images for specific tasks.
  3. Machine vision systems include specialized hardware and software for capturing and processing images, while computer vision relies on general-purpose computers and software.

Computer Vision vs Machine Vision

Computer vision is a field of Artificial Intelligence that enables computer to gain valuable information from images, videos, and other visuals. Machine vision relies on the computer’s ability to see, and information is gathered from the images captured by the system’s camera. 

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Computer Vision, also known as a CV, is a remarkable invention of science that tries to work like human vision and, in a way, replicates it. It is very helpful in extracting important and useful information from provided images, texts, or even videos.

Machine Vision is categorised as a subpart of computer vision. Some even say that computer vision and machine vision go hand in hand in order to give the best results possible with artificial intelligence. It is the action taking part in the vision.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonComputer VisionMachine Vision
AboutIt is a broad application of Artificial intelligence.Machine vision is regarded as a subset of computer vision.
ApplicationComputer vision is widely used to scan images, texts or videos in order to extract useful information.Machine vision works as the action segment and processes tasks according to the information perceived.
GoalThe goal of computer vision is to procure information from the available data as photos or other visuals.The goal of Machine vision is to process the images scanned by computer vision.
Human visionComputer vision tries its best to replicate human vision and process images just like a brain.Machine vision does not replicate human vision.
CameraComputer vision does not require a camera.Machine vision requires a camera.

What is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is an amazing work in the field of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to extract useful and meaningful data from the provided images, videos or other digital input.

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Computer vision has many subsets that work in accordance with each other to follow and complete a certain task. The main Idea behind computer vision was to make it similar to human vision.

We all know there is no competition in human vision, but still, computer vision has come really very close in order to achieve similarity with it. 

The task of computer vision is to scan the visual inputs provided to it like images, videos, clips, etc. and derive important and useful information from it.

The technology used in this makes it very much possible for computer vision to extract accurate results. Computer vision is widely used in industries like automotive and manufacturing in order to speed up workflow and accuracy.

It does not even require a camera. Machine learning is a very essential part of computer vision, and in order to work with computer vision, one needs to know the basics and essentials of machine learning.

It can even be said that computer vision and machine learning go hand in hand.

computer vision

What is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is regarded as a subset of computer vision. It is a very advanced technology e that is used to process the images that are scanned by computer vision.

Machine vision works as an automatic inspection and makes a very useful and accurate analysis of the information that is scanned by computer vision.

Its applications can be widely seen in robot guidance, automatic inspection, industries, and process control in manufacturing.

The main aim of machine vision is to make use of the already available data and technology and integrate them to solve a problem or complete a task.

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It was a lot of places from machine vision which is just as similar as computer science. The machine vision process involves a lot of steps, from planning details of the needs of a project or requirements of work and then gradually reaching a solution.

The first step in the machine vision process in imaging is then followed by analysis which is an automated method, and then it finally extracts and processes used for information.

Unlike computer vision, machine vision does require a camera in order to image the piece of investigation provided to it.

machine vision

Main Differences Between Computer Vision and Machine Vision

  1. Computer vision is a very close replica of human vision. Machine vision tries to perform tasks like a human brain.
  2. Computer vision is commonly used to scan images, videos or clips. Machine vision processes information that is scanned by computer vision.
  3. The goal of computer vision is to extract meaningful information from the image in the display. The goal of machine vision is to process the information scanned by computer vision and take action.
  4. Human vision is like a replication system of human vision, while machine vision is a subpart of the computer vision system.
  5. Computer vision does not require a camera to carry out its task, whereas, on the other hand, machine vision does require a camera.
Difference Between Computer Vision and Machine Vision

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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