Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Technology has its own pros and cons. On one hand, it has made life easier and has facilitated the instant availability of all kinds of commodities.

On the other hand, the advancements have brought humanity to the brink of expiration due to overexploitation of resources. Among many others, the computer has played a vital role in the furtherance of modern technology.

Computer Science vs Computer Engineering

The main difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering is that the former is a theoretical subject while the latter deals with developmental activities and research on computing. They stem from the same branch of programming but vary based on the topics included.

Computer Science vs Computer Engineering

Computer Science involves the study of computers and their functions. The questions like how a computer works and what all functions can it perform are the core concepts included in this discipline.

Computer Engineering is more about the designing of software and implementation of codes to enhance the operating systems. People opt for this course to combine their innovations with computing ethics for enhanced functionality.

Comparison Table Between Computer Science And Computer Engineering

Parameters of ComparisonComputer ScienceComputer Engineering
DefinitionComputer Science is defined as the basic subject revolving around computational parameters and the implementation of technology. Computer Engineering is defined as the combined interdisciplinary approach focusing on the overlapping ideas of computer science and electrical engineering.
Course CurriculumIt includes a set pattern of questions and answers on a single code. It is more about practicals and experimenting with abstract ideas for improving UX and UI.
FundamentalsDatabase and networking are core concepts of computer science. Computer engineering includes research on software design and logistics.
Probable Job OpportunitiesTeaching jobs are likely. Computer engineers can go on to become software engineers or programmers, based on preferences.
Availability of ElectivesNo electives are available. Coding electives are widely available.

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science focuses mainly on the advent of computers. It can also be abbreviated as CS, for ease of interpretation. This is the subject taught in primary classes.

With the advancement of motherboards and chips, further studies can also be commenced based on the same pattern. The beginning years focus on the basics like acquainting the student with the way the machine, that is, computer works.

Computer Science further diverges into programming and development. There are numerous programming languages available but Java is the most cited one.

On the other hand, the developmental aspect culminates into a whole new subject of computer engineering.

Computer Science cannot progress without the knowledge of basics. Theories of traditional programmers also have high weightage as modern-day technologies owe their existence to their immense contributions to this field.

Further, fast typing is also a skill a computer science student is expected to possess. Programming languages do not require much theory.

Theories and historical background of computation form the course curriculum of this disciplinary approach. The overlapping subject is referred to as computer science engineering, which is still being explored and has not gained much popularity.

Other areas of interest include ethical hacking, mailing facilities, etc.

What is Computer Engineering?

Computer Engineering is more concerned with computer hardware. The intervention of software leads to the furtherance of the related concepts of software engineering.

Though they cannot coexist due to the impossibility of drawing parallels in research work, people opt for these subjects to extract expected outputs. Time is an important factor while pursuing a degree in computer engineering.

If all parameters are satisfied, the person can get the desired job immediately. Computer Engineering, also known as CE, owes its existence to Alan Turing. He is also known as the Einstein of computing.

The established engineers in this field cannot deny the fact that this advanced mode of research and innovation could not be sustained without the support of computational theories. Ethics also play an important role.

Computer Engineering has two basic concepts for increasing the reliability of any software or program. They are UI and UX. The user interface helps in establishing a rapport between the user and the robotic device.

On the other hand, user experience lays much emphasis on how the user feels when shifting from a normal version of a site to an updated one.

The novel concepts like artificial intelligence, testing novel software, and quality assurance are included in the computer engineering course.

Open-source applications are also scrutinized by people who have done commendable work in the field of computer engineering.

Main Differences Between Computer Science And Computer Engineering

  1. Computer Science is the subject that includes all about the formulation of computers and their timeline. On the other hand, computer engineering takes a novel approach to study the combined aspects of software engineering and computational theories propagated widely.
  2. The course curriculum of computer science ranges from theories to programs while computer engineering includes the improvisation of user interface and user experience.
  3. The fundamentals of computer science include networking components while computer engineering includes designing faculty and some logistics.
  4. On completion of a degree in computer science, the graduate can opt for academic jobs while computer engineers can excel as software engineers or hardcore programmers.
  5. It is not feasible to opt for electives while pursuing studies in the field of computer science. For computer engineers, coding electives prove fruitful in the closing years of the degree or diploma (as per the academician’s preference).


While choosing a discipline to earn a degree, the student or academician must try to delve deep into the significance of the same. This helps in bending the course as per future requirements.

Checking all the job eligibilities is also a good option for people who do not believe in freelancing. Interdisciplinary approaches indeed help in enhancing knowledge and broadening perspectives.

Computing has been around ever since Charles Babbage introduced this technology to humankind. There is a strict correlation between technology degradation and the drop in usage of outdated devices.

The screens have become flatter as chip technology has revolutionized the modern-day programming culture.


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