Difference Between Pinterest and Etsy

Online platforms have been of great help to humankind in the past few years. They deliver convenience at our doorstep as many would like to say.

There are different platforms for different purposes that help us through our daily life like urgent grocery deliveries to fixing of repaired objects at home ourself.

Social media and online shopping have been of great advantage to everyone, especially the ones who are exhausted after work. Some social media and online shopping platforms work hand in hand. Like Pinterest and Etsy.

Pinterest vs Etsy

The difference between Pinterest and Etsy is that through Pinterest, one cannot sell their products or goods but can only propagate and publicize it whereas Etsy is the platform that connects buyers and seller.

Pinterest vs Etsy

Pinterest is the website used for posting posts related to different topics and articles. They are used as the main source of motivation and inspiration for everyone with the available topics on the platform.

Etsy is an online shopping website. They sell products like photographies, digital paintings and paintings. One can buy and sell through the same website with their transaction details being protected.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPinterestEtsy
MeaningIt is an online platform for getting inspirations and motivations regarding various topics.It is a platform for selling and buying things online.
Home feedThe home feed of Pinterest is usually filled with various pins, people and business according to your taste.The home feed or the main page of the website has many different types of products to view and review for the customers.
ProfileIt is relatively easy to create and use this website although it requires personal details like your email ID.Registering and creating a profile in Etsy is also similar to Pinterest, but they would also require your address for delivery and pick-up.
Business licenseIt is not necessary to have a license to view the posts and pins of any account.Though it does not require a license for selling, you will need to get one if you are to make the business on legal grounds.
PaymentsCreating and using the website is free of cost. You can view anyone’s posts and pin them to your profile without having to pay.For buying a product, the transactions are made directly to the seller. But the seller needs to pay 0.20 dollars and 5% of the transaction fee to the website.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an American website that is used for image sharing and discovery. They have videos and images related to various topics ranging from medical details to paintings and hairstyles.

According to sources, the development of the website had begun in December 2009 and the website was ready for launch on March 2010. Now, Pinterest also has an app as it has become a worldwide used social media.

This website is in short ‘shopper’s catalogue’ as many entrepreneurs use this website to show their products and propagate them to the Pinterest users. So Pinterest users can also be called as buyers.

They also have separate promotion pins for products on sale at other websites. One’s favourite post or promotion pin can be pinned for later reference.


What is Etsy?

Etsy is also an American website but it is an e-commerce platform that is used for the sales of handicraft and vintage goods. These need not be just showpieces but can range from small paintings, cups to wooden cupboards and other similar furniture.

This site was first launched by Iospace in 2005. The initial website had a timeline of two months for development and the latest website version was made in 2010. In its first year as an official website, it garnered a lot of attention.

It is a platform used for connecting sellers and interested buyers for the products being displayed. The transaction is made through the website and per order 0.20 dollars and an additional 5% of the transaction is to be paid to the website.

Recently, it also introduced a ‘risk-free advertising’ programme. Usually, the sellers were required to advertise their products through social media accounts.


Main Differences Between Pinterest and Etsy

  1. Pinterest is an online platform that is set up for getting inspiration and motivation in different fields or topics like painting and cooking. Whereas Etsy is also an online platform but it is used for selling and buying of products posted on the website.
  2. The home feed or the main webpage of the website is filled with pins, people and business that you have previously been interested in when using Pinterest. The posts are not up for sale. But since Etsy is a retail website, the home feed is filled with products and articles that you would be interested to buy.
  3. Creating a profile is comparatively easy on both websites. The difference is that Pinterest only asks for personal details related to one’s email id and other online profiles. But Etsy asks for bank account details for facilitating payments and transactions.
  4. For owning a Pinterest, one doesn’t need to have a business license because there are no products for sale. Though one is allowed to propagate their business through the website, you cannot make transactions through the website. Though it is not necessary for having a business license for owning an account in Etsy, once you start selling products it is better to get one. This is if you want your transactions to be legal.
  5. There are no payments or transactions made through Pinterest. It is purely a website that is used for showcasing one’s talents or for others to browse through topics that interest them. On the other hand, Etsy is an online retailing shop where the buyers have to make transactions to the seller. But the seller is required to pay 0.20 dollars and 5 % of the transaction to the website.


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