Difference Between Pinterest and StumbleUpon

As we know internet is one of the most powerful things that we have seen in this changing world. It can be considered as the root and the base of communication, we can communicate with one another no matter where we are.


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Not only that internet gives us a platform where we can share our thought and showcase our creativity. Pinterest and StumbleUpon are two platforms that give us an option to share our thought and express our creativity.

Pinterest vs StumbleUpon

The difference between Pinterest and StumbleUpon is that Pinterest is related mainly to photos and videos whereas; StumbleUpon gives us an option to link to any desired web pages. Social networks are very popular because they let the users post their content for other users to see and also give an exposure to the new and upcoming talents. Even though both these platforms provide content that is popular among the users, but their design and functioning are completely different.

Pinterest vs StumbleUpon

Pinterest is a social networking site that focuses on visual bookmarking and functions as an online pin board, where we may pin and organize the things that we have an interest in.

People who are active users of Pinterest can share and find new interests by pinning images or videos to their own or other people’s boards and viewing what other users have pinned.

Pins act as a visual bookmark; each one we see on Pinterest has a link back to the original site so that, we can know more about it.

Stumbleupon is a social networking site where we came across different websites, photos, and videos that we have not seen during our usual browsing.

In StumbleUpon, we put in our interest which can be anything like art, science, cooking, dressing, etc and once we click the stumble button it will stumble or find the desired page, we can also bookmark it for later use.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPinterestStumbleUpon
DefinitionIt is a website that allows people to share and categorize images they find onlineStumbleUpon allows people to discover and share their favorite web page where they can leave their reviews.
Founded inDecember 2009November 2001
AdvantageThe blog posts will reach more people with Pinterest because it makes it easy to connect the contentBy using StumbleUpon, we can increase our site’s traffic, visibility, and overall page rank.
UsesIt is used to discover ideas like recipes, home décor, and fashion with a visual discovery engine.Used for rating websites and social bookmarking
Type of siteSocial media serviceWebsite ranking and discovery

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform that allows us to organize and locate photographs, ideas, and other fascinating items. There are a number of user-created categories of boards, as well as a number of bookmarks known as pins.

Pinterest pins can include a variety of media, including images, videos, drawings, internet links, and more. There are many different themes on Pinterest’s board, making it simple for individuals to select the pin that interests them.

We can use Pinterest to show off things we like, to find inspiration for art or decoration, to find new recipes, or to discover travel destinations.

Some people use Pinterest to find things that make them laugh and businesses can even use Pinterest to advertise and promote themselves to potential customers.

To use Pinterest we need to signup; it is fast and easy, and then we have to create our custom boards.

We can create the board for any category and pins we like to keep and organize, for example, we can have a board for home decors, fashion, recipes, and so on.

After that we have to add pins to the boards that we have created, we can also pin things that other users have already added to Pinterest or create new pins of our own using files on our computer.

The last step is to connect with our friends and families by linking our Pinterest to other social media accounts.

What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is an engine where we put in the things that we like or have an interest in, and when we hit the stumble button it will channel surf technically which is like a scan button on the radio

and it will go through all the pages in the StumbleUpon network. 

As a result, it will pull out pages or website that has full details related to the topic that we put in the search engine of StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is a social media bookmarking site, it has almost 30 million users, it allows users to like various websites which are then added to their profile and shared with friends and families.

By using the stumble button it sends the user to a random website that is based on the interest that the user has already chosen.

With StumbleUpon, we have the opportunity to expose to a website that we may not have otherwise been exposed to and it’s all going to be based on our interest that we have already chosen on StumbleUpon.

To use StumbleUpon we have to create an account once the account is created it is going ask us about our interest and we have to pick at least five categories or subjects of our interest

and when its done hit the stumble button and it will take us to the pages of our interest.

Main differences Between Pinterest and StumbleUpon

1.  The people in Pinterest know what they need, while those on StumbleUpon want to discover new things

2. The Pinterest platform is limited to only photos and videos, whereas StumbleUpon is used to link pages in the websites.

3. Pinterest has more interactions as compared to StumbleUpon

4. Pinterest does not have Smartphone apps like StumbleUpon

5. It is possible to like, comment, and repin the pins that you find interesting on Pinterest whereas, StumbleUpon only allows you

to comment or thumbs-up or thumbs-down on  posts.

Difference Between Pinterest and StumbleUpon


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