Difference Between Pinterest and Facebook

Pinterest is the ideal place for people to share ideas, inspirations, category wise, in the form of images or short gif like videos.


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When you go to the Google Play Store to download it, the line that explains the concept of Pinterest is “Good Ideas start here!”.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pinterest is a visual discovery platform that allows users to discover, save, and share images and videos on various topics.
  2. Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to connect with friends, family, and colleagues and share posts, photos, and videos.
  3. Pinterest is ideal for visual content and niche topics, while Facebook is suitable for personal and professional networking.

Pinterest vs Facebook

The difference between Facebook and Pinterest is that Facebook is fundamentally a networking site and Pinterest is a catalogue of different aesthetics. Facebook lets you add friends, like pages and celebrities whereas Pinterest lets you pin posts to your board or save them for ideas and inspirations.

Pinterest vs Facebook

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Pinterest lets you save ideas in categories and also share them worldwide. It’s essentially a catalogue of ideas. The categories vary from Home Decor to the geeky stuff. By selecting the category of content you wish to see on your feed, you will get images and gif like videos of the content from pages, people, topics you caj follow.

On the other hand, Facebook is more about sharing, communicating your views, ideas, opinions and connecting with people. Facebook was started back in 2004 by Harvard students and was limited to the Harvard Campus as well. However, gradually it spread across universities in Boston, the United States of America and then countries across the world.

Facebook also has Messenger, unlike Pinterest. Messenger is like WhatsApp. It lets you chat, do calls, video calls and also share the posts you see on your feed with your friends. Generally, any person above the age of 13 years can have a profile on Facebook subject to laws specific to a country.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonPinterestFacebook
ContentIdeas, inspirations and diys relating to vast areas make up the content for Pinterest.Information, opinions, views and often personal anecdotes make up the content for Facebook
PersonalizationYour feed can be optimally personalised as per your choice. Your feed is essentially controlled
by Facebook Algorithms
Ease of useIt might be daunting at first but is relatively easy to use. Facebook is easy to use. The users range from 13-year-olds to 63-year-olds
Reach2.45 Billion users442 Million users
DemographicsThe audience mainly includes womenFacebook’s audience includes largely everyone.
AdsThe ads on Pinterest stay longer. The ads remain pinned for longer than the ad campaign you have paid for.The ads on Facebook, however, only last until the campaign you have paid for lasts. The ads reach is also decided by the algorithm apart from the money,
Virality of ContentLike ads, the posts on Pinterest can remain pinned for over a year or more. Facebook posts remain on feed for 15-20 minutes on average.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media website, which allows you to share and follow mostly pictures and sometimes, short gif-like videos.

Pinterest has been serving as the ideas-inducing app. People seek inspirations for outfits, home decor, hair-dos, makeup ideas, etc.

The catalogue of ideas lets people save posts from people, topics and boards they like for future references.

Pinterest also lets you do a visual search. In essence, you can search for similar content or elements contained in an image on Pinterest. It’s one of the latest features of Pinterest.

Another feature is the trending pins; on your feed, you would see the pins that are trending every day.

Pinterest lets you share, inspire, give tips and get inspired, take tips and ideas!


What is Facebook?

Facebook came as a revolution in 2004, forever changing social networking. Facebook is a medium to connect and communicate across geographical boundaries.

It lets you share, send, comment, react on photographs videos, statuses, etc. Essentially, letting you speak your mind!

Facebook is more personal, as people can and do share their life through the medium, uploading their basic information on their profiles and also by sharing photos, videos, etc.

Facebook also has Messenger; vide Messenger you can chat, call and video calls your friends on Facebook.

Since 2018, Facebook has also launched gaming features. There are multiplayer games as well.

Of course, Facebook keeps upgrading and adding features. It is a massive platform used for promotions, ads, etc.

It has also become a platform used by celebrities, politicians, journalists, and people of similar stature and influence for spreading any word.


Main Difference Between Pinterest and Facebook

  1. Facebook and Pinterest differ largely on the part where Facebook allows you to connect and communicate. Facebook is a site you build networks on while Pinterest helps you bud ideas.
  2. Another prominent difference is in the ad campaigns on both the sites. A strategy build for ad campaigns on Facebook would not work for Pinterest and vice versa. The algorithm plays a major role in how and who an ad reaches on Facebook; while ads on Pinterest work differently often staying in light for a year!
  3. Posts on Pinterest remain pinned for longer; even the trending pins can remain trending for months. On the other hand, Facebook stays barely stay on for a day.
  4. Demographics of Pinterest consist of women; women of all ages while Facebook has no such criteria. A profile on Facebook can be created by anyone above the age of 13 subject to laws specific to the region.
  5. Another significant difference is the fact that profiles on Pinterest do not require much personal information to be added; only an existing email ID or a Facebook profile is enough to create an account. Whereas, on Facebook, you can be as open about your personal life as you want to be; from sharing the school you are attending to your marital status.
  6. Facebook is often used for politics, protests and promotions, not in an idealistic way always but proves as an effective measure. Pinterest, on the other hand, is not indulgent in these matters.
Difference Between Pinterest and Facebook
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