Difference Between Pinterest and Pinspire

There are also several similar web-based services, such as Pinterest vs. Pinspire.

Pinterest was the first to promote the pin-board social media aesthetic, and it quickly grew in popularity, but Pinspire is catching up. It’s tough to identify what differentiates the two websites, but several distinctions will be emphasized in this post. 

There are many features which are needed to be elaborate or some references that are taken so that the decision-making process can be made simpler for the users of such platforms.

Pinterest vs Pinspire 

The main difference between Pinterest and Pinspire is originality. Originality is the major distinction between Pinterest and Pinspire. Pinterest was the first to come up with the notion, and Pinspire just copied it along with everything else. Nonetheless, they work similarly and feature. Other differences among them are mentioned below.

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Pinterest is an online scrapbook that you can share and engage with. It differs from other social networking sites in many ways, but most users use it to get ideas and help them select what to buy.

Pinterest users, more than any other social networking site, seek something they’re interested in and may buy it. 

Pinspire gives users the option of using the site based on their location. If you visit Pinspire from India, you’ll note that the URL changes to www.pinspire.co.in, indicating that it’s the Indian version of the site.

Also, one feature of Pinspire that is really liked is how it categorizes the “Pins” by nation.  Pinspire has taken Pinterest‘s notion and utterly dismantled it.

Comparison Table Between Pinterest and Pinspire 

Parameters of Comparison Pinterest Pinspire 
Originality The idea and concept of Pinterest are original. Pinspire is the one that copied the idea of Pinterest. 
Registration Pinterest follows the concept of invitation to join the platform. Pinspire follows the traditional method of registration using your details. 
Safety As Pinterest can’t be joined by anyone, more control over the activities is there. As anyone can join the Pinspire, the tracking activity is less feasible than Pinterest.  
Features Pinterest is updating on daily basis in the context of features. Pinspire provides a large number of features developed after following an inspiration. 
Motivation tactics Pinterest is working all on its features. Pinspire inspires people by offering the points. 

What is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is an interactive online scrapbook where you can share and communicate. In many aspects, it is different from usual networking sites, but the majority of users use it to obtain ideas and help them decide what to buy.

More than any other social networking site, Pinterest users look for something they like and may buy it. 

Pinterest is an image-sharing and social networking platform that allows users to save and find content. 

Pinterest does not allow users to sign up straight immediately. To sign up for Pinterest, you must acquire an invite from those who are already a member. This is similar to Facebook’s previous procedure.

It doesn’t matter if the invitation came from a friend or a complete stranger, as long as you receive one.

Pinterest becomes more exclusive as a result of this technique, as everyone may join. They also keep a tighter grip on users who are trolling or spreading malware on their site.

The concept for Pinterest came from a previous software called Tote[11], which was founded by Ben Silberman and Paul Sciarra and acted as a virtual alternative for print catalogs. 

What is Pinspire? 

Pinspire allows users to utilize the site based on their current location. If you access Pinspire from India, you’ll notice that the URL changes to www.pinspire.co.in, suggesting that this is the site’s Indian version. 

Pinspire also has a function that is it categorizes the “Pins” by country. 

When it comes to the user interface, Pinspire has taken Pinterest’s notion and utterly dismantled it. When you first visit Pinspire, you’ll see that it uses the same presentation style as Pinterest for its “Pins.”

However, there appears to be a little change. Pinspire, unlike Pinterest, lets users know how many times a given “Pin” has been seen. Isn’t it convenient? 

Pinspire isn’t following Pinterest’s example, which allows visitors to utilize the site only if they receive an invite from a current Pinterest user. If you have an email address, you can sign up and begin using Pinspire right away.

You may also use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to access the site. Pinspire inspires people by offering points for motivation for further involvement of the audience with the platform. It encourage people to use it more and more.

 Main Differences Between Pinterest and Pinspire 

  1. The distinction between Pinterest and Pinspire is that Pinspire is more innovative. The main difference between Pinterest and Pinspire is originality. Pinterest was the first to think up the idea, which Pinspire just replicated along with everything else. They do, however, function in a similar way. 
  2. Pinterest follows the concept of invitation to join the platform where anyone can send the invitation to other people to join the platform whereas Pinspire follows the traditional method of registration using your details. 
  3. As pinterest can’t be joined by anyone, more control on the activites is there whereas As anyone can join the Pinspire, the track activity is less feasible than Pinterest. 
  4. Pinterest is updating on daily basis in the context of features whereas Pinspire provide large amount of feature as developed after following an inspiration. 
  5. Pinterest is working all on its features whereas Pinspire inspire people by offering the points. 


 Actually, there isn’t much of a difference between the two services. They all are there for entertainment purposes and socializing where the world can join the platform.

All the features are up and down, some are bad and some are not but, in the end, all are at the same level.

The purpose for them can be influenced by popularity or sharing the ideas of others. One is made by the original idea of a person whereas the other one used inspiration from another platform.

The idea may be shared but the features and facilities are different. It is entirely up to you to decide where you want to join.

If you have more friends on Pinterest than on Pinspire, you should probably join that network. 


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