What is Taxable Profit? | Definition, Types vs Computation

Taxable Income refers to a business corporation or an individual’s compensation to determine the tax liability. Gross income or total income is used as a basis for the calculation to determine how much an organization or an individual has to pay the government for a specific tax year. One important point is that Taxable Income not only includes an individual’s salary but only considers other forms of compensation like bonuses, tips, commissions, allowances, and capital gains.

This Income includes all compensation categories in services, cash, and property. Every income is included in the report of Income Tax return and it is taxable unless the law exempts the income from tax liability. Examples are wages, salary, stock options, interest from the bank, dividends, rent earned from personal property, and unemployment compensation.

Key Takeaways

  1. Taxable profit is the amount of profit that is subject to taxation by the government.
  2. It is calculated by deducting allowable expenses and deductions from a company’s gross or accounting profit.
  3. The tax rate for taxable profit varies based on the country’s tax laws, and businesses must accurately calculate and report their taxable profit to avoid penalties and legal consequences.

Types of Taxable Income

1. Business and Investment Income

Self-employed people also have to pay taxes on the income they earn from their businesses. It includes income from rent and partnership income.

2. Employee Benefits and Compensation

These types of Taxable Income include salaries, fringe benefits and wages. These Taxable Incomes are the most common.


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3. Miscellaneous Taxable Income

Incomes that don’t come under other incomes are included in Miscellaneous Taxable Income. Some examples are life insurance, death benefit, and cancelled debts. Some other incomes in this category are alimony, income earned from hobbies, and barter trading.

Computation of Taxable Income

Tax season means everyone must now calculate how much they have to pay by determining their total income for the period. Some people do this task to accountants, and some calculate their tax amount.

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