Difference Between Facebook and LinkedIn Group Discussion

 Groups available on various social media platforms are an easy way to escape boredom. We often find ourselves engaging in group chats for various reasons, such as entertainment, news, knowledge, information, etc.

Various people of various ages are often active on various social media platforms. Two such types of apps that provide group discussions and are very similar yet used for very different purposes are Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups. 

Facebook vs LinkedIn Group Discussion 

The main difference between Facebook and LinkedIn group discussions is that Facebook groups are mostly used by people all over the world for personal connections, where they share different videos, photos, and memes based on entertainment, host webinars, tag people, etc. On the other hand, LinkedIn groups are more focused on topics such as jobs, business ideas, business opportunities, internships, career advice, etc. Another important difference between the two is that Facebook does not give any live updates of group discussions in the form of live emails. However, LinkedIn has this feature where they send live updates on various conversations between members and their new replies. 

Facebook vs LinkedIn Group Discussion

Facebook groups are a space in the social media app Facebook where people from all over the world join to satisfy their various common interests in particular things. It is created around the interests of various people and is not directly connected to any business pages or to promote any business ideas.

There are various types of Facebook groups, namely public groups, open groups, and closed groups. 

 LinkedIn groups are more towards a business-related group. They are groups where often professionals or people sharing the same interest share their insights, experience, tips, and guides.

These groups are often very professional and revolve around a certain topic. These groups are very helpful if one wants to gain information, news, and knowledge about recent happenings in their area of interest.

LinkedIn groups have a special feature where it alerts the members of the group through digested emails if there is any new update in the form of messages, texts, or replies in the group.

Comparison Table Between Facebook and LinkedIn Group Discussion 

Parameters of Comparison    Facebook Group Discussion   LinkedIn Group Discussion  
 Number of users There are nearly 640 million Facebook groups all over the world.  There are currently 2 million LinkedIn group users all around the globe.  
Purpose  Facebook groups are mostly used for entertainment purposes and revolve around informal connections.  LinkedIn groups are mostly used to gain knowledge and expertise from various professionals, and the groups have an informal relationship.  
Age group  Facebook groups are mostly used by the younger generation when seeking fun.  LinkedIn groups are mostly used by adults or older people who are looking for guidance and knowledge.  
Limit  A Facebook user can only join 6000 groups at once.  A LinkedIn user can join a maximum of 100 groups at once.  
Established  Facebook groups were first launched in October 2010.  LinkedIn groups were first launched in August 2008.  
Securities  Facebook groups are less secure in comparison to LinkedIn groups.  LinkedIn groups are more secure in terms of privacy and security.  
Network and communication tools  Facebook groups do not have any features for live updates.  LinkedIn groups have a feature where group members are given alerts via email if there are any new messages in the group chat. 

What is Facebook Group Discussion?   

Facebook groups are a section of the social networking app Facebook where people from all over the world may come together to discuss topics that they have a common interest in. It is based on the interests of a variety of people and is unrelated to any company pages or the promotion of any business concepts.

There are various types of Facebook groups, such as.  

  1. Open group- A group where admins will encourage the participation of members since there are no limitations to membership. However, in some cases, there may be a limit to membership. 
  2. Closed group- These types of groups are the exact opposite of open groups, and members can only join when there is an invitation from current or former members of the particular group. 
  3. Public group- These groups are available so that anyone who wishes to join can join, and the contents inside the group are available to all. 

Facebook groups were first launched in October 2010, with the aim of connecting users with like-minded people. Now, Facebook groups are not only used for informal communication but are increasingly becoming an element of the business-to-business (B2B) model. 

What is LinkedIn Group Discussion?  

LinkedIn groups are geared toward business professionals. LinkedIn groups have a more official tone to them.

They are organizations where professionals or others with similar interests exchange their knowledge, expertise, suggestions, and guidelines. These groups are usually quite professional and focus on a specific issue.

These organizations are extremely useful for gathering information, news, and understanding regarding recent events of interest.  

LinkedIn groups were first launched at the end of August 2008. LinkedIn groups have an amazing feature where members of the groups are alerted by emails of every new message or reply that comes from the other members of the group.

Joining a LinkedIn group can expand your content reach about a certain topic, expand your connections, and you may be able to directly connect with people who have years of expertise in a particular field.  

Main Differences Between Facebook and LinkedIn Group Discussion  

  1. Facebook groups are informal in nature and are used more for entertainment, while LinkedIn groups are formal in nature and are mostly used to get information about jobs. 
  2. Facebook groups are often used for sharing memes, videos, and photos relating to entertainment interests, while LinkedIn groups are used for sharing insights and experiences related to various jobs and business ideas. 
  3. Facebook groups were first established in the year 2010, while LinkedIn groups were first launched in the year 2008. 
  4. Facebook groups are used mostly by youngsters and younger people, while LinkedIn groups are used mostly by adults and older people. 
  5. Facebook groups are less secure in comparison to LinkedIn groups. 
  6. Facebook group members do not receive any live updates, while LinkedIn group members receive live updates via emails on new chats from the group members.  
Difference Between Facebook and LinkedIn Group Discussion


Although both the apps, Facebook and LinkedIn, have group features, they are used for extremely different purposes. While Facebook groups are more of an informal tone, LinkedIn groups are more formal in tone.

Facebook groups are mostly used for sharing entertainment news and information, while LinkedIn groups center around professional insights and expertise from intellectual people. 


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