Amsterdam vs Holland: Difference and Comparison

Amsterdam and Holland are both cities located in the Netherlands. The people are called the Dutch, who speak the Dutch language to communicate.

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, while Holland is the province under the Netherland, which is subdivided into two zones South and North Holland province.

Key Takeaways

  1. Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, whereas Holland refers to two provinces of the Netherlands.
  2. Amsterdam is known for its artistic heritage, canal network, and Red Light District, while Holland is known for its tulip fields, windmills, and cheese markets.
  3. Amsterdam is a city, whereas Holland is a region.

Amsterdam vs Holland

The difference between Amsterdam and Holland is that Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. On the other hand, Holland is the province or a city that is located in the Netherlands. Both the cities are famous for their various tourist attractions and the scenic beauty which attracts the people to travel in the respective parts.

Amsterdam vs Holland

The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, which is also called the Dutch country, as people over here speak the language of Dutch. The country can be tracked in the European union surrounded by Germany to the east, and from the south, it is surrounded by Belgium.

Holland is the province which is located in the Netherlands, which is mostly famous for its wooden windmills built around the 18th century. It is a small province which is further divided into North and South Holland.

Holland is surrounded by the North Sea, which gives access to the beach and other tropical parties.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAmsterdam Holland
DefinitionIt is the capital of the Netherlands.Holland is a place which is located in the extreme north of the Netherlands.
Population DensityIt has a high population density.It has less population density compared to Amsterdam.
Famous for It is mostly famous for its tourist attractions like canals, bridges, and cycling.It is mostly famous for its wooden windmills.
Province It does not have any province.It is divided into North and South Holland.
Demographic  The people of Amsterdam are called the Dutch people.The people of Holland are called the Hollanders.

What is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one of the best-suited tourist attractions for people traveling to Europe. It is the Capital city of the Netherlands, but the fact is that being the capital of the Netherlands, the Netherland government doesn’t operate from Amsterdam.

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It rather operates from The Hague.

Amsterdam is famous for its streets and buildings, which attract people. The city is subdivided into various parts because the canal flows through the city, which makes the city look even more beautiful.

Tourists who travel to the city take boat rides to the canal to explore the city and its mesmerizing beauty.

The capital city is one of the largest cities having bicycles in the world. The population of Amsterdam has more bicycles than that of the people living over there. It is also called the “Bicycle Capital of the World.

The streets of Amsterdam provide a separate path for the cyclists who are riding, which makes them safe to travel along the road, as the part doesn’t allow any car or buses to use that track.

One of the most common attractions of European countries is the tram which is used as a basic medium of transport. Almost in every European country, you will find the Tramcars traveling on the streets, and Amsterdam is among such cities.


What is Holland?

Holland is a city which is located in Netherland, it is located almost 50km from the main capital city, which is Amsterdam. The city is famous for its greenery and windmills, which are made up of wooden structures.

These things make the tourist attracted and travel to explore Holland.

Holland is sub-divided into two provinces which are North Holland and South Holland. North Holland is open to the North Sea, which makes it accessible to beaches and other tropical enjoyments.

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The South Holland is located below the North Holland, the place called The Hague is located in the South Holland, which is also called the “Administrative Capital or Royal Capital” of Netherlands.

This is because the government of the Netherlands operates from the Hague city also. This city is the permanent home to the United Nations International Court.

The people who are living in Holland are referred to as the Hollanders. They speak Dutch languages.

The population of Holland is less compared to Amsterdam. Dutch people are mostly referred to as the tallest people because most of the people over here are tall compared with the other countries.


Main Differences Between Amsterdam and Holland

  1. Amsterdam is called the capital city of the Netherland, while Holland is a province that is located around 50km outside Amsterdam.
  2. Amsterdam is famous for its canals and bridges that were built during the 17-18th century period, which makes it attractive, whereas Holland is mostly famous for its greenery and the wooden windmills which were built in the late 18th century period.
  3. Amsterdam is called the ” Bicycle Capital of the World” as the no of bicycles is more than the no of people, while in Holland the place called Hague is called the ” Royal/Administrative Capital” of the Netherlands
  4. Amsterdam doesn’t have any province as it is the capital city, while Holland consists of two provinces are Nort Holland and South Holland, in which the North Holland is open to the North Sea channel.
  5. The people living in Amsterdam are mainly called the Dutch people, whereas the people living in Holland are called the Hollanders.
Difference Between Amsterdam and Holland

Last Updated : 16 July, 2023

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